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The world's ultimate talent search comes to Canada, as the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country. And with a lucrative recording contract on the line for one lucky Canadian poised to become the next Idol, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Ryan Vickers, GSNN

Host: Ben Mulroney
Judges: Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
EP: Barbara Browlby, John Brunton
Packager: Canadian Television, FremantleMedia North America, Insight Production Company
Airs: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CTV

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June 1-3 - A Week on the Road

Canadian Idol - Auditions 1 (Toronto, Ottawa)

We're BACK! It's Canadian Idol, version 2.0. Who will become the next Ryan Malcolm?

This year, we've got more cities. We'll hit eight provinces and visit nine cities - specifically St. John's, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg,
Regina, Edmonton and Vancouver. We get around!

We start with a taste of things to come with our four judges: Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan and Zack Werner. They're all back for the second go around. Some thoughts?

Zack: Last year it was all undiscovered country. We had wonderful experiences.
Farley: It was all about the emotion.
Jake: It's a long hard road. The only people I'm picking [this year] are the ones that I think that can make it to the top 32.
Sass: This year I'm less forgiving. I can tell it within four bars.


Last year's winner came from here. Can they do it again? Jon Dore (our answer to Dunkelman, except our guy's still on the show) starts revving up the troops.

Note: if no hometown is given, they are from the audition city.

Anastasia Filippova is first up and she covers "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing". And she misses something. Matthew Price croons "I Turn to You". Nope. Rick Jordan covers last year's winner's single and badly.

Speaking of which, here he is live in Ottawa, Ryan Malcolm. He gives a pep talk which hopefully will help. And signs a lot of autographs. He even gets to mingle with Jon. What luck.

Kim Savage from across the provincial line in St. Albert, Quebec sings a Celine Dion tune. Farley and Sass are yes. Zack is no, but it doesn't matter as she gets the gold ticket.

Melanie Lenneau who is from Cornwall (my old stomping grounds) attempts to serenade Jake but to no avail. Jackie Hanna then butchers "Crazy" while in a cardboard car. Zack asks if it goes in reverse. Nathalie Joviet of Elliott Lake and Lee Willis then do an interesting job of "A Whole New World".

We take a break to see Ben Mulroney (the host) and Jon frolicking during Winterlude - Ottawa's annual celebration of the white stuff.

Back in the judges' quarters, Eric Bollman takes on "Sweet Caroline" with a peach midriff. Hmm. Jay Parry of Peterborough and Joel Beauchemin also see no gold as they weren't in range. Anna Russell is also a no go. However, Serge Cayanong of Brossard, Quebec is soulful enough to get the gold. His lucky charm gets to go too.

After the break Jon is wearing a unitard. Best to get back to the singers then.

Katie Bernard of Russell is asking for R-E-S-P-E-C-T. But she gets N-O-N-E. Jessica Carey tries to grasp "The Power of Love" but fails. Nathan Harrop of Cornwall can't rap successfully through "Buttercup". Julia Nguyen is cut off. Krista Allen actually looks like Chantal Kreviazuk but Jake says she's not singing from the heart. Krista cusses when interviewed afterwards.

Annmary Legault of Gatineau, Quebec only sings for fun. And she works in construction to boot. I'm not sure what she sings but she's good to go to T.O.!

Daniel Oickle channels Alanis in a way you never want to know. Steve Standoz tries Gordon Lightfoot. Thomas Cho is another loser in the "Whole New World" sweepstakes. Andrea Gal however has a really unique style which the judges love. And so do I. Thus she advances.

All in all 22 move on.


There's just a few thousand waiting and camping out at Skydome. And World Idol Kurt Nilsen says to "sing like hell". And a beautiful Big Brother-esque moment is delivered by Jon.

First up is Oakville's Allison MacAuely who cheerleads though "Let's Here it For the Boy". Steve Foster of Barrie sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" and on the line "just gotta get right out of here" is asked to do that. Atm Muttakin may however be one of the most "eclectic" singers that they've ever had. He doesn't do that well on "Rhinestone Cowboy". Daniel Dupuis who is in town
from Montreal foists his "Sexual Healing" on the judges and it works. He moves on.

