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What happens when you take seven gorgeous but mentally inept women and pair them with seven brilliant but socially awkward geeks? According to this show, "the ultimate social experiment."

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Brian McFayden
Creator: Nick Santora
EP: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, John Foy, Nick Santora
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"Well Oiled Machines" - June 8

Last week we met the teams and bid a quick farewell to Cheryl and Eric. Let's see what happened this geek… I mean week.

We begin the evening with some new realizations. First the Beauties come to the realization that when Erika and Joe return from the elimination room, that Cheryl and Eric who lost are gone for good. Ah, the pain of reality TV. In the morning, the Geeks are learning for the first time just how complicated the feminine routine can be. Meanwhile the girls are still baffled over the fact that the Geeks don't go out to party (they party, but probably at Dukes of Hazzard and Trekkie conventions and the like). Regardless, it's challenge time.

This Week's Challenge Learn to handle "Well Oiled Machines"

The Beauties will be learning the art of automobile maintenance, while the Geeks will be learning the art of massage.

Practice, practice, practice!

Joe is practicing on Erika and it appears that he is trying to give her a rug burn. Either that or he is playing patty cake.

Richard is scared stiff of having to touch a woman. With the very tips of his fingers he grazes Mindi's back forcing her to command him to grab her shoulders. After Richard's sad second attempt, Mindi switches positions and decides to teach by example. Unfortunately, using minimal force, Mindi injures Richard's shoulders, (not really, just enough to make him whine) brining an end to a depressing massage session.

Lauren has a much better teacher in that Bill being the VP of the "Dukes of Hazzard" fan club, has a lot of stored up automobile knowledge. However, I am sure Bill wishes he had a better student when Lauren thought the jack weighed 2 and a half tons, literally. Let's hope for her sake that she isn't tested on that.

At the auto challenge, things are made a little clearer. The girls will have to pop the hood, change the oil filter, and change the tire, honking the horn of the car to complete the challenge. The first one done gets to send one team to the elimination room.

As for the Highlights, Lauren, Caitlin and Scarlet all moved along rather smoothly. The lowlights included Mindi needing 25 minutes to pop the hood. Scarlet took herself out of contention when she twisted the lug nuts backwards making them extremely difficult to remove. In the end it was Caitlin who conquered all, giving she and Chuck half the decision for the elimination

Bring on the massages. The girls all stripped down to bikinis and donned blindfolds and earplugs. One by one, the geeks rubdown the ladies only stopping to be rated secretly by the beauties. Now to answer the mandatory questions. Yes, the geeks were excited. Yes, the beauties were, at first, creeped out. Yes, Shawn almost broke a few girls' backs. And surprisingly, yes, the guys did a decent job overall. In the end the neurology doctor, Chuck, won out finishing the sweep his partner Caitlin started on the car. So, Caitlin and Chuck will together determine both couples sent to the elimination room.

Back in the mansion, Richard starts a wacky run of campaigning for an alliance. In fact, his sign says, I want to form an Alliance. Nothing I say should be taken seriously." He figures that the best way to keep himself here is to kiss Chuck's butt. Chuck seems more aggravated by his antics and even tells Scarlet sitting beside him to stop laughing because it encourages him. Yeesh.

In deliberations, Chuck angers Caitlin by not playing the game. He doesn't want to be mean and pick on anyone. Meanwhile Caitlin is trying to figure out who the biggest opponents are. Looks like the beauty has flipped the script.

But wait, when it comes time to announce names, Caitlin's tears flow when she names Erika and Joe. Worse yet, Erika's tears flow when Chuck calls out Brad and Krystal. This means the budding romance between Brad and Erika will end tonight.

Tears seem to be the theme as Erika cries realizing that she has been shallow in the past and had picked guys solely on their looks finding them later to be jerks. She thinks she has a great guy in Brad and hopes they meet again. Brad meanwhile plays the gentleman and tells her that he couldn't study because he was transfixed on her. (Lie, but kind) This genuinely is one of the more touching moment you will ever see on reality TV, so enjoy it, because after the quiz it's all over.

And now the biggest surprise of the series. The girls went 6 for 6 on their questions on car repair. Given the average difficulty ranged around, "What type of nuts did you loosen from the tires in the earlier challenge?" Still, Krystal earned her last point knowing that the "V" word that describes the thickness of oil is viscous (viscosity).

Massage trivia up next. All the pressure was on the guys and Joe missed first not knowing the name of the sponge used to remove dead skin (Correct Answer: loofa). Ahead a point, Brad gave up his advantage not knowing what technique literally means "finger pressure" His guess of acupuncture was off the mark (Correct Answer: Shiatsu).
With 2 questions remaining, Joe made a fatal mistake not knowing the name of the practice of using the thumbs to activate specific point in the hands and feet. That gave Brad the chance to win, and with an easy question on aromatherapy, he did.

In the end, there were hugs, kisses and tears. This is probably one of the few times you have to genuinely feel the contestants are sorry to see each other go. Erika and Joe may be the second casualties of the game, but I don't think their competitors will forget them very soon.

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