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What happens when you take seven gorgeous but mentally inept women and pair them with seven brilliant but socially awkward geeks? According to this show, "the ultimate social experiment."

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Brian McFayden
Creator: Ashton Kutcher
EP: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, John Foy, Nick Santora
Packager: Katalyst Films, 3 Ball Productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the WB

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"When Worlds Collide" - June 1

Welcome to the show where high culture and pop culture collide, Beauty and the Geek! Bet you thought you'd never hear that one. Seeing as this is a brand new show, here's a rundown of the concept. Seven brainless but beautiful girls will be paired with seven brainy but botched up boys to see who is the best at rubbing off on each other. This show is on the WB, so unlike MTV, when I say rubbing off on each other, I am not being overtly sexual. (Wait, never mind) The girls have to teach the guys social skills while the guys need to impart to the ladies the cold hard intellectual facts. The team that does this the best will win $250,000.

Team Selections:
To start out the team selections, our wonderful host Brian McFayden (C-Note: Nice to know that, even after Superstar USA, the kid can still find work), lets us know that one of the guys will have to present himself to the girls and then a girl will choose him and vice-versa. First up is Chuck, boldly going where no man has gone before, to the glory land of the pretty, pretty princesses. Upon walking into their room, Chuck is stunned by the women's appearances and can barely get a word out. After picking his jaw up from the floor, he explains that he thinks that he would be a good partner because at the hospital he is very good at simplifying that which is very complicated. With that said, Chuck left the room to allow the girls to deliberate.

The girls who seemed to unanimously love Chuck sent Caitlin out to be his partner. As simple as that, we have team number 1.

After sitting, not knowing what to do (major foreshadowing here folks) the girls remembered that they had to send someone over to see the geeks. I personally, have never seen women call "not it" so fast, but Krystal, our Philly 76ers dancer stepped up to the plate. As for selling herself to the guys, Krystal told them that she was from Philly and that she was a dancer for the 76ers. In what must have taken Krystal a lot of thought, she sold herself by telling the guys that she was from Philly and that she was a dancer for the 76ers. Brad decided that he could work with her and we have team numero dos.

Next up king of the geeks Richard, who looks like he walked right out of a pocket protector ad. The Jersey boy stood akimbo and made a classic fool of himself simply stating that he could teach the girls a lot of things. The girls responded, not surprisingly that Richard had a lot of personality (…and we of geekdom know what that means). Yet a brave Mindi emerged from the curtain giving us pairing number 3. In Mindi's own words, Richard is the "white Urkel"

Now just so you know there is an advantage to picking your partner early. Teams can scour the mansion for their bedrooms as soon as their team is complete. In fact, after Mindi and Richard were teamed up Richard ran around looking for a room with only one bed. Mind you, this is the man who has never kissed a girl. Mindi, who was up for Richard's shenanigans told him that she would have to spoon him later. Unfortunately, Richard's G-rated mind did not understand what she meant.

Back to the matchmaking. Salsa dance Scarlet paired up with Shawn. Joe, who tutors elementary school children and makes short films was joined by Erika, the life-sized Barbie model (No, I didn't make that up). Lauren, the valley girl/lingerie model was chosen by Bill. Finally, Eric and Cheryl take the easy way out waiting for the table scraps.

The Teams:
Caitilin and Chuck: Fashion expert and Med student
Krystal and Brad: NBA dancer and Mensa member
Mindi and Richard: Sorority girl and Has never kissed a girl
Scarlet and Shawn: Beer spokesmodel and Asst. Boy Scout master
Erika and Joe: Barbie model and Has never been on a date
Lauren and Bill: Lingerie model and Vice President, "Dukes of Hazzard" fan club
Cheryl and Eric: Cocktail Waitress and Computer programmer

It's Challenge time!
Brian McFayden tells the teams that they will be heading back to 5th grade. The girls will be tested on their knowledge while the guys will have to relive that first junior high social in a dance competition. More importantly the teams have been told that the winner will get the right to send any team they want to the elimination room. There's only one night to prepare and the stakes have been raised so let's go!

But first, can someone take care of Chuck's nosebleed. Apparently Chuck is so nervous he is bleeding his brains out. That won't prevent him from confusing Caitlin with words like hypertension though.

Upstairs studying, Erika has a dumb blonde (or at least peroxide blonde) moment with Joe. He told Erika that D-Day occurred in 1942 to which Erika stated, "1942 was when Columbus sailed the ocean blue." Now seeing as this is a reality show I shouldn't be concerned with correct answers, but considering that the geek was ALSO wrong let me just do my part to help educate the youth of America by telling you that D-Day, the invasion of Normandy during World War II, occurred in 1944.

