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The battle of the bulge takes a high-tech turn as twelve people who have one thing in common... girth... will compete to see who can shed the most ounces.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Caroline Rhea
Trainers: Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels
Creators: Ben Silverman, David Broome, Mark Koops
EP: Ben Silverman, David Broome, JD Roth, John Foy, Todd A. Nelson
Packager: Reveille Productions, 25/7 Productions, 3 Ball Productions
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"Cup Cake Crisis" - November 23

We see the 5 minute recap of last week's 90 minute episode - and then the recap of the Blue Crew tossing out their strongest member. The girls all hugged, while Gary was staring daggers at Mo, who he thinks stabbed him in the back when he voted for Aaron instead of Andrea. Gary was upset that Mo didn't keep his word - but Mo says he has no regrets. He doesn't, because it makes him now a 'must-keep' member in the group.

But try telling that to Bob the trainer, who comes in the next morning and is shocked that Aaron is gone. 'What's Kelly doing there?' He's stunned that Aaron is gone, and Robert wants to know what happened. Andrea says that no one wanted to communicate and Robert pretty much bitch-slaps all of them, adding that if doesn't have a vote, but if he had one, Aaron, who has done the most for the team, would still be in the game. He tells them all that since the strongest player is gone, they all have to step it up, or the red team will pick them off one by one.

What infuriates him more is that four of them are playing as a team, and one of them isn't. That one person is...Mo, who is sitting there and eating while Robert is talking. That's rude. Robert doesn't think he's committed to it and he doesn't know if Maurice has even learned anything. Mo is wondering why he's getting yelled at - well maybe it's the fact that you are the male who weighs the most - but who has lost the least amount of weight.

Robert decides to take it out on them by doing steps relays. All of them have to run up and down flights of stairs. Gary goes up full throttle - but then has to back out because of his knee. Mo also sits on the sidelines because of his ankle, so Bob punishes the women. Bob, however, is happy that the women were going at it - and he called them the next strongest people in the group. BY the time Bob was done, they were all exhausted. 'They saw another part of Bob today.'

The physical aspect is not the worst part. After the women were done, Bob tells them that they made a huge mistake in the voting, adding that they are dead in the water. Andrea says that there was nothing that they could have done, but Bob says that Mo and Gary couldn't move and they certainly could have changed Mo's mind to vote off Gary. Bob tells them that they will have to be tougher than ever, and Kelly and Andrea tell him that they will do it. A sobbing Andrea is comforted by Gary as she now wants to leave, but Gary, of all people, tell her that she is still there because she deserves to be there. That was very important that Gary starts the healing process, and even Mo says that if they go down, they will go down fighting.

Not everything is fun and games on the red side either. Jillian says that the girls still need to learn that they need to eat in order to lose weight, and Kelly adds that Jillian gets on them of not eating enough calories. Jillian says that they will get results - as long as they listen to her.

We focus on the walking wounded - and Bob says that he knows what body areas he can push as he can work around the injury. Jillian agrees, adding that if Dave's foot is bothering him, then he can work on his upper body and lose weight that way. Cut to Gary and Mo doing upper weights as well...

...and cut to a mountain of cupcakes. Attached to the mountain is a sign, saying that the person who eats the most amount of cupcakes in 15 minutes gets a dinner on the beach with a loved one from home. The women say that they will kill whoever eats a cupcake. After deliberations, they decide to draw lots - the person who gets picked eats one cupcake and wins. The dot-winning draw was picked by....Dave, who eats one cupcake. The group who didn't win was wondering if someone would eat 2 cupcakes and send Dave over the edge. Maurice gets up to get a cupcake - and the women scream at him to put the cupcake down. Badgered by the women, he puts the cupcake down - though he says to the women that he was joking, he does make a note of the daggers and admits that he was THIS close to cheating.

Close - but no cigar, as Dave gets to meet his wife, Tia. He knows that his wife will be honest with him and let him know if he has lost weight. She says that he looks thinner, healthier and happier and they end the dinner with some huggy time. AwwwwBarf.

The next morning, the group comes over to a big building - 74 stories worth, to be exact. This is the tallest building west of the Mississippi - and the teams get to climb it. The team that gets up all 74 stories gets a nice helicopter ride - and determines which member of the Red team (since they are up, 5-4) gets to sit out.

Since Mo and Gary are both out with leg injuries, the women will be going to the blue team. The guys have to sit out Kelly and Dave for the red team, so they have to randomly select someone to sit out. That person is...Ryan. Matt and Lisa will be going for the red team, and Andrea admits that they may be playing for survival.

The race begins, and Kelly on the blue team thinks that because of their steps workout earlier that they may have an edge. They start up running, but at the 19th floor, it turns into a walking race. The blue team gets to the water break on the 25th floor, while the red team is at 29 and rising. The blue team gets to 29 - and that's when Lisa of the red team stalls out. They get to the 34th floor when Kelly gets claustrophobic and suffers a panic attack. She quits and Matt thinks that the mental part of the challenge got to Lisa. She's complaining about the anxiety while the doctor takes her blood pressure - but she insists on continuing. She doesn't get there, as she gets taken away in an ambulance.

The blue team, on the other hand, give each other praise as they compliment each other up the stairs. Kelly says that she didn't panic, and that helps them complete the stage. They get there and the blue team wins, causing Dave to curse on camera. Oopsie.

