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The coolest pool hustlers from all over the country take to the GSN stages for their new nine-ball game show.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Sal Masekela
Ewa Mataya Laurance

Rack Girl:
Adrienne Curry
EP: Rob Rollins Lobl, Sam Sokolow, John Hermansen, Michael Binkow
Packager: SokoLobl Entertainment for GSN Originals
Origin: Tribune Studios; Hollywood, CA
Airs: Mondays at 10p ET on GSN

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"Gary/Laurie/Chuck/Tina" - August 8

We have our second straight civilian episode! Whoa! Let's see who we got this week...

Gary Carter (No, Not the baseball player - Basketball Coach, OH) - If you ever wanted to know what Shaquille O'Neal would look like in 20 years, now you know.

Laurie Wagner (Graphic Designer, PA) - wavy black hair and glasses. This is pretty much what you'd expect a graphic designer to look like - except that she has plump...err...assets =)

Chuck Jacques (Carpenter, OR) - He's tall, lanky and jock-like. The first jock won it. The second one got an early exit. How will he fare?

Tina Pawloski (Car Dealership Manager, KY) - She's got long flowing brown hair and is fair-skinned. Can we see another all-women final?

ADRIANNE CURRY moment - She doesn't even say anything this time. She just twirls and walks to the back. Awwwww.

ROUND 1 - GAME 1 - The women gang up on each other early as Tina (who was an Alaskan Fisherman) challenges Laurie (who is a WPBA member. Go Laurie!) for $ 2,000. Gary puts $1,000 on Laurie while Chuck puts $1,000 on Tina. With lots of money at stake, Tina goes for the opening break - and gets nothing. Laurie gets the 1 and 2 and Ewa is wondering, with an open table, that Laurie can run the table. She doesn't do that, but she does combo the 3 to the 9 for the quick game. Ewa didn't see it coming and Tina has her mouth agape. Laurie says that she's a hustler. Apparently so, and Gary will hustle his grand as well.

Laurie - $7,000
Gary - $6,000
Chuck - $4,000
Tina - $3,000

Laurie wants Chuck next for $1,500. Chuck bounces it up to $2,000 and Laurie is more than happy to take it. Chuck says that the strategy is to try his best - but adds that he loses a lot. This may not be the best time to figure out what your game is, Chuck. Tina likes him though, she goes for $1,000. Gary cute the bet to $500, and after some trash talking by the lady, TIna accepts it.

As for the game itself? GAME 2 - Laurie, on the break, gets the 1, the 2, AND the 3. That's the first time that 3 balls have gone in on the break. She misses the 4, but Chuck doesn't, and continues with the 5 and 6. Ewa wonders if he is setting his shot up too fast and if that can haunt him. She seems to be on, as he is a little reckless with the 8. Laurie banks the 8 in and the 9 goes in the side pocket next. Laurie has now made $4,000 in game action and Gary has made $1,500 in side action.

Laurie - $9,000
Gary - $6,500
Tina - $2,500
Chuck - $2,000

ROUND 1 - GAME 3 - The only game left is Laurie Vs. Gary. We see another $2,000 between them, $500 between Tina and Chuck (Tina saying that Laurie will win) and another $500 between Tina and Gary (also with Tina saying that Laurie will win). We see a volley of Laurie and Gary going back and forth. Laurie is left with another 3-9 combo. Chuck bets $500 that she can't make it. She takes it...and misses, leaving $500 for Chuck.

After a pair of scratches, Laurie gets control and only has 4 balls left. Chuck bets her $1,000 that she can't run the table. Laurie takes the bet, but can't make the run. Tina now makes a $500 run out bet with Gary, and he also can't make the run, so money goes to Tina. Laurie makes an error, so Gary gets the board back, and NOW he finishes the run.

Gary - $8,500
Laurie - $5,500
Chuck - $4,000
Tina - $2,000

Though Chuck did make up some money, he didn't make enough to get out of the bottom two. Chuck and Tina have to play for everything. Laurie (Tina) and Gary (Chuck) have a $1,000 on the side to see who wins this match-up. TIna takes the early control and nails the first 5 balls. She tries to go for the 6-9 combo and the win, but she messes up. Laurie runs a $500 sidebet with Chuck saying that he won't run out. She tries to get into Chuck's head, but that doesn't work. Chuck sinks the balls, sends Tina home, and in doing so, drops Laurie into third.

