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The people who turned seven ordinary Americans into American Idols are looking to discover the next great band.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Dominic Bowden
Judges: Ian "Dicko" Dickson, Sheila E., John Rzeznik
Creator: Simon Fuller
EP: Nigel Lythgoe, Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
Packager: 19 Entertainment, FremantleMedia North America
Origin: Bob Barker Studio, CBS Television City, Los Angeles


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Round of 6
November 23

Last time, eight bands came with the music of Leiber & Stoller ready to play, but Franklin Bridge was not invited to the show. Now seven bands remain expecting to play the Stones, but for one of them comes no "Satisfaction."

Quick reminder: a band's performance order doesn't mean anything in regards to who got the most votes. If they play first, it doesn't necessarily mean they came in first.

And speaking of firsts, the first to take the stage on this edition of TNGAB... Taking on Mick Jagger and Keith Richards... Tres Bien!! Mikey is a fan of hip-hop. Crowe likes to pick out his hair. Cody is half-man, half machine (he has a titanium jaw). Their number tonight is "Get Off of My Cloud." They nailed it until the chorus, when it kinda fell out. John loves it. It was a great song for them. The only thing "You lost me with the little key modulation." Sheila wasn't sure that they were going to sing this week, but the guitar was a little out of tune. Mikey was one of the most gifted frontmen in this competition, but the Satisfaction riff and the key change took from it sayeth the Australian judge.

Next to the stage... is... Denver & the Mile High Orchestra! Denver can do impressions. Donald Duck... Aaron Neville... and Donald Duck. Jeff on keys talks with his hands. Jared likes to walk around not being "fully clothed." Today, DMHO take on "I'm Free". It needs more sauce. Seriously. John though the horns were great, but it was too squeaky clean. Denver defends their uniqueness. Sheila... finally gets to talk. They come every week with something, and that the song is a literal "kiss-off" to every detractor. Including Johnny. Dicko: "Variety good... for B-sides. Not to win this competition." This was, for the third week in a row, not the white-knuckle ride that we were expecting.

Number three on our hit-and-miss parade... is... Sixwire! Chuck was the drummer for Englebert Humperdinck. Robb is a closet Trekkie. Andy Childs can imitate everyone... including Elvis and Bill Clinton. Hopefully this won't be "The Last Time" on the show... but it will be "The Last Time" on stage tonight. They change it up again. Very diverse, this band is. John thought it was intense. "That song is yours now." Sheila says it was "incredible", calling for an encore. Dicko: "At last some masculinity."

Halfway out... Let's get #4 on the stage... Light of Doom! Mitchell wants to be a SWAT officer. Dillon used to race motorbikes. Eric is a sax man. Daniel is a freestyle walker. Will they walk out of here, or will they jump... like "Jumping Jack Flash"? Once again, I don't think they have the pipes to pull something like that off, but let's see what the judges say. John says they rock so hard, but that song could've used some harmony. Sheila agreed, saying that it was a little bit too low for them. Dicko saw it a bit more of a lilt, adding some sensitivity. "Read up on them, and all the stuff Keith Richards done? Don't go there."

Two spots left on the ticket. One of them... The Clark Brothers! Ashley is a dad. Austin is a real estate agent. Adam likes puzzles and games. Tonight, they hope to be on their game with "Gimme Shelter". A welcome change is that they brought out the electric Flying V to help them out. The judges all give them standing Os. Johnny says that they read into the subtext of the lyrics and gave them a positive subtext. Sheila calls them the band to beat. Dicko prays that they come on stage again. They built the tension. "You turned it into blind panic."

One more band left... Is it going to be Dot Dot Dot... Is it going to be Cliff Wagner & the Old #7? Who stays and plays? Who pays and gets slayed?

America voted... for Dot Dot Dot! Cliff has to take the Old #7 back out to pasture. John? "I'm going to miss their sense of humor and their chemistry. If Cliff Wagner & the Old #7, go on the web, go to MySpace and all that, keep supporting this band. Keep this band alive!" Dicko? "This is a numbers game. Someone's going to leave. First, thanks to the band for bringing us some variety. Does this give you a real appetite?" They have some new ideas to take from all of this.

Back to Dot Dot Dot, though.  Adam actually started as a drummer. Lisa used to be a professional mountain bike racer. Michael has a duck fetish. Rose is from Guam. Stephan's dots on his face... from a Sharpie. "Cliff Wagner, we love you." They close the show with "Let's Spend the Night Together". John keeps getting surprised, and Rose rocks the guitar. Sheila thought it was a good song choice. Dicko gives it a B-minus. They could've had it with the piano instead of the guitar. Adam still needs to come to the forefront.

So to recap...

Headliners: Sixwire, Clark Bros.
Opening Acts: Tres Bien!, Dot Dot Dot
Tending Bar: Denver & the Mile High Orchestra, Light of Doom

But that's just what we think. It's all about you. Remember, one of these bands will NOT play next week. What did your votes do? We're down to five next time.