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The world's ultimate talent search comes to Canada, as the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country. And with a lucrative recording contract on the line for one lucky Canadian poised to become the next Idol, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Ryan Vickers, GSNN

Host: Ben Mulroney
Judges: Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
EP: Barb Browlby, John Brunton
Packager: Canadian Television, FremantleMedia North America, Insight Production Company, 19 Entertainment
Airs: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CTV

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Auditions: Central Canada - June 2

And now to Central Canada (aka Ontario) for Sudbury, London and Toronto.

(roll titles)

Open the doors, it's time for.


First time to Southwestern Ontario, and they're in overflow already! One person has brought "Singing for Dummies". And today's Ben's birthday.

We start with Shannon Pender of Windsor with "Sweet Home Alabama" and she really belts it out. Angela Mota of Strathroy is "Dancing in the Streets". Zack busts her down quickly. Aaron Tessis of Toronto has glasses to match Jake and he likes him. So does Sass. And everyone else. He's a ticket winner.

Arthur Wright of Markham has a deep voice and a weird guy to boot. Mutton chops and all. Charity Connor is belts out something from Disney, I'm guessing. Excuse me, I have to go pick up the glass on my floor. She gets a ticket.

And then there's Aaron Walpole of St. Thomas. He's like Ruben, what can I say. Hat and all. And the panel is sold, full ticket.

Paul Preszcator enters with sword in hand. He does medieval fencing. We then get to see Ben fighting Jon. Oh dear. This is what you guys South of the border don't get much anymore. Maybe you should get Dunkleman back?

Kathryn Waller of Belleville goes for the national anthem. Natasha John of Kitchener belts out something or other (I don't understand it frankly). She gets a split down the middle. So close but so far away. Tyson Kettler of Strathroy sings some metal. Tanya Howarth sings, but the judges are making explosion noises! I'm thinking that's not good. Megan Jennings of Brigden continues the downward spiral. Lisa Chartrand of Kitchener gives us nothing to talk about.

Raquel Hoekman from St. John's NL wants to stay together. Zack likes her and Farley does too, that's enough.

17 advance east down the 401 to Toronto (although Raquel thinks she's on AI and going to Hollywood.).


We've now bumped up to Sudbury and kids are singing in a boxcar. Interesting.

Lisa Froment of Timmins loves rock and roll. And she leaves. Breanne Arrigo of Mississauga doesn't have much going for her. And my ears. Farley says she's the worst singer that thinks she can sing, ever.

Tabitha Walli is Lively, and from Lively. She talks how she got backstage passes at the Kalan Porter concert, by rewriting his song from last year. So Farley asks her to sing that. Chris Newcombe of Petawawa spends most of his time imitating a guitar. Arin Scott of Ottawa tries not to be a singing zombie. But she turns out that way, sadly.

Joshuay McKaye of Richmond Hill is asked to grab his crotch by Zack. MOVING ON!

Ryan Daub of Whitehorse YT enters the room and Zack immediately says NO causing Jake to spit out the fluids he was drinking. Sadly he forgets the words. Next is Ivy O (not a typo) from Ottawa. "You can't hurry love" is her selection. Finally!

We get told that they did their auditions in Science North, where Jon zooms around in a Segway.

In walks Tonya Downey. She was the last possible cut in Season One. Jake asks her what she thinks she can do differently. She says she's got more confidence this time, and she's not nervous. She belts out a great tune, she's going back to Toronto!

10 winners advance south down Highway 69 to the top 100.

Finally, it's time for TORONTO.

But before that, we here some inspirational stories of Canadian Idol participants who may not have made it to the top 100, but that are still worthy of hearing from.

Stories like Allon - who was in a coma years back and had to learn everything again. Grace and her sister, refugees from the Congo. Jessica Rothwell who is legally blind but doesn't let it get her down. She had great soul and she gets her ticket!

Okay, now it's really time to meet the kids from Hogtown.

Tatyana Kaboulova of Mississauga asks "And I'm the only one?". That sings like that? No, you're not that great like so many before you. Sonia Guzman of London is a bit too high. Ike Shao learns pretty quickly if that Zack corrects you off the top, it's not a good sign. Jaron Johms of Brampton mumbles at best.

We then meet Vince Bennenati and about twenty members of his immediately family. I'm not sure what he sings but it's nice. And the judges agree, he gets his ticket.

David Rawek of Sudbury seems better suited to Bob and Doug McKenzie. Jake treats him like a jukebox. Boris Cosic of Windsor belongs in a lounge act.

We then get to meeting a long distance dating couple. No, this isn't Amazing Race. but first up is Sheena Turcotte of Wakefield QC. Singing "Earl" by the Dixie Chicks. They hang her judgment. David Mongar, her boyfriend from Duncan BC, enters singing "Don't let the sun go down on me" in a pilot's jump suit. And wow, they BOTH get tickets!

We get to see the first batch of gold ticket winners. and there's more to come.

After a shameless makeup promotion, we meet Devika Mathur, a radio jockey on a small multicultural station. She's got a decent voice, but it seems like she's going really slow. She gets her ticket!

Kevin Perez of Maple is not as sweet as his town's namesake. Stacey Zekers of London sings "At last". She doesn't. Denise Dunn is quickly done. Erica Peck is from Missisauga and has a funky look. Zack's son is along for this ride. She sings "Colours of the Wind". Quite well actually.

And she's the last one! All told 39 make it.

Oh, and if you've been adding, with the exchange on the US Dollar, the top 100 has become the top 187. We can't help that we have talent, I guess.

Next episode. we're in Toronto for the eliminations. BOOT CAMP!

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