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The world's ultimate talent search comes to Canada, as the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country. And with a lucrative recording contract on the line for one lucky Canadian poised to become the next Idol, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Ryan Vickers, GSNN

Host: Ben Mulroney
Judges: Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
EP: Barbara Browlby, John Brunton
Packager: Canadian Television, FremantleMedia North America, Insight Production Company
Airs: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CTV

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July 21-22 - Round of 10: "Canadian Hits"

We started out with a bunch. A few went to Toronto, gold tickets in hand. 32 advanced to the first round of televised voting. 10 survived. And to quote Jim Lange:


(roll titles)

We're now all live, all the time from the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto. And ooh, we have a new set. Well, at least a new shape for the video wall.

Let's recap who we have, eh?

Josh Sellers, Brigden ON
Brandy Callahan, Halifax NS
Kalan Porter, Medicine Hat AB
Kaleb Simmonds, Dartmouth NS
Teresa Sokyrka, Saskatoon SK
Jacob Hoggard, Abbottsford BC
Shane Wiebe, see above
Manoah Hartmann
, Regina SK
Jason Greeley, Upper Island Cove NL
Elana Juatco, Vancouver BC

Tonight's theme - like the first one last year - is Canadian hits.

Bryan Byrne of I Mother Earth is in the audience for the show. Doesn't seem like his type of program though.

Josh is first up. It turns out that he works at the Future Shop and Montana's Cookhouse Saloon. Busy guy. He's the guest of honour in a parade in the small 560 resident town where he lives. He was overwhelmed. His pick is "Try" by Blue Rodeo.

(RV gets on soapbox)

Do we have to do songs from last year? -coughryanmalcolmcough-

(off soapbox)

He seems to be enjoying himself, and so does the crowd, but I don't know, not the voice for me.

Jake: I wish you would have tried something better.
Farley: I disagree - you sang like a champ.

Josh comments to Ben that he didn't know Ryan sang it last year. Good to know that you actually WATCHED the show last year, mate.

Number two is Brandy Callahan, a hairdresser from Halifax who has now moved her roots (HA!) to Toronto. We see her singing at her old church, visiting her old junior high, and at a welcome back party. Her choice is Deborah Cox's "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here". She does a decent job but it doesn't go over that well.

Sass: I always have the feeling that I'm only getting half your gift.
Zack: The background vocals carried that song.

Brandy's inspiration comes from the Lord.

Next it's over to the other side of the country to visit with Shane Wiebe. First we see him flying a plane (he has his private pilot's license). Then we see him go-karting. Then we meet his wife (the guy's only 21!). His choice is Glass Tiger's "My Song". It's not half bad. He seems to be off a bit though.

Sass: I'd like to see your humour - you're too nice!
Jake: I have nothing to say.

Shane, for his part, doesn't say much in the Benchat (TM Ryan Vickers, 2004) either.

Batting cleanup is Manoah Hartmann. She's greeted at her school with cries of "Manoah!" - that can't be good for her professionalism, me thinks. Her kids vouch for her. Her song choice is "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. I'm sorry, but Leonard Cohen? I know he's Canadian but that's better left to Jenny Gear (from last year).

Zack: If somebody doesn't come out soon, I'm going to change the channel.
Farley: I think you picked a good song.

Manoah felt that the words were good for her.

Fifth on the stage is Jason Greeley, the local boy from my part of the world made good. Why was I not told about his arrival at the airport? The concert on George Street?? The rally in Upper Island Cove??? His song choice is Bryan Adams' "Cuts Like a Knife". He makes good eye contact, good song choice, good voice.

Of course, I could be biased.

Farley: You shine like a star.
Sass: That was the best performance of the night.

Jason tells Benbot (also TM Ryan Vickers, 2004) he HAD to conquer Bryan Adams (he sang "Heaven" previously and it didn't advance him).

Back from the break, it turns out that (theoretically) Jon is writing updates on Well, not really.

Sixth to go is Kalan Porter, the youg'n from Medicine Hat. Turns out that he's in a string quartet, a family band and lives on a buffalo farm. I am Kalanadian is his fan club. He sings "Born to Be Wild". He does a decent job, but he doesn't strike me as "wild".

Zack: If it was up to me, we'd go get rich and famous.
Jake: You're the real deal.

Kalan tells Benbot that the most wild thing he's done was apply to be on this show.

Lucky seven is the gorgeous Teresa Sokyrka. She loves Saskatoon, where's she could remember it. She takes pride in her Ukranian heritage. Her song choice is Jann Arden's "Good Mother". Good choice this is as "pop" as she should get.

Jake: That may have been the best thing I've ever seen on this show.
Farley: You really are a special artist.

Teresa states to Benbot that you have to focus because you never know when it'll be over. She blushes as well when Benbot calls her a hottie.

(Barney Gumble) NUMBER EIGHT (/Barney Gumble) (C-Note: *Belch*) is Kaleb Simmonds returns to his church to sing and then takes in a big bash with friends and family. Growing up he got in trouble when he sang in class! He sings "Everything I Do I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams.  It's definitely different, but it does nothing for me.

Sass: You ripped it!
Zack: That was flat out cool.

Kaleb picked that song because he loves it.

Second last to go is Elana Juatco. She's greeted at the airport by some groupies. We meet everyone from the family. She gets to go to Playland (not the McDonald's version). She sings Alanis Morissette's "Mary Jane". Nice to see someone to NOT pick a traditional single. Great job.

Sass: You found the Star Search moments and you use them.
Jake: You pulled it off.

Elana reveals that Miss Morissette is her hero.

Oh dear - the straitjacket wasn't tight enough - here comes Jacob Hoggart. He's escaped! His parents reveal that he's "Crazy Jacob". His biggest supporter is his girlfriend. He sings Paul Anka's "Put Your Head on My Shoulder". Uncharacteristically not his type, but he's done a good job with it.

Zack: You're clearly a schizophrenic. I loved it!

Benbot states I'm going to get you 100,000 more votes.  Stand up. Turn around. Jacob then says "Oops! I dropped a quarter!" (and bends over).


The idols start out with a medley that includes You Make Me So Very Happy, no wait, it's just that one.

Elana: SAFE
Teresa: SAFE
Kaleb: SAFE
Manoah: Bottom 3
Kalan: SAFE
Jacob: SAFE
Brandy: Bottom 3
Josh: Bottom 3
Jason: SAFE
Shane: SAFE

And the final tally is in. Josh and Manoah are safe, Brandy departs.

NEXT TIME: British Invasion.

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