Kendra Knoflook from Ancaster gets told she should stop. Roxane Delongo goes for the sexual look but it doesn't work. Sarina Mazzochi of Oshawa tries to get over the rainbow but it's not happening. Diane Archer redeems the show and gets through. But she needs to sing with more "vim and vigour" according to the judges.

After the break, Adriano Lawson-Bailey of Markham tries a Celine song but doesn't advance. A bit off. However Farley and Zack fight about how bad he is and Adriano says Zack's pants are too tight. Mike Ewart of Stratford attemps "Rockin Robin". Sass smiles and passes. Misty Tassone of Newmarket (hello, my new job!) sings "The First Cut is the Deepest" but in
retrospect it's Zack's that really hurts. She tries to defend herself, appealing to Sass, but nothing doing.

Now we have Amy Baillargeon of London who has spunk to spread. She sings "Part of your world" from Little Mermaid and does it spot on. She seems satisfied. They're putting her through the ringer. The facial
reactions from all involved are priceless. But she does it!

Then it's time for dancing. And people are enjoying themselves.

We meet Mohanza Kelly who has been brought here by his teacher. She is supportive of him - and why not? Jake is impressed because he can sell a song. Gold ticket.

Jon buddies up to Josh Seller from Bridgen, who has been sleeping in his car for five days. Yikes! But he believes in himself. He belts out a great song, they all agree he's one of the best they've seen so far.

Mark Feldman of Thornhill, Corey Loney of Sudbury and Beth Biederman are all on the bus home. So is Marvin Poon (whose suit might be on too tight!)

There is currently a party in Andre Richard's mouth. well , you know the rest. He's his own rap soundtrack. We get to see Brock Groombridge's farm in Schomberg. He's living the simple life, and the chickens don't complain when he sings. But what about the judges? Jake says he won't last the next round. The other three disagree and he gets his ticket.

So that means 34 are moving on.

EPISODE TWO - THE EAST (Halifax, St. John's, Montreal)

Night two of auditions see us hitting the east.

We start in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where just days before the tryout they have the worst storm in recent history - 95 cm of snow! But hundreds still show up at the Metro Centre to press their luck. Jon even convinces the mayor to sing!

We start with Sandra Pitts of Cole Harbor who doesn't become "Proud Mary". I won't remember the singing of Mark Gordon of Fall River but I sure can't miss his shirt. Shannon Kelly dances her way to applause but no
ticket. Julie Swinemar of Bedford is a bit too much of a crooner.

Ashley Kincade came all the way from St. George, NB but her cold doesn't help. Zack says she should come back in a couple of years. Donovan Westhauer joins the "Whole New World" breakfast club.

It seems like the whole city might be a wash. BUT! Here is Janelle Keddy of Bedford. She states she'll be singing "At last" and when the judges groan she sarcastically tells them how supportive that is! But she proves herself and advances.

Willy White and his parents have traveled from Truro and he's singing "Smoky Mountain". They give support all the way through, especially because he was confident. He goes to Toronto.

The second batch of the auditions starts with Jonathan Burrows where he can't feel the love tonight. Andre Cormier of Capelle, NB gets halfway through before I can figure out the song. Jacy Golden of Backbay, NB is
another Aladdin title tune victim. Allison Francis of Great Village channels Christina but it's a bit too much.

This leads well into a parade of rejects to the tune of "Farewell to Nova Scotia".

Kaleb Simmonds of Dartmouth however stands above and beyond. He really belts it out. Everyone is definitely positive.

All in all, 14 move on.


Now you may or may not know that this is where I'm currently living. And I'm 26, so that's the age limit to try out.

So I did. And I didn't go on. But that's life, isn't it? Hey, I got to keep my number and my wristband. Plus the line up was short at this venue - I arrived at 6 am and was out by 12 noon. (C-Note: Read the latest Extra for all the gory bits)

Oh, and by the way, I think Jon was making fun of my old university - MT. A. - by having a t-shirt saying "MT. ME". What a riot.

