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The battle of the bulge takes a high-tech turn as twelve people who have one thing in common... girth... will compete to see who can shed the most ounces.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Caroline Rhea
Trainers: Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels
Creators: Ben Silverman, David Broome, Mark Koops
EP: Ben Silverman, David Broome, JD Roth, John Foy, Todd A. Nelson
Packager: Reveille Productions, 25/7 Productions, 3 Ball Productions
Tuesdays at 8pm ET on NBC

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"The Pyramid" - November 23

Last week, after the blue team eliminated Aaron, Bob, their trainer, made them pay. At the end of last week's episode, the red team eliminated Matt, and I have the feeling that Jillian, their trainer, will make them pay just as severely.

Before we get to see what happens, we get testimonials form the eliminated players. Dana bought new clothes. She is down from 175 to 155 - 20 pounds. Nice job. Aaron is now much skinnier than where he was, as we see him with his girl Sara. He went from 261 to 198 - a whopping 63 pounds. Nice.

With that, we get back to the aftermath. The loss of Matt leaves Ryan happy that he's still there, and leaves both teams at 4 members each. Mo thinks that the blue team is more unified than the red team - and he is right, as the women and men on the red team seem polarized.

The women are still upset at Dave's perceived lack of effort, and Ryan calls Dave on it. Ryan accuses Dave of lying to get rid of Matt, and he sees that he needs to jockey alliance with the women. Dave says that he has integrity when he needs it, and he calls it a game. Dave says that there's nothing Ryan can do to help or hurt his chances - He's dead. Is it just me, or does Dave look like a bald version of the Gamemaster Kevin Sullivan?

The blue crew are beyond squabbling, as they get together for yoga. Gary is impressed with the workout, as he has brought asthma medication that he hasn't had to use yet. Mo is happy about being the biggest loser, while the women want to continue to lose weight.

Jillian calls the team over and says that the team has to be responsible for their actions. She understands the team's decision to get rid of Matt, but that means that they have to trust her more. She goes after Dave, who couldn't even beat Gary. Dave says that he's willing to do anything - as long as it doesn't tax his body. Wha? Ryan agrees with my assertion, and he is wondering how they will win with Dave on the team.

Jillian ties them all together and forces them to jog together. Dave quits the group with a bad ankle, which upsets Kelly, because she has a bad ankle too, yet she is running. After Dave leaves, the group They are all having fun, and Ryan notices that there is no negativity because Dave isn't there to complain. Ryan becomes attached to the women as they all bond over the hike - without David, as Ryan makes that point. The women notice this as Ryan makes his pitch to them. Hmmmm....

Over on the blue side, Mo and Andrea do cardio workouts while Kelly and Gary play with the ball. They notice that it's the half-way mark, as they do weights and talk strategy. Kelly Mac and Kelly continue to do weights as Bob notices that they have all been stepping to the plate. He vows to push them all even harder - especially Mo, who gets discouraged quickly. After his workout, Bob takes Mo for a hike, and Bob tells Mo that he needs him to lose a lot of weight this week. While Mo is whining about his hike...

Kelly and Lisa on the red team are whining about Dave. They say that they now have the power, equating Ryan and Dave as their servants. That's a major power shift from 2 weeks ago, when they were at the mercy of the guys. With that, the red team does a food exercise with Jillian in terms of what to have. Jillian reminds them that it's not only about what to eat, it's what portions to eat. Jillian talks about them going after the vegetarian dishes, beans and proteins - and to avoid the carbs like potatoes, coleslaw and sauces. Jillian is happy with what they have learned as they leave to go eat.

That night, the women discuss how far they have gone. They are amazed on what they have learned and they have had boosts in self-esteem. Lisa says that her goal of going to 140-150 is now a reality, while they say that the program can work - to be mentally strong as well as physically strong. They vow to continue to push 100%, and that makes me wonder if we will see a girl power alliance as the game winds down.

GIN the morning, however, the red and blue teams have to go back to their original alliance. Both teams go onto an empty stage for their next challenge. Caroline Rhea is in front of them - and in front of a curtain. As they draw back the curtain, they see a buffet of junk food. Each team will have 30 minutes to create a 'Tower of Temptation'. The team that creates the biggest tower wins. By the way, you can only use your mouth. To the winning team - a trip to COMP USA for $5,000 worth of equipment - each. Nice.

