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The world's ultimate talent search comes to Canada, as the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country. And with a lucrative recording contract on the line for one lucky Canadian poised to become the next Idol, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Ryan Vickers, GSNN

Host: Ben Mulroney
Judges: Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
EP: Barbara Browlby, John Brunton
Packager: Canadian Television, FremantleMedia North America, Insight Production Company
Airs: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CTV

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June 8-9 - Top 100... 55.

Over 9000 auditions in 9 cities. We've got 155 left. In two days, it'll be 32.

(roll titles)

We see perspectives from four of the hopefuls at home, getting ready to go. They are itching to get there. One has framed his gold ticket (and who wouldn't? My TPIR name tag is on my wall).

Adam and Kirk and the other Newfoundland hopefuls are leaving from St. John's. And Jon is there at the airport in Toronto to meet them, along with others. He gives them a ride in his nice coach bus, and plays the guitar en route.

The second batch arrive, this time by train from Montreal, including Jon's "brother", Daniel.

Ben reveals to us that the top 100 is in actuality sake the top 155. Kaleb from Dartmouth is confused and forgets his hotel key. Willy from Truro, NS loves the view of the SkyDome from his hotel. Josh from Brigden confuses 492 with 429. Teresa from Saskatoon is rooming with Diana from Woodstock.

After settling in it's time for food. Everyone enjoys the camp atmosphere. But the flight from Winnipeg was cancelled and they were stuck in the airport all day long. Their luggage will get there... eventually. Even Mike Welden - who never got picked up - shows his face. As night falls, Josh enjoys the hot tub.

All 155 pile into the John Bassett Theatre, where the top 10 will perform. They get a pep talk from the judges.

Farley: "Blow us away!"
Jake: "You're way better than last year"
Sass: "Give it what you've got"
Zack: "Love this experience"

DAY ONE: Sing a verse and a chorus in front of everyone.

Kim Savage of St. Albert chances "You've Got a Friend". Cheryl Maendel of Winnipeg craves "Fame". And luggage. Marilyn Lamouche of Giftlake, Alberta goes for something soft. Jason Greeley of Upper Island Cove, NL sings his heart out now that his voice is back.

Contestants experience cuts group by group. Serge Cayong of Brossard, QC once again pulls out "Now and Forever". Kaleb Simmonds of Dartmouth, NS sings Stevie Wonder. Filomena Pasqua of Ottawa asks "Where Does My
Heart Beat Now?". Kalan Porter of Medicine Hat, AB croons out Elton John. Valérie Jalbert of St-Jerome QC wants to know if "It's Raining Men". Daniel Dupuis of Montreal breaks into Lionel Ritchie. Paging Nicole. Jessica Mitchell of London, ON breaks out Alicia Keys. Karina Morin of Montreal wonders if it's "Against All Odds". I was made to love 'her' is changed to 'him' for Elana Juatco of Vancouver. Jermaine Richards of Toronto wishes to join "The circle of life".

The singing continued while the judges deliberated. Numbers dwindled. One person said that he didn't want to be Canadian Idol, just a Canadian singer.

After the break, Adam Cross of Port-Aux-Basques, NL is first up with "Try". His buddy Kirk Baker of Little Bay East belts out "You Raise Me Up". Kyla Sandulak from Edmonton sings a jazzy tune. Brandy Callahan of Halifax does a wonderful rendition of "Run to You".

More cuts are made. Adam stays and Kirk. They're both equally sad. Adam is devastated that his friend has left - Ben tries to cheer him up, but we're told later that night that he decides to quit.

But for those who move on, it's a small victory, but they don't have much time to rest. They have to learn a song to perform in groups of three or four. Vocal coach Sarah Morrison shows them what songs they'll be

It's a late night, and of course Jon is goofing off. Someone is being serenaded in the hotel bar. Lots of rehearsing is going on. And it's time to get some shut eyes - but not before we find out that Willy is having
problems getting the words to "Your Song".

DAY TWO: Groups

But everyone is still judged on their own.

First up is Nneka, Manoah and Diana who "Say a Little Prayer". Danielle, Rebecca, and Amna show real "Emotion". "Your Song" does indeed pose some problems for the guys. One group is told that the grade six musical festival has more talent. Ouch. One person is told by their group members that they should have practiced instead of swimming.

In the last segment, it's more groupies. We begin with a boys group of "She's a Lady" which includes Mozanda Kelly of Toronto. Two additional groups are shown.

We turn to Willy and the boys. But it's not good for him or his friend Albert Larivière of Winnipeg. Willy is asked to sing the first part a cappella but he can't remember the words.

The ladies now go onto steal the show, with a collage of "You've Got a Friend".

And now, kids, time for the cuts. The judges take 45 minutes to deliberate. Competitors are divided into four rooms. Nobody knows where they stand.

Room 1 is... SAFE!

Room 2 is... SAFE!

Room 3 is... going home. Most are sad, but some are happy because at least they got a trip to Toronto AND a free buffet!

Room 4 is... SAFE!


We're left with 85. They've picked their partners. But before all of that they are given guided meditation. Vocal Coach Sarah Morrison Is back and gives some more advice. Some choices include James Brown, Elton John
and Nat King Cole songs.

Jon is interviewing the duets - including wearing neck braces and doling out matchmaking advice. We find Josh Seller and his partner starting a pillow fight. Some duets aren't going as well as others.

On the day, we start with Ted and Diane with "Put a Little Love". Very good job. Elena and Jacob incorporate some acting into "Islands in the Stream".
And so do several other duos. Zack even apologizes to Jacob because he underestimated him at the initial tryouts.

We see Kaleb and Chhaya rehearsing "Put a Little Love" outside the theatre, but when they get in, there is a loss for words on Kaleb's part. Jake asks them if they rehearsed. So does Farley. Kaleb says yes. Chhaya
says no, she had to babysit him. Zack wants to know if he's into this whole competition. Chhaya says afterwards she didn't want to lie about their practice time.

Jason Greeley leads a sing along in the lobby to "Summer of 69", and then sings along to "Islands in the stream". But Jake says he needs to have a bigger presence, and they get to reprise their act. He and his partner feel that they did better.

Teresa and Mohanza kick off some "Unforgettable" performances. Manoah and Jermaine continue the good times.

And then the judges deliberate. While the final bunch are getting nerve-wracked. They are called up group by group to learn their fate. Lots of groups are split up. Several of the groups are staying, and they're
happy. Surprisingly Kaleb stays but Chhaya goes. She's floored and stunned.

After the cuts there are lots of tears, both for those who stay and those who are going on.

FINAL DAY: Solos. There are 48 left, one third of which still have to go home.

Thanks to my friends in the control room I miss a segment.

However after the break we find out that Raj's uncle passed away earlier this week when this program was recorded. He goes to pay his respect in the morning, and he sings his heart out in the afternoon.

We see a collage of people that say they "really want it bad", and then a retrospective of the last four days, to the tune of "I Will Remember You".

And now, it's the last time for the judges to have their say. After this, it's up to Canada. Who is in the top 32?

Room 1. Sass: "I just want to say that I fought really hard for some of you. And the news is that you're all going..."

Jason Greeley bows his head.

"...ONTO THE NEXT ROUND!". Ooh, she's a trickster, that Sass!

Room 2. Zack: "It's been a true honour and privilege, but you're going home".

Room 3. Farley and Jake: "You disappointed us. but we're giving you another chance!"

The 32 are in. And they are revealed at the network's affiliates meeting - along with Ryan Malcolm, Gary Beals, Audrey de Montigny and Billy Klippert - last year's top 4.

NEXT WEEK! Group 1.

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