Now for the war of left foot vs. left foot. It's not pretty folks. Insert stereotypical nerds dancing here. Watch Richard get horny thinking about the intimacy of dancing. Watch Mindi express her fears that Richard's dancing will get them eliminated. For now though the beauties and the geeks will sleep, for tomorrow bring competition day.

Challenge #1: Pop Quiz
The next day, the beauties are greeted by a packed auditorium and a quiz, spelling bee style. Correct answers keep you in while wrong answers eliminate your team. Remember, the winning team gets to send a team to the elimination room. Let's begin.

Lauren please spell "tattoo."

*insert flashback of Lauren studying the word on a flash card saying ooh this is so easy*

Lauren: tattoo… T-A-T-O-O .. tattoo. Someone ring the gong. 1 down, 5 to go.

Next category, Geography. Cheryl correctly answered that the U.S. has 50 states. While, Caitlin didn't know what state was w\east of West Virginia. Caitlin guessed Massachusetts

For those of you who are Jeopardy freaks out there, yes I have a problem with this. Even though it is obvious what answer they wanted, Caitlin did give a state that was east of West Virginia. Squabbling can be taken to a message board somewhere, write letters to the WB, I don't care.

Krystal fell next by answering that South Dakota was further south than North Carolina. Then in a non-patriotic moment, Krystal informs us that she doesn't care about the states because they are not important to her. Someone, please, knock some sense into her.

Scarlet could only name New Mexico when asked to name 3 states with the word "New" in them.

Cheryl misspelled calendar, C-A-L-E-N-D-E-R.

Erika didn't realize that when she was asked for the state capital of New England that it was a trick question (mind you, she gave no answer though which in some ways may be considered right).

This all left one question between Mindi and winning. What state ahs the abbreviation IA? With a confident answer of Iowa, Mindi won for her and Richard and Richard promptly kissed Mindi's feet.

Challenge #2: Dance Off
On to the dance off where there was really no contest. Richard stole the show flailing like an imbecile winning 35% of the vote. This means that Richard and Mindi will get to pick both teams going into the elimination room. The moment of the competition though came when Chuck's nosebleed returned mid dance. Caitlin showed a considerable amount of care and consideration, letting us all have a warm and fuzzy moment.

Back at the House:
Everyone drank champagne and hung out in the hot tub. 2 hours later, Erika is crawling into Brad's bed and ladies and gentlemen we have our first hookup. I wonder how her partner Joe will feel about this. One word. Hurt. Joe feels just like he did in high school, where the girls he liked would end up with other guys. This wouldn't be the worst thing he would have to deal with though as Richard and Mindi selected Joe and Erika to battle against Cheryl and Eric in the elimination room.

Elimination Challenge
In the elimination room, the teams are the similar subject matter to their challenges. The girls will be tested on history and politics while the Guys will be tested on popular music. Each player will receive 3 questions on their topic and the team with the lowest score goes home. After a brief cram session, the ladies are up first. The guys get to watch the proceedings in a viewing room across the hall

Cheryl gets to pick from the 6 questions on the girls' board and selects question 2: In the 2000 election who was Al Gore's running mate? Without a response, Cheryl misses a chance to score. Joe Lieberman would have been worth a point.

Erika goes with question 3: What president is on a $1 bill. Wait, a money question? I thought this was supposed to be about history and politics? Erika answers George Washington and takes the lead, 1-0

Cheryl goes for 4: Who is the Prime Minister of England? Guess: Robinson - Correct Answer Tony Blair. Cheryl's still down a point.

Erika takes number 1: In American Politics, which party is represented by a donkey? Erika answer quickly again with Democrat and increases the lead to 2-0

Cheryl tries to redeem herself with question 5: Who was the U.S. president during the Civil War? A guess of Hoover sends her team reeling as they are scoreless. (Correct answer: Lincoln)

Fortunately, Erika missed the last question thinking Bush was a Governor of Arkansas, not Clinton, leaving the score 2-0.

Now in the words of Will Smith… SWITCH ooh la la laaaa.

Joe starts off strong knowing 50 Cent sang "In Da Club."

The pressure is on Eric as a missed answer will guarantee his team a loss. As if Eric wouldn't know Britney Spears was the schoolgirl who sand "Baby One More Time". He knew. The score is now 3-1

Joe thought that "Like a Virgin" was the name of a Madonna song a dance and a magazine and thus was wrong. Vogue would have locked the game, so instead Eric gets another shot.

Knowing that "Saturday Night Fever" was the film that explored night club discos in 1977, Eric made this a real game closing the gap 3-2.

What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold. Joe nailed Outkast as the artist of "Hey Ya" and sent Eric and Cheryl packing. That folks is the end of the premier of Beauty and the Geeks. It might be more of a game and less of a romance than was expected, but with Street Smarts gone this may just do the trick. See you next week.

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