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The coolest pool hustlers from all over the country take to the GSN stages for their new nine-ball game show.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Sal Masekela
Ewa Mataya Laurance

Rack Girl:
Adrienne Curry
EP: Rob Rollins Lobl, Sam Sokolow, John Hermansen, Michael Binkow
Packager: SokoLobl Entertainment for GSN Originals
Origin: Tribune Studios; Hollywood, CA
Airs: Mondays at 10p ET on GSN

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"Sidney/Vicki/Chris/Melinda" - August 1

It's back to regular rules of Ballbreakers. Of course, if you tuned in last week for your first time, you don't know what the regular rules are. Hopefully, these 4 people will help us out here.

Sidney Chaklai (Novelty Salesman, NYC) - He looks like a cross between Burgess Meredith, Woody Allen and Yogi Berra. yes, I'm serious.

Vicki Wade (Law Student, The O.C., CA) - She's a long-haired blonde. She's from CA. Can she do what the last blonde didn't and at least last through the first round?

Chris Penry (Entrepreneur, Pinette, TX) - He's the lone twenty-something college guy in the group.

Melinda Huang (Sales Assistant, San Francisco, CA) - She's a long-haired Asian.

The guys have nicknames. Sidney's is 'Sid Vicious'. Chris is 'Dr. Pepper'. I have to go with Chris, obviously. We also get to see our 20 seconds of America's Next Top Model Adrianne Curry, who says hi to her family in Chicago. That's all we'll get from Adrianne in the show.

We start with Round 1. The first player is Melinda Huang, and she challenges Chris for $2,000. Chris said that his highest amount won at a game of pool was $18,000. Vicki wants some of that money, challenging Chris that Vicki will sink more than one ball on the break. Well no one has done that yet on the show and this looks like an easy $1,000 for Chris. It is - she gets nothing on the break. Melinda - 'I broke like a girl'. Ouch.

Chris gets to rag on Melinda as well, while Melinda says that she's going to break Chris's balls. Immediately, Chris misses the 1 and the crowd gets on him. That seemed to fire Melissa up, as she sinks the 1. She combos the 8 and gets the 2 on the rebound. She eggs $1,000 out of Chris that she will make the 3 with the opposite hand. Chris takes her on and Vicki (Yes) and Sidney (No) gets a side bet going for $500. Melinda makes it and the women continue to rack it up.

Melinda - $6,000
Chris - $5,000
Vicki - $4,500
Sidney - $4,500

Melinda continues the run but misses the 6. A Chris muff gives Melinda the ball back. That was fatal for Chris - down goes the 6. Down goes the 7. Down goes the 9. Melinda gets first blood and Chris will be shutting up for a while.

Melinda - $8,000
Vicki - $4,500
Sidney - $4,500
Chris - $3,000

Melinda challenges Sidney for $3,000. She's not fooling around. Neither is Vicki, who gets $500 from Chris on a side bet on Melinda (Vicki - Yes, Chris - no). Melinda scratches on the break. Sidney takes advantage and shoots the first 4 in. He misses the 5, but Melinda shoots it in. She follows with the 6 and she's looking to combo the 7 into the 9 for the win. She gets it and it's more girl power.

Melinda - $11,000
Vicki - $5,000
Chris - $2,500
Sidney - $1,500

The final person to play is Vicki. We have another $3,000 bet on the line. After a series of quick misses, Melinda takes control and hits the first 5. Sidney bets $500 that Melinda will not run the table. Melinda rakes the bet, but she scratches on the 8. That means $500 for Sidney, but it could mean $3,000 for Vicki if she makes the 9. She does, and neither woman has to play in the elimination round.

Vicki - $8,000
Melinda - $7,500
Chris - $2,500
Sidney - $2,000

Unfortunately, Chris and Sidney do have to play, and one of the guys will be going home early. That doesn't mean that the women are just sitting there. Vicki bets Chris $500 that he can't make more than 1 ball on the break. Again, it's a silly bet and this time, $500 of Chris's money goes to Vicki. The crowd is behind Sidney, but he misses the 4 ball. Chris finally shows some signs of why he's on the show, but he misses the game-winning combo and he gives Sidney a combo-making shot of his own. Sidney can't capitalize and Chris gets a second chance. Chris makes the 6 and 7, but leaves the 8 inches away from going in. With the crowd behind him, Sidney goes an 8 ball bank shot, but misses it completely and gives Chris ball-in-hand. That gives Chris 2 easy shots to make and he makes it. Sidney has been viciously eliminated.

Vicki - $8,500
Melinda - $7,500
Chris - $4,000
Sidney - OUT

As the top 2 winners, we play a Pool Game called 'Black Sheep'. IN this game, the black ball is set in the middle of the 8 yellow balls. Whoever gets the black ball quickest in wins. Vicki gets the ball down in a very quick 35 seconds. It only takes Melinda 11 seconds.

Melinda gets control, and she wants to send Chris home. She forces Chris in with a $4,000 bet. Chris accepts it. Melinda decides to break first, and on the opening break...she makes the NINE BALL! That was quick. Melinda wins, Chris is eliminated, and it's an all women's party going into the final round.

Melinda - $11,500
Vicki - $8,500
Chris - OUT
Sidney - OUT

Well, we have some time to kill, so we get to see Melinda and Vicki's mommies! Melinda's mommy is very proud of her daughter, while Melinda's mom, who put a cue stick in her hand when she was 9, is very proud of her. AwwwwBarf.

Enough of that and onto the game. The next Table Game is 'Love Thy Neighbor', where you can only shoot balls in your three pockets of choice. Vicki gets everything in an agonizing 16 tries, and while Melinda didn't dust Vicki off as easily this time, she gets it done in 14 strokes, which gives her control.

Round 3 - Game 1 - Vicki, with her $8,500 is all-in and starts the break. Vicki almost sinks the 9, but she does sink a ball, so she can continue. She hits the 1 and 2, but misses the 3, so Melinda takes over. Melinda make the 3 and 4, but whiffs on the 5 and Vicki takes over. That goes in, and with the 6 and 7 in, she leaves a very easy 8 and 9 shot. The 8 goes in with no problem, and all that's left is a cross the table 9 shot. She MISSES it and Melinda takes over. She ALSO MISSES and Vicki gets the ball back. She doesn't miss and she wins a huge $17,000 pot. This means that Melinda, with only $3,000, must win game #2 and #3 to force sudden death.

Game 2 - Melinda sinks another ball in again, but this time it's the cue ball. Vicki goes for a wild combo and misses, so Melinda gets it back - and she has a combo shot. She makes nothing and Vicki decides to start sinking balls. She gets the first 2, shafts the 3, but gets it back after a Melinda miss. Vicki misses the 5, and with an open table, Melinda gets to work. She scratches on the 7 and Vicki now gets a wide open table. She gets the 7, then the 8 and finally the 9 and Vicki is now $20,000 richer.

Vicki, with her 20 grand, can now get her pool hall. Join us in 7 days to see if we see any pictures of that - or if we see a civilian win another 20 grand.

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