Anyway! It turns out that the ferry bringing the stuff over got stuck in the ice (this is a regular occurrence) but they improvised by using last year's

Tracy Edwards of Paradise strikes the "Vogue" but strikes out. Sean Dooling also goes down for the count. Gina-Rae Hoyles from Brookefield is someone who is a "Big Spender" but is told to go back in the wayback machine and take lessons. Eddie Penney gambles on "Gambler" but doesn't win the pot.

Melanie Benson of St. John's is told that the more she sings the quicker she should stop by Zack. But he doesn't reflect the panel as a whole. She goes on by saying that she wants to "entertain the pants off the country to the point where they aren't wearing any pants!" With that she goes on.

We then get a flashback from last year of Jon going on a date with a codfish. Oh dear.

Back from the break, Josh Blackwood of St. John's is a bit demented as dictated by Zack. He launches into "Stacey's Mom" and security is called.

This year a bus went across the island to pick up possible Canadian Idols. Jenny Gear, a finalist from last year, also came along. Well, at least from nearby Mount Pearl.

One singer we meet is Kirk Baker from Little Bay East. He makes friends with Adam in line (who has already got a gold ticket) and now it's his turn. He sings one sing and then launched in to "Patty Murphy". The panel
finds it entertaining. Sass loves him. And he's good to go.

Daniel Aziz raps and breakdances and doesn't move on. But Jason Greeley from Upper Island cove - with a cold and all - belts out Elton John. And after getting a gold ticket, he serenades Sass with her own song.

I'm happy to say that 11 people who gambled and got up early one cold February 29th will move on.

I'm also kinda sad that it wasn't me. However.


Shelly Caro of Chateguay is too obsessed with the camera. All Valerie Dalesio does is aerobics (and back to Deux-Montagnes she goes). The judges giggle through Leela Baum's piece. Karine Vachon belts it out. Anne
Metellus can carry a tune. Not enough though!

Liz Titan is originally from Zaire but now lives in this fine city. She sings "Natural Woman" and instantly she moves on.

Chaya Dewan sings her heart out and gets a gold. But she's not celebrating yet. She's hoping that her friend in line Karina Morin will do the same. She sings "Falling". And she's good to go. It's hugs all around!

Shira Katz writes her own song. Survey says! No. Benoit Vaillancourt of Laval is a bit too much, well, yeah, a bit too much.

Chad Miller sings Britney in the most bizarre way you can think of. Katherine Baker of Pointe-Claire chooses interpretive dance. Jonathan Chartrand is told he looks like a Dr. Seuss character but he can sing.
Moving on!

Jamie Hache isn't winning with Black Velvet. Neither is Michael Rzeznick of Camrose, Alberta. Jon O'Leary is a bit off too.

Annie Lefebvre from Buckingham is worried she won't be able to answer the questions in English but who cares.

The voice is gorgeous.

It looks to be about 20 people moving on. It's not officially revealed.

Now onto the west.



Everyone is looking nervous, but everyone is forced to play the waiting game.

I'm bored! Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Cheryl Maendel starts with Whitney but is a little too much - or maybe not! She moves on. Crystal Tkach of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, doesn't have the "Fever". Kristen Dohan of Ethelbert tries Celine and is told she is "amazingly awful". Sofia Bilozor is really happy but told she would more likely win "Ukrainian Idol" than anything else. Which segues well into a dancing segment of the same style.

Stephanie Champagne has a huge fan club. And she doesn't disappoint, winning the ticket. And they go and find her Dad who immediately starts bawling.

Barrett Peitsch is a church singer by trade who sings "Fall on your knees". It's really nice. Farley keeps asking for the high notes, and Jakes wants to know if he will choose the show over his upcoming wedding.  Whatever the case, he gets the ticket.

And Jon leads us in "Mom Idol". It's a mixed bag. Joanne is the big winner. But the really big winners are the 17 that are moving on.


This is the first time to Saskatchewan for CI, how will it go?

Solomon Cyr starts it off well with "Undercover". Farley's a yes. Sass is a yes. Jake says no, that he's an imitator. Zack tells him he's going.

