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The people who turned seven ordinary Americans into American Idols are looking to discover the next great band.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Dominic Bowden
Judges: Ian "Dicko" Dickson, Sheila E., John Rzeznik
Creator: Simon Fuller
EP: Nigel Lythgoe, Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
Packager: 19 Entertainment, FremantleMedia North America
Origin: Bob Barker Studio, CBS Television City, Los Angeles


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Round of 4
December 7

It was the final show for Tres Bien!, as they didn’t get to perform a Rod Stewart song. Now only four bands remain in the hunt for your votes. Who will Rock You with Queen, and who is going to end up hearing a bunch of Radio Ga-Ga?

On top of that, the bands will also be performing an original song.

Quick reminder: a band's performance order doesn't mean anything in regards to who got the most votes. If they play first, it doesn't necessarily mean they came in first. And speaking of firsts, time to see who's first to the stage...

... The Clark Brothers! Back home, everyone had a dog and a truck. It’s hard to blend in with a guitar, a mandolin, and a Dobro. They’re starting with “These Are The Days of Our Lives”. John calls it amazing to watch, now they can take their place in the front with the two additional band members. Sheila agrees. Dicko is impressed with Ashley as a frontman.

In the Garnier Green room, Sixwire describes their style as guitars... vocals... and more guitars... They won’t go up yet, because it’s time for Light of Doom. Hollywood’s pretty cool for these kids, who love to visit the sights, but not before homework is done. They try out “We Will Rock You”. John didn’t think that the song was very well thought out. Can’t throw a song out there and just do it. Sheila agrees. The guitar was loud and as a unit, they didn’t come together. Dicko thought it was a bit dumb.

Okay, NOW to Sixwire. Andy misses his kids. John misses his wife. Steve is just ready to go home... not too soon, though. They sing “Dominic’s favorite Queen song”, “Fat Bottomed Girls”. John saw a lot of awesome things come together there. Sheila loved the power arrangement. Chuck was in the pocket at a drummer. Dicko says that they found their inner naughty boys.

That leaves two bands, Dot Dot Dot and DMHO. One of them is about to take the stage. That one... is... Denver & the Mile High Orchestra! Unfortunately, Dot Dot Dot went bye bye bye. So what does Denver think of their new life in Hollywood? They... don’t fit in. Jeff’s big question in Hollywood: “Do you go to church” instead of “Where do you go to church” back in Nashville. They’re going to close out the half with “Sleepin’ on the Sidewalk.” John thought that it was a great version. Sheila loves the whole package, but if you’re going to play the trumpet, choreograph it. Dicko says presentation is everything.

Time for the top 4 to return, starting with the Clark Brothers and their original song, “Homestead”. John says that songwriting, arranging, and performing was really great. Sheila says that this is their lives. Dicko says that they don’t disappoint, but he thought it was a crap song. “Those lyrics were bog standard country 101.”

Next, with “A Matter of Time” is Light of Doom. John doesn’t hear a big hook in that song. Sheila says that they have a long way to go, but they have a good start. John adds that they’re hearing a lot of their influences, but none of you. Dicko wasn’t hearing anything flash. They need to get an acoustic to work on song structures.

Back on stage is Sixwire and “Go On”. John says it’s a hit. Sheila says it’s an amazing song. “We want it out now.” Dicko: “Brilliant heartache. Well done.”

Closing the show tonight is a DMHO original, “Big White House”. John thought the song was pretty cool and had a bit of grease on it. Sheila calls it powerful and energetic, but there’s no hook (C-Note: I heard a hook). Dicko thought Denver sang a good angry lyric, but he needed to hear a hit.

So here’s where we stand...

Headliners: Clark Brothers, Sixwire
Opening Act: Denver & the Mile High Orchestra
Six-string Crybabies: Light of Doom

One more band goes home before the other three play for a contract. Who’s going to win it? The big final performances next time.