As the challenge begins, Dave, who has a construction background, tells them that they need to build a solid foundation. That seems to work as they get a base down, while the blue team creates a base of shaky rolls. During the competition, the blue teams runs around leaderless while Dave becomes the de facto leader of the red team. The lack of communication costs the blue team, as they are putting stuff on the tower - that falls off and brings other foods with them. With two minutes left, Gary tries to get a lollipop on top of the stack. It's a great idea - but it doesn't work as the lollipop and the cheese attached to it come tumbling down. The red team wins the challenge - and the goodies.

The red team goes to COMP USA as they collect their goodies. They are escorted to he back of the room, where they receive another reward - a video presentation from their loved ones. Kelly's dad, Lisa's family, David's wife and kid and Ryan's wife and brother (who says that he has lost 14 pounds) all tell them how much they love them. David says that they really are a team as they all share some huggy time as the walk off of the viewing center. AwwwwBarf.

The red team thinks that they have a mental edge - and they tell the blue team about the messages from their families. Mo said he was crushed - but it's motivating to work harder. Ryan tries to pour it on by saying that he is thinking about how his team could have done better in terms of winning - but Andrea and Kelly are both getting peeved at him and all Ryan is doing is motivating the other team. Gary gets on him as he calls Ryan an ass and even Dave thinks that Ryan should keep his mouth shut.

The blue team convenes, and after calling Ryan bad names, they look forward to the weigh-in. Ryan says that he is trying to be friendly, as he tries to schmooze with them, and Dave hopes that the girls see how transparent that Ryan is being. The other strategy, of course, would be to just win the weigh-in. After we hear confessionals about how little everyone says they are going to lose. Let's see how they do...

Blue Team -
Gary - from 195-190 = -5 pounds
Kelly Mac - from 194-190 = -4 pounds
Maurice - from 401-400 = -1 pounds
Andrea - from 192-185 = -7 pounds
Total = -17 pounds

Red Team -
Dave - from 225-219 = -6 pounds
Lisa - from 207-205 = -2 pounds
Ryan - from 281-278 = -3 pounds
Kelly - from 211-211 = 0 pounds
Total = -11 pounds
The blue team wins! Andrea is the biggest loser as she is the first female biggest loser. The red team is stunned as Dave, the person who was maligned, was the biggest loser on the team. Gary puts it the best - 'The computer package will be a nice consolation gift for somebody.'

Could anything have changed if Matt was still there? That's what the red team is thinking as they get up the next morning. On the blue side, Andrea and Kelly rejoice as they can finally put on old clothes that fit them - and not have to worry about the drama of elimination.

The red team goes and announce what happens to Jillian, as Dave, who has been at odds with Jillian, has a smug look on his face, saying that his work effort has bit Jillian in the ass. She feels close to them - and she doesn't want to lose any more people. All of the red team wants to stick around, especially Ryan, who knows that he wouldn't be able to do all of this if he was back at home.

Dave is proud with his accomplishments - but he is getting annoyed with Ryan. He complains to the blue team about Ryan, but the people he needs to talk to is Lisa and Kelly. He then talks to Gary and Maurice about his strategy - and then tells them that he has lied on occasion. Uhhh...aren't you proving Ryan's point, Dave?

With Dave's confusing rant out of the way, everyone comes in with their trays as Caroline talks to them. Caroline asks Dave if he has lied. Dave says that the only person who hasn't lied has been...the scale. Heh. Ryan says that his personalities has changed as well, as his emotions have taken control.

With that, we start the voting. Ryan says that the team concept has gotten closer - and one person hasn't been part of the team. That person is...Dave. That's not a surprise - and it's also not a surprise that Dave votes for Ryan. How will the women vote? Will they vote for Ryan because of their alliance with Dave, or will they vote against Dave because they think he's been slacking.

Kelly answers it by saying that they need the strongest team members to be on the team in order to stick around. For that reason, she votes to eliminate...Dave. Everyone expects both women to vote the same, so if that's the case, then Dave is going home. Lisa says that she has to vote off...Dave. So the women do remain unified and Dave is eliminated. Dave's response - 'I guess I bet on the wrong horse.' Ouch.

Ryan looked smug on the vote. Dave said that she supported Lisa and he was surprised. Lisa says that she did - but he stopped working and the team can't to lose any more people. With that, Dave leaves. He says that he will miss the place and he starts tearing up. Well, if only you had that attitude in front of everyone else, then you will still be there. Dave says that he will lose 185 pounds before the show is over - and will match the $250,000 if he isn't at that weight. So far, he has lost 19 pounds - only 15 more to go to make the 185 limit.

Next week - we get more results from people who are no longer off the show - and results from people who are still on the show. Tune in at 9pm - or come back here in 7 days - to see the results.

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