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October 19

October 26

The people who turned seven ordinary Americans into American Idols are looking to discover the next great band.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Dominic Bowden
Judges: Ian "Dicko" Dickson, Sheila E., John Rzeznik
Creator: Simon Fuller
EP: Nigel Lythgoe, Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
Packager: 19 Entertainment, FremantleMedia North America
Origin: Bob Barker Studio, CBS Television City, Los Angeles


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Round of 10
November 2

Last time, 12 bands were invited back to compete for your votes. Tonight, two of them will be sent home, and the other ten will continue to fight it out.

First off, John, in defense of his critiques last week, says that everyone's entitled to their wrong opinions. Ha. Dicko says that it's about connecting with the American public. He's not going to even bother picking it.

Tonight's theme, Sir Elton John & Bernie Taupin, two men, an endless stream of hits, never met face to face. Not only that, the bands will be singing another original.

Now to legal: a band's performance order doesn't mean anything in regards to who got the most votes. If they play first, it doesn't necessarily mean they came in first. So let's put one band out of their misery.

First band playing tonight... Sixwire! They got their name from a guitar. Their original name were "The Remnants", but there were five bands already with that name. Their original is "Got to Get Away". Their Elton John/Bernie Taupin song tonight is "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me". John loves this band, calling them "dominating". Sheila says that they've been very consistent. She's honored to be a part of this, calling them "a warm blanket." Dicko thinks that they're a bonus. He wants to hear the full version of the original. He also praises Andy for being more of the frontman.

Next band to perform...  It's Très Bien!! They were originally called "Touring Main." They were going for that name, but it was the name of another band. The frontman was taking French at the time and kept hearing "Très Bien!" (Very good!). It rolls off the tongue. Their first number is called "How I Feel". Then the theme number comes, "Love Lies Bleeding". John thinks the original is a strong arrangement, like 60s punk garage. They also killed (in a good way) the Elton John song. Sheila liked that the front performed the original without the guitar as well. Dicko really hopes the 60s throwbacks make it. But he warns: "Don't steal from the Yardbirds too much, because they will get cross." Focus on musicianship.

Third up to the stage... Franklin Bridge! Named for the Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. They aim to bridge the gap between rock and R&B. The Bridge sings "Love's Fool" first. Then comes the theme number, and obviously... they go with "Philadelphia Freedom." John wanted to hear the original. "It's unfair because it is television. I wanted to hear the whole song because it was good." Sheila thinks it's incredible, but says that "less is more". Dicko thinks they're awesome, but they overarranged the Elton John number. They don't need to do that. Curt says the ladies love it.

Fifi Larue is in the house, the Gothic Killer Clown. Don't worry, folks. He's not performing. But who is? Nine bands left... Seven spots... #4 goes to... the Clark Brothers! They've been trying to think of something to call their band, until "does the Clark Brothers sound too hokey?" They open with "Country Time". And they end with "Country Comfort". So they're going for a micro-theme here. Always a good gambit to play. John likes the original's hook. The Elton John song was cool as well. Sheila says the vocals were good and it was good to hear versatility. Dicko was pleased to hear a laid-back song. The original was great, a perfect window to their soul. Stoked to have'em.

Time for the fifth band to perform. It's ... going... to... be... Light of Doom! Their name... no meaning. Their first song is called... "Light of Doom." They then break out into "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting". And if I can just say... They are WAY TOO GREEN to take on an undertaking like this. It's like they don't take ANY of this seriously. The judges... seem to differ with me. John says they get better with every performance. Sheila says they rocked. Dicko... "I still think it's all a bit weird. I can't help but think that you're some weird viral marketing campaign for some 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner." It feels like a gimmick. Well at least they have their shirts on.

We're halfway home. Next band up... Dot Dot Dot! One of the lead singer's students had a band called Dot Dot Dot. And the original Dot Dot Dot broke up, leaving the new Dot Dot Dot to perform. The first song is called "Stay". The second... "Your Song". John says they were awesome. Sheila thought they stepped it up, but they have to focus on vocals. She's a little bit afraid. Dicko wanted them gone the first week, but Adam needs to tone it down a bit.

Four spots left, the first of them goes... to Cliff Wagner & the Old #7, named after the mule in "Grizzly Adams"... or the Jack Daniels drink. Depends on who you ask. They start up with a song dedicated to Britney and her first husband, called "The Little White Chapel on the Strip." They then go into "Honky Cat". John calls them the "funnest band in the competition". Sheila was going to say what John said. She likes that their songs have endings. Dicko: "I had no idea that rednecks could be fun."

Five bands, three spots. It's time for... The Muggs! They got their name from Danny and Tony calling each other "Mugg". Dedicated to the late great Howie Wolf, their first song is "Should've Learned My Lesson." They then "Muggsify" "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues". Danny's so nasal, it's insane. Judges? John thought that the original was amazing. The Elton John song... a very poor choice. Sheila thought they were great instrumentally, but they can't cut it vocally. They can't play in keys that they can sing in. Dicko calls it "Bart Simpson on helium." He wants a new singer.

Down to the last two bands. The first of them... Rocket! Something that came out of Lauren R.'s head. Seriously. First up, "Future Ex-Boyfriend". Second... the obvious choice for this band... "Rocket Man". John thinks that the audience was won over. The arrangement... not so much. The band plays great together, though. But he thinks that Lauren needs to command the stage with her voice.  Sheila thinks that they're marketable, but not vocally sound. "They're horrific. They're awful." Lauren says, "I'm not being the best singer, I'm just trying to be who I am." John adds that they're lacking conviction. Dicko says that it's going to get tougher. She's going to have to stop singing at the top of her throat. "Get in the moment and be convincing. I'm glad you got through, but I'm not going to patronize you."

And it all comes down to this. Three bands left. Two of them received the lowest number of votes and are going home tonight. The third will take the stage. We're down to the Hatch, Denver & the Mile High Orchestra, and the Likes of You... John thinks it's the Likes of You. Sheila thinks it's Denver. Dicko goes with the Hatch. Two judges are going to be disappointed.

America wants to see more of... Denver & the Mile High Orchestra! Which means the Hatch and the Likes of You are going home. Back to Denver and his crew, though. They're NOT from Denver. "Josh, that's the dumbest name I've heard in my life." But it stuck. They open their set with "All Night". They close the show with "I'm Still Standing". John: "Let's just say good night. That was amazing." Sheila likes the arrangement. Dicko says to be careful of being off beat.

So to recap...

Headliners: Franklin Bridge, Sixwire, Clark Bros., Cliff Wagner & the Old #7, Denver & the Mile High Orchestra
Opening Acts: Très Bien!!, Dot Dot Dot
Tending Bar: Light of Doom, The Muggs, Rocket

But that's just what we think. It's all about you. Remember, two of these bands will NOT play next week. What did your votes do? We'll find out next time.