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The battle of the bulge takes a high-tech turn as twelve people who have one thing in common... girth... will compete to see who can shed the most ounces.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Caroline Rhea
Trainers: Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels
Creators: Ben Silverman, David Broome, Mark Koops
EP: Ben Silverman, David Broome, JD Roth, John Foy, Todd A. Nelson
Packager: Reveille Productions, 25/7 Productions, 3 Ball Productions
Tuesdays at 8pm ET on NBC

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"Bake Selling Yourself" - October 26

Last week, the show hyped about how everyone lost a combined 148 pounds. Despite that, someone had to go, and that someone is Dana. Andrea tells her team that they are still a family, ad they still have to work together, while Ryan asks them what the Hell took them so long. Everyone takes that aback and even members of Ryan's own team are stunned as Matt says that Ryan's sense of humor is... well, off. Ryan admits afterwards that he shouldn't have done that. Kelly says that Ryan is tired, to which Gary snaps and says that he should go to bed. After sniping some more, Gary storms off, leaving a stunned Ryan bowing his head down.

Well, they all do go to bed - except Lizzeth wakes up early to work out. She sees that Dana got tossed out and she, as the other light person at 164, knows she has to do something. Her sister has gastric bypass surgery - but for her, it's not working, as she is gaining the weight back. She is going nuts...

...and as the Blue Team returns, so does Bob, who explains to them that he
isn't here to play a game - he wants them all to lose weight for themselves. Kelly corrects him by saying that it is a game, and they need to prepare for it, since they will not all be here. Gary says that his game is getting healthy,
while Bob, who realizes that, tells them then that they have to step it up a little. ON the Red Team, the other Kelly says that she is sore all over, but she is convinced from Jillian that it's going to be easier. Jillian, on the
contrary, steps it up so that none of them will plateau. Lizzeth feels it because she is pissed - and she wants to kick Jillian in the face, but Jillian tells them that they won because they worked out more - and that will show in the results.

David says that he wants to take it easy because he's older, but Jillian sees this and accuses him of not stepping up. The rest of the team is aware of that too, as they all stare at him. They also stare at him during lunch-time, when they see a mixture of vegetables - and mashed potatoes and bread. They all take the skin off the chicken and the cheese out of the salads, but Maurice strays and munches on the beef brisket - the fattest piece of the meat. Aaron notices this and says that if they lose again, Maurice's straying is going to make him more of a liability than an asset.

The groups convene for the next challenge, which has sugar, flour, eggs and peanut butter. Caroline tells them that they will all be having a bake sale, and they get to make all of the food themselves. For the winning team, two things happen - #1- they get to relax at the spa, and #2 - since the teams are uneven, the winner will decide who on the red team will be sitting out for the next weigh-in.

The teams start going at it, and David and Aaron delegate responsibility for each team. The attention immediately focuses to Maurice, who the blue team has already seen cheating. Will he cheat again? Kelly keeps an eye on Maurice as they make the food...

...but Maurice is left to his own devices as the teams move the food into the court and tries to get everyone to buy the morsels. David is the closer who takes all of the orders, while each person on the blue team goes to sell individual items. Both teams are looking at the food lovingly, as we see a montage of them staring and wanting to eat the food. Did anyone do it? We'll see, as Carolyn tells them that there was one catch - the first team to take a lick, bite or taste anything, either at the cooking, or the selling, would lose half of their profits. Carolyn says that.... NO ONE did it, so there is no penalty. Yay, teams! Well, that would have been the killer bulls-eye for someone, but no one took the bait.

Now on to the money. The blue team made $245, and the blue team made.... $362! The blue team wins again, and they get the spa treatment, as well as the decision on who sits out. Kelly says that it's crucial to do that, where if the red team wins again, they can really destroy the blue team's chances.

Kelly (blue) is upset that she is going 186 on the treadmill, while the red team is going to get their toxins cleaned out. While the blue team is working, the red team is... laying down. Could the extra activity by the blue team actually be an advantage for them for the next weigh-in? Could that extra time being spent actually help them get their first win?