The helicopter comes to the blue team to take them on the helicopter ride. Maurice wants absolutely nothing to do with it, so he is left on the roof of the building as the other three take the ride over Dodger Stadium. Upon landing at the house, they got to see Bob, who are relieved to see that they won. Andrea and Kelly talk to him about their intervals and they said that it was huge to them. They said that the red tam didn't finish because they had...'issues'.

The red team issues including Lisa getting taken to the hospital, and Matt tells Jillian what happened. Lisa apologizes and says that there was nothing that she could do, but Gary and Matt both say that neither of them are upset. On camera, Lisa was upset at Matt for going at his pace - and not caring about her. It didn't matter what Matt said, Lisa was going to be offended. She continues to whine about it and she starts to play the martyr card when she starts on the treadmill, but Jillian is having none of it. 'It's one thing to not be able to complete a challenge. It's another thing to not accept responsibility for your own issues.' Well said, and even Ryan said that Matt couldn't possibly win in this situation.

Lisa isn't the only person who is getting annoyed - both Kelly and Dave are getting annoyed by Matt's antics. 'I don't want to have to deal with it'. Matt goes after David for being two-faced, but it seems like Dave doesn't nearly have as many detractors as Matt does. This could spell trouble for Matt if red loses...

The next morning, both teams do cardio, and both trainers are upset that the people in training aren't pulling up to snuff. Robert is concerned about Kelly not putting in 100% and Jillian is worried about Dave, who isn't doing anything while everyone else is working out. Even Mo and Gary are working out and Dave isn't.

Jillian says that Dave is dogging your injuries. Dave, who hears Jillian ranting, confronts her, saying that he is 40 years old. Jillian says that he is hurting the team more than himself, and now the team is taking notice. He says that his ankle is hurting him, but Kelly is wondering how your ankles are affecting his arms and abs. Dave continues to get into it with Jillian, accusing her of going after his integrity - and then he ends the conversation, storming off. Jillian just sighs and puts her head in her hands.

Next up - the testimonials. Lisa wants to stay around. Matt is shocked that he lost 36 pounds. Blue Kelly is trying to take everything day by day, while Red Kelly says that you have to do this for you. Maurice is starting to look at this for the money - but the main idea is to be healthy. Andrea likes the blue team's morale. We'll see hoe good the morale is...

at the weigh-in. Let's see how they do -

Blue Team -
Gary - from 206-195 = -11 pounds
Andrea - from 200-192 = -8 pounds
Kelly Mac - from 204-194 = -10 pounds
Maurice - from 415-401 = 14 pounds
Total = -43 pounds

Red Team -
**Matt - from 274-264 = -10 pounds - weight loss doesn't count for the weigh-in.
Ryan - from 294-281 = -13 pounds
Lisa - from 213-207 = -6 pounds
Dave - from 233-225 = -8 pounds
Kelly - from 215-211 = -4 pounds
Total = -31 pounds

Mo does a jiggly victory dance and the blue team wins. They even it up the personal with the red team, who now have to boot off one of their own. Dave realizes that his @$$ is on the fire, and he is thinking many moves ahead. He talks to the women - and Ryan talks to the women as well, campaigning against Dave. Kelly is concerned, because she only lost 4 pounds. Lisa doesn't want to go back to the old version of her. Matt says that this is life-altering for him - and he doesn't want to quit.

The morning of the elimination, Matt goes to talk to Maurice, who tells Matt to get rid of Lisa, and tells him that strategy would have him get rid of Dave next. Matt says that he hates strategy, but Maurice says that he will hate it more if he is watching this from home. Mo has a point.

Matt goes to Dave to make sure that he is in the alliance. Dave says that he is - but he says that Matt is the person wavering, as he doesn't know what woman to get rid of. Dave tells Matt to let him know what the plan is. A happy Matt leaves, while Dave says, 'stupid boy. stupid, stupid boy.' Well I guess Matt is in trouble...

...but we'll find out exactly how much trouble he is in as it's time for the elimination. Lisa says that she doesn't think that the team blames her. Ryan says that he feels good - but there's always a chance that he could be the sucker of the table. He isn't - but Matt may be as Lisa, who can't take Matt anymore, votes for her stair-running buddy. Predictably, Matt votes for Lisa. Matt has a smug look - but it quickly disappears when Ryan says. 'This person would never lie - but unfortunately, I had to lie to them.' Ryan votes for Matt - and Dave follows suit, eliminating Matt. The last vote doesn't need to be seen, but Matt wants to see it - and he sees that Kelly voted for Matt as well.

Seeing that everyone voted for him, he goes on the verbal barrage. He accuses Lisa of stabbing in the back, but Lisa astutely points out that Matt voted for her. Matt then says that Lisa goes around the house and speaks crap about him, but Kelly jumps in and says that Matt's lying and Dave adds that Lisa makes him feel pretty good. I'll leave that comment there, and Matt leaves everyone else at the table.

Well, personality-wise, that may be a good move, but strategically, that was a huge error. Like the blue team, you don't get rid of the person who has carried the team. Matt, who lost 46 pounds, is grateful for the experience. Matt says that Jillian is one of the few people who wanted to see him succeed - and he'll never forget that. That's pretty sad that one of the most important people in your life is a trainer that you've only known for 4 weeks, but Matt isn't sad - he's lost an extra 22 pounds and is still not smoking.

You can't say the same about Jillian, as I expect that next week she will be as steamed as Robert was when Aaron got booted. The bonehead move last week didn't hurt the blue team - we'll see if the red team can say the same in 7 days.

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