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The battle of the bulge takes a high-tech turn as twelve people who have one thing in common... girth... will compete to see who can shed the most ounces.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Caroline Rhea
Trainers: Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels
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"I Want to Be a Lifeguard" - November 30

Thanks to the Christmas Tree special, the show is only running one hour. Thanks to the success of the show, we've had some extra time to see what the eliminated contestants have been doing with their lives.

We start with Matt, who has lost a total of 68 pounds. Wow. Lizzeth has only lost 9 pounds, but what she has done may be even more important - she has her family on the diet plan and they have all lost weight. Congratulations to both people, who have certainly learned from the show.

That brings us to the 7 people who are left in the house. Matt, Lisa and Kelly leave the room of dietary judgement, as the blue crew realize that Dave is gone. With that, Kelly Mac goes after Ryan, asking him if there is a coalition to get rid of all of the women. Well, obviously not, as they just got rid of Dave. Ryan did say earlier though that the women were the weaker sex and the women call him on it.

Kelly goes after Ryan until Gary stops her, asking why is it that she has to press every issue. When she starts pressing on him, he tells her to leave Ryan alone. That shocks Kelly Mac, as Gary reminds Kelly Mac that she brought him into the conversation, and they get into it, while Ryan just realized that he now may have an ally later on in the game. Hmmm...

The red team goes to see Jillian, who wants them to all do 500 sit-ups, 500 push-ups, 500 lunges and 500 squats. She divides the tasks to everyone, telling them that it may seem impossible, but they can all figure it out as a team how to do it. Jillian is very impressed by Lisa, who complains, but does it like a trooper. Lisa says that she is proud of everyone, as they accomplished the task.

The blue team talks strategy. Kelly tells Gary that he needs to be less paranoid and that Mo, who hasn't been staying on the diet plan, has to be the next person to go. Gary trusts them - but when she adds that if he goes crazy again she'll change her mind, that gets him concerned. Mo says that he is concerned about his stomach and he needs to take a break. Mo tells the blue team that he isn't going on the run because his stomach hurts.

Robert talks to Mo, who is going to not run. Robert says to not ask him for any favors as the rest of the group goes out. Kelly tells him that he can feel insulted as she is projecting her feelings about Mo to him, adding that what Mo is doing sucks. Robert is wondering if he failed him and Kelly is sympathetic to him. Robert says that Mo is easily frustrated - especially since he only lost one pound on the last weigh-in.

Robert decides to talk to Mo, who doesn't think it's fair to have all of this pressure on him. He says that they need to pull their own weight - but they have last week and Mo only lost one pound. Robert apologizes to MO, who says that he is the one who should be apologizing. Robert tells to Mo that if he gives everything to Robert, he will give everything to Mo, who says that communication is the key. They share in some huggy time - but Mo still doesn't do the run.

Jillian shoes them more than exercise as she gives them all lessons in label reading. Lesson #1 - read the number of servings that you get with each item. Lesson #2 - dietary fibers are GOOD fibers, so subtract them from your carb count when you are counting carbs. Reality shows do educate, after all.

Both teams meet up at the beach - not for education, but for the challenge. The teams have to run a lifeguard training course, which consists of moving 20 medicine balls, running past markers while carrying life preservers and a sprint run. The first person to grab the flag at the end of the run wins the challenge. What's up for grabs - a complete makeover at Umberto's at Beverly Hills and who on the blue team sits out the weigh-in.

The blue team has to randomly pick who will be sitting down. Gary really hopes that it's Mo, but it's Kelly, the strongest runner on the team. Uh-oh. So you have a guy with a knee ailment and a guy who didn't run earlier to run now - that spells trouble. It spells a lot of trouble when Mo is walking instead of running while the other team is going at break-neck speed. The blue team doesn't complete the ball task until the red team is almost done with the life preservers as the red team wins. Andrea has had enough, as she blows up at everyone and Kelly adds that she is voting for MO if they lose.

The red team goes to Umberto's for the makeover. While they are getting their hair cut, the blue team works out. Gary holes that Ryan comes back bald, but he doesn't. Kelly is stunned with how pretty she is becoming. None of them want to come back to the room, because Kelly thinks that Kelly Mac is being negative towards everyone. Immediately Kelly Mac goes after Kelly's hair (which calls it a Rachel haircut, which was fashionable in the '90s), and you can see that Kelly isn't making friends with anyone.

The red team talks strategy about the weigh-in, which is next. The women are very concerned about Andrea, who feels good about herself. The women want to see the scale reflect their hard work, while the men don't want to go home. We get to said scale right now -

Blue Team -
*Maurice - from 400-389 = -11 pounds** sits out.
Kelly Mac - from 190-181 = -9 pounds
Andrea - from 185-178 = -7 pounds
Gary - from 190-186 = -4 pounds
Total = -31 / -20 pounds

Red Team -
Ryan - from 278-262 = -16 pounds
Lisa - from 205-196 = -9 pounds
Kelly - from 211-197 = -14 pounds
Total = -39 pounds

The red team's thought that Mo was in for a big week - and they are right. Mo feels good about 47 pound weight loss. Kelly can't remember the last time she was under 190. Ryan does a sexy dance while Gary has to lose more weight then both of the red team's ladies. Lisa is thrilled that she is under 200. The red team celebrates when Gary doesn't surpass them, because Kelly isn't going to gain 7 pounds. The Red Team was a powerhouse this week, and the power of positive thinking works.

The blue team is downright negative right now, as they have to get rid of one of their own. The red team asks Gary what would happen if they force a tie, as they would like to 'split people up'. The splitting up would be to eliminate Kelly Mac, as she is a negative influence on the house. By doing that, it gives the red team an edge, because then they keep the physically slow Mo in the game. It also gives Ryan a bonus edge, because then the women won't have the numbers to eliminate the men one by one when this becomes an individual game. Gary says he'll think about it - and then leaves.

Robert comes in to talk to the blue team, who tells him the situation. Rob says that the team needs to be happy with what they have done - and to not give up. Kelly says that no one deserves to go home, while Gary wants to stay and be healthier. Mo says that he is learning a new way of living and still has unfinished business here. Andrea feels that her self-worth has gone up and that 'can't' is no longer in her vocabulary.

Unfortunately, 'Elimination' is now a word in her dictionary, as we get to the voting segment of the show. Andrea says that their bond is tight, while Kelly says that she's upset that someone has to go home. Her vote is for, of course, Maurice, and she cries while doing it. Maurice isn't crying at all as he votes for Kelly, adding that he had a pact with 2 of his teammates. Andrea apparently, wasn't one of them, as she voted for Mo. Gary says that it's a game, and hence votes for the tie. He apologizes for doing it, because that now puts the vote into a tie situation. Kelly calls him a snake, but says that if she was outsmarted, than that's a good strategy.

The red team now comes down, and they can select ANY person (not just Kelly or Maurice) to be eliminated. Ryan is the spokesperson for the red team, and he says that they choose to eliminate, due to personality conflict.... Kelly Mac. With that, they leave, and Kelly says that she felt disposable. She says that it would have been easier if they all put her name down, but she is still out, and upon leaving, she tells Andrea to kick some @$$.

At the epilogue, she says that you realize that you could do things once you believe in yourself, as she says that the show is a path of self-discovery. The red team is right when they said that they thought she could lose a lot of weight - she has lost a total of 63 pounds and is now enjoying the search for clothes.

Did the red team do the right thing? It seems that Ryan did, as we see that next week, it's every person for themselves. We'll see in 7 days to see who gets Pagonged first - and if we find out what happens if there is a tie this time around.

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