Jeff Kreklewich of White City isn't so lucky. He butchers "Somewhere out there". Aidan Hawryluk asks the judges to "Get on your feet". It's a no. Scott sings something about Canada. I think.

Teresa Sokyrka from Saskatoon feels she can wow them with different styles. She seems to do it, and she gets the ticket. She gets applause from the panel. Zack adores her.

Cecil Armistead (AKA Johnny Rockstar) just creams "Piano Man". Bonnie Reakes leaves something to be desired in singing "The Rose". Kirby Armstrong from Dapp, Alberta tries swimming in "Black Water".

We get to meet Manoah Hartmann who is a local high school music teacher who is here on a bet. Her school raised $15,000 for a fundraiser she had to hold up her end of the bargain. But on the way she was hurt in a car accident. Not enough to stop her though! She sings a nice tune. Farley yes, Jake yes, Sass yes, Zack yes - she goes on! We get to see the whole school
congratulating her. Eight move on in total.


So you heard I went to St. John's, right? On the flight out to Edmonton someone recognized me from the St. John's tryouts (he was sitting next to me, go figure) and when he heard I was going to Edmonton he said I should go tryout again. I decided against it - as I knew it was going to be a larger line.

Part of me though wanted to go again! Ah well.

The auditions take place at the world famous West Edmonton Mall. Who came to play and who is going to stay? Well, after the Jon Dore panty race, I may not want to know.

Nick Pugh of Sherwood Park is first up and first out.  Kristy Brown joins her as she breaks too many glasses. Danielle Heykants of Red Deer tries "Let's stay together". After initial discussions of how much money she can bribe Jake with, she gets the ticket. And mocked about her dancing by Ben.

Lindsay Chief Calf of Lethbridge pierces my ears. And then there's Sylvie Ndahirwa, who sings nothing like you've ever heard before. Or hopefully will again.  Kyla Sandulak on the other hand appears to be the perfect singer. And she is told by Zack that she's the best he's seen so far. Unsurprisingly, she gets her gold ticket.

Kalan Porter of Medicine Hat does "House of the Rising Sun". He look's like he's 12 but he's sweet and great. After Sass says "See you in Toronto", Jake adds "yeah, for the next three months". Have we got an early
favourite here?

Arnelle Wilson doesn't have the voice, along with Jordan Ford of Sioux Lookout Ontario, Cody Mitchie of Edson and hometown boy Isaac Bell.

Marilyn Lamouche loves to box and would love to give the KO punch to the panel. She sings a soulful song. Zack says yes, and continuing down the line it's a clean sweep.

Twenty survived the mall in Edmonton.


Last stop!

Wes Carter of Surrey is giving Fantasia Barrio a run for her money. For high pitch that is. Although it's just not going to happen. Connor Falk of Coquitlam sings "I Fought the Law" at Sass' request. But the law won. Jacob Hoggard of Abbotsford sings "Forever in Blue Jeans" with actions and it's a different sound. Everyone fights amongst themselves but in amongst it
all he gets the ticket.

We then have a nice little retrospective of how Ben and Jon have been getting along. How typically Canadian.

After the break, eight media members give it a try. Some are much better than others. Margaret Gallagher of CBC Radio and Val Cole of TV Week are co-winners and win donations to their charity of choice.

Robin Newman of Richmond tries "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and does a good job in my opinion. She's a little overdramatic but she gets her ticket.

Kaita and Leala Selina, sisters from Pamberton sing in stereo but are derailed from the "Chattanooga Choo Choo". Janine Caspel of Port Coquitlam tries "The Sound of Music" but it doesn't sound right. Jessica
Cheung results in the judges plugging their ears.

Shane Wiede of Abbotsford plays in a band with his wife and is the last audition we're going to see. He sings "Raise me up". He says he loves a challenge and will get it as is tradition that we HAVE to end up with a
gold ticket winner!

Fifteen advance, making a final top 100 round total of... 155, 12 more than last year.

NEXT TIME! Everyone converges on Toronto! Their luggage, however, is a different matter.

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