Gary - $9,500
Chuck - $6,500
Laurie - $4,000
Tina - OUT

Chuck says that with a win, he will take his 3 year old daughter on a shopping spree. Meanwhile, Laurie and Gary will play a shotgun table to determine control of the table. The game is 'Shoot the Moon', where you get points for the number value of any of the 15 pointed balls. You have 60 seconds to get as many points as you can, but you lose 5 points for every scratch. Gary goes first and gets 31 points. Laurie drubs him with a score of 57, meaning that Laurie will control the table.

Laurie wants to play Gary for $3,000. Chuck raises it to $3,500. Chuck forces Laurie to go all-in with a $500 side bet. Laurie makes the first 4 balls, then takes a break as Gary gets ball #5, then takes control back as she hits balls 6 through 8. She calmly sinks the 9 to stave off elimination, and...well look what we have here.

Laurie - $8,000
Gary - $6,000
Chuck - $6,000
Tina - OUT

Laurie has to go after Chuck, and she does. The wager is $3,000, with a $1,000 bet on the side with Gary. Laurie got nothing on the break, and Chuck makes the 1 ball. He tries to combo the 2-9, but he doesn't make it. He does sink the 2 in though, so he keeps control. He then decides to go for the 3-9 combo, and this time, he nails it. That's a huge hit for Laurie, who now has to play the elimination game.

Chuck - $9,000
Gary - $7,000
Laurie - $4,000
Tina - OUT

With that, Gary and Laura have to play each other. The loser has to go find a new pool hall. Gary starts the opening shot and gets nothing. Chuck bets $1,000 that Laurie will win and Gary obliges. Laurie gets the 1 and Gary sinks the 2. Gary calls for the 'sissy stick' (aka the bridge), and hits the 3 and 4, but scratches on the 5. That's enough of a break on Laurie, who sinks the 6, 7, 8 and 9 for the win.

Chuck - $10,000
Laurie - $8,000
Gary - OUT
Tina - OUT
Escrow - $2,000

Now since Laurie went all-in and won, since she was the short stack, she can only double-up. The other $2,000 goes to whoever wins the next Shotgun Game. This game is called 'Railroad'. There are 3 balls on the rail. Whoever uses the least number of strokes to get the balls in will win the event. Chuck elects to go first and nails all of them in only 3 shots. According to the rules, the person who goes second has to do BETTER than the first person, so Laurie has to make three balls in 2 shots. she doesn't come close and Chuck takes control.

Chuck - $12,000
Laurie - $8,000
Gary - OUT
Tina - OUT

Elimination Round 1 - If Chuck wins it, it's all over. If Laurie wins, then CHuck has to win the next two just to force a sudden death tiebreaker. On the break, Chuck makes the 6, the 8...and the cue. Oops. Laurie sinks 5 balls, but leaves the 7 and the 9. Chuck makes the 7, and all that stands in the way is the 9 ball. Chuck shoots and...misses. Laurie does not and she dodges a major bullet.

Laurie - $16,000
Chuck - $4,000
Gary - OUT
Tina - OUT

The game is not over, though. Chuck will have to win 3 in a row, but he can do it. He has to start on this game, but he gets a shot as Laurie can't make anything on the break. Chuck tries for a 1-9 combo for the quick win but can't make it. Laurie makes a 1-6 combo and can now try to seal a 1-9 for the win herself. She can't make it either and Chuck starts to pick off balls. He hits the first 6, but he rushes his shot on the 8 and the table is set up for Laurie beautifully...until she scratches on the 8. Chuck sinks the 9 and this is getting interesting.

Laurie - $12,000
Chuck - $8,000
Gary - OUT
Tina - OUT

A Laurie win gets her $20,000. A Chuck win sets up Sudden Death. Laurie controls the opening break and makes the first 3, but flubs the 4. Chuck makes the 4 and continues through the 8. Only the 9 is left to force a tie-breaker. He makes the 9...but the cue ball GOES IN THE POCKET! A SCRATCH on the 9 BALL! OUCH! The cue and the 9 are set up, and Sal tells Laurie that it's Christmas in July for her. She makes the easy shot and can start to decorate the Christmas tree.

Laurie wins the 20 grand and all Chuck can do is think about how he blew a couple of chances. We'll see in 7 days if anyone else will be drinking from the chalice of regret.

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