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The world's ultimate talent search comes to Canada, as the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country. And with a lucrative recording contract on the line for one lucky Canadian poised to become the next Idol, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Ryan Vickers, GSNN

Host: Ben Mulroney
Judges: Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
EP: Barbara Browlby, John Brunton
Packager: Canadian Television, FremantleMedia North America, Insight Production Company
Airs: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CTV

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September 1-2 - Round of 4: "Big Band"

We are left with Teresa, Jason, Jacob and Kalan to start the show. This week's theme is "Big Band" and because there's only four left, we'll get each other performer to do two songs. And we have a Canadian Idol orchestra this week, led by Orin Isaacs (now that "Open Mike" is out of production.).

Ben flubs the first two sentences. This can't be good. But our judges are decked out in their finest duds, ready to judge, judge, judge their way to a firmer stomach. Farley especially has got it going on with his pinstripes.

Our first song is "Paper Moon" as sung by Teresa Sokyrka. This is definitely up her alley. You can tell instantly that people like Teresa feel that the effort for getting through to this point is paying off. Her scatting, as always is brilliant. Simple, yet effective.

Jake: I guess at some point when you saw the list you'd hope you'd get that far!
Farley: You're the one that's least out of their element in this spot.

Benbot makes a comment that Lionel Ritchie said that she had a lot of soul. Teresa confirms that she feels these types of songs makes it come out.

Second to go is Kalan Porter with "Moon River". He starts out slow (but that's what the song calls for, I guess that I can't really fault him) but he picks up where he needs to. He's really crooning to the crowd (and the teenage girls who can hit redial like crazy).

Sass: What a treat to hear that side of your voice. You are impossibly dreamy tonight.
Zack: Anybody who watches you and doesn't understand doesn't deserve to watch you.

Benbot comments that he thinks that if someone hadn't heard the song before that they most likely would have thought that Kalan had wrote it himself.

Number three is Jason Greeley with "I Won't Dance". Jason first off looks like he's right out of the Brian Setzer Orchestra. He does an okay job with it, but I don't know. it seems a bit too low key for me. However it's hard to keep a Newfoundlander down!

Farley: Considering Vegas is continentally opposite to Newfoundland, that was great!
Sass: That was AMAZING!

Jason comments that he now doesn't dance because Farley asked him not to!

Logically, Jacob Hoggard is next with "Straighten Up and Fly Right". Once again, Jacob Hoggard is one of a kind. Nobody can deny him that. He's really calmed down for this. He looks like Mickey Mouse in the outfit though. When all is said and done though he does a good job.

Zack: The dude has a distinctive voice.
Jake: They're going to make you into a movie star!

Benbot comments that Jacob has transcended another musical genre.

We've started another cycle tonight and that means that Teresa is up again. She's picked "Dream a Little Dream". Again, it's worth noting that this is pretty much Teresa's night to lose. Thankfully for us she doesn't, it's wonderful.

Zack: You're this much short of being wonderful.
Sass: (something incomprehinsible about candy)

Ben doesn't say much. Good? Bad? Yours to decide.

Kalan this time is back with "The Way You Look Tonight". He seems a little more relaxed than the first one and actually has a lot of "oomph" in it as

Jake: You are smooth. You're doing something to everyone.
Farley: How do you fit the voice of a 52" man into a 34" suit?

Ben comments that he can't say anything the others said. Can I please say Hallelujah!

After the break we see that Jon Dore is part of theorchestra? Let's hope not. His saxomophone is not that good. And that's all.

Jason Greeley for his section selection is "It Had to Be You". Unfortunately it may not be him as I think this may be his week to go. He does give it a good try but it might not be enough.

(As an aside, I realize why I can't get tickets this year - all they do is give them to CTV on-air talent. BOOOO!)

Jake: I thought it took you a while to get into it.
Zack: I think it might have been a little high for you.

Ben says Jason owns the camera.

Last up, with his second performance, is Jacob Hoggard singing "Unforgettable". He goes right after it and it could be the calmest he's ever been. He really gets into it. Nice voice choice on the song.

Sass: (drinks out of her mug) Unforgettable. (said in a sexy voice).
Farley: Your showmanship is uninhibited.

Want the results? Well heeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee they are!


No medley until after the first commercial. Had to pay the band I suppose!

Jon Dore gives a behind the scenes looks on how to get last minute tickets. You have to really want them, and have to really support one person in particular. And people were betting the farm on getting in - they've come from as far away as Medicine Hat and St. John's to cheer on their faves. We continue with the Jon Dore hijinks when the Idols try to wake him up. With breakfast and other silly things.

Matt Dusk is the guest performer. He probably needs some exposure now that "The Casino" is done. He gets two songs in fact.

Jon Dore is back after the break and announces that from the "Best of the Worst" show that our winners (if you want to call them that) are Margaret-Ann Kern and Marvin Poon. They win... a golden garden gnome. How's
that for alliteration? And it's called the "Petey" award.

I just got it. Petey = Pity?

Going to centre stage for the bottom two are Jason Greeley and Teresa Sokyrka. and going back to the Rock is Jason Greeley. He most certainly has enjoyed his time and Ben comes clean when he tells him that he can't dance! He sings us out and has done all of Newfoundland proud.

NEXT TIME: Judges' choice with our final three.

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