The red team comes back home... and lounges around while Gary talks to them about weight loss. The only person that you have seen work out has been Lizzeth - could that be an omen? At that weigh-in, Lizzeth is not included, but she gets weighed anyway. Her weight is... 164. No weight loss. She seems crushed. The team seems thrilled about it, but could that be an omen to everyone else's weight pattern? Here are the results...

Blue Team -
Aaron - from 241-234 = -7 pounds
Andrea - from 209-206 = -3 pounds
Kelly Mac - from 210-209 = -1 pound
Gary - from 215-213 = -2 pounds
Maurice - from 423-423 = 0 pounds
Total = 13 pounds

Red Team -
*Lizzeth - from 164-164 = 0 pounds - didn't count
Ryan - from 311-308 = -3 pounds
Dave - from 240-240 = 0 pounds
Lisa - from 226-225 = -1 pound
Kelly - from 227-225 = -2 pounds
Matt - from 288-291 = +3 pounds
Total = 3 pounds

The red team wins, but the bigger shock is not that - but the lack of weight  that everyone has had. Lisa is depressed because she didn't see the weight, but Matt is crushed because he actually gained weight and the tears start falling as he goes back to the team.

What happened? Well, Jillian and Bob both explain that the first week's loss was more due to water weight, and they have to do better than that in order to really lose weight. The real challenge is to lose the bulk of fat. Jillian tells them to stay the course and to continue to go for it. You also have to remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so when they get bulked up, they will lose less weight. The longer it gets, the tougher it will be.

The red team talk about who to get rid of. Ryan tells Lizzeth that she's a little girl and she can't lose as much weight as the other people. Kelly goes back and says that David hasn't been pulling his weight. Matt, meanwhile says that he was the one that gained weight, so he should go home. There's nothing like weight angst on a show.

Lizzeth is tired of being big, so she continues to jog and show that she is working out. She has Kelly on her side, as she tells Lisa that they have to keep her here. It's going to be 3 vs. 3, and if it remains a tie, then the blue team decides who's leaving - and it's pretty obvious that they would go after David.

Kelly is the swing vote, and she notices Dave quitting too. Lizzeth gives a last second plea to everyone, noticing how she is busting her ass while Dave is doing nothing. Dave says that losing weight is relative and just whistles and he can turn it on whenever he wants - and he continues to whistle...

...until they get to the Diet Decision room. Lizzeth says that she earned a spot on the team, while Matt says that he's there to win. It's time to cut the fat. Not surprisingly, Dave votes for Lizzeth, and Lizzeth and Kelly votes off Dave, claiming that Kelly would rather have Lizzeth's mental prowess than Dave's physicality.

Then there's Ryan, who apologizes to David... and then votes for Lizzeth. Wha? That pisses off both Lizzeth and Kelly. Matt votes for Lizzeth, as expected. Lisa is the last person, and she votes for... Lizzeth, though it looks certain that she would have switched her vote had she heard Ryan's vote first. Lisa also sealed her fate, as the guys are going to vote in a block - and Ryan and David have sealed their fate as the early villains of the series. If they return (which I sense they will), Kelly will be next, then Lisa.

Lizzeth cries and then leaves as her fridge light is turned off. Kelly tells Ryan that he couldn't be less classy and more cruel, adding that it's uncalled for. Ryan says that he's just having fun, but Kelly is pissed and she storms off. Caroline tells them that they have the week to reunify, but Kelly's not having it and they have a long road to hoe.
As for Lizzeth, she says that they will see a better looking girl - not an overweight one. Since the show aired, she's lost 9 more pounds, and more importantly, she's showing her family how to eat better and how to lose more weight.

In 2 weeks - The teams get back to work, and they lose more weight. Also - a shocking person gets voted out, but I am guessing that it's going to be
Maurice, which wouldn't be so shocking since he has cheated on more than one occasion. Come back to see who gets voted into office, and then return in 2 weeks to see who gets voted off the show.

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