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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

For more information and current standings, visit GSNN's Race Passport.

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions, Touchstone TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00pm ET on CBS

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"If They're Screwing The Helmet To My Head, It Can't Be Good" - September 7


The teams slid, dropped bricks, and the Dating Models (Brandon & Nicole) found shaving heads way too much to handle. That most costs them dearly as they end up in last place, forcing themselves to spend their 12-hour rest break pandering for money. They get some, but will it be enough to keep up with the Joneses (or the McAllisters or the Frenches or the Guinn-Woodses or the Heins-Ruizes)?

Once again, Colin & Christie are off and running first at 2:35am.

Fly over 7,000 miles to Auckland, New Zealand, and drive an additional 200 miles to the town of Rotorua to find the Rotorua Museum to get their next clue. You will have to arrange to buy tickets from a nearby travel agency due to local travel laws. Four teams will have $45 for this leg of the Race; one team will have no money.

Team Type A are like kids on Christmas Day at the prospect of flying to Phil Keoghan's home turf. "Obviously, it's a great morale boost to come in first, but Colin and I need to work on being okay if things are not going perfectly. If we can learn to do that, we'll be a lot more successful." Easier said than done, Christie. Two minutes later, Chip & Kim are off, still with the mission of helping along the destruction of Team Type A.

The two teams' taxis meet en route to the travel agency, which serves as an equalizer, due to the fact that it did not open until 7am local time. They are able to secure flights to Auckland via Bangkok, scheduled to touch down at 11:35am. Unfortunately there was only one spot on that flight, and by virtue of being first, Type A snag that one. Chip & Kim will have to make do with a flight touching down at 11:55am.

Meanwhile, at 3:25am, the Bowling Moms Linda & Karen begin their leg with the same mission. Due to the hours, they too make their flight on time, albeit at 12:20pm, but they will have to find a way to get to Auckland from Bangkok on their own.

At 4:38am, the Twins Kami & Karli take off for the airport. "Twins do not always get along. Kami and I are so much alike. When one thing bothers her, it bothers me, too. To finish in the top, we need to stay calm and get along with one another." There's only one hope to catch the other teams, and that's by booking their flight over the phone, but it isn't as simple as Orbitz, I'm afraid. They do arrive in Bangkok with the other teams in wait, but try to talk their way onto a flight by saying that they have reservations when they obviously didn't.  So much for that plan. 

Finally, at 6:07am, Brandon & Nicole's pandering time ends, and the leg begins. They do catch up with the others' flights to Bangkok, where the Dating Models book a flight identical to the Married Parents, leaving the Bowling Moms to land in Auckland at 12:20pm.


Meanwhile, Kami & Karli try (and beg and plead and pray) to get on the route to Sydney with Type A and the 'Rents, barely making the flight. From Sydney, the twins secured a Qantas flight scheduled to arrive at 12:15pm, two hours earlier than their original flight and five minutes ahead of now last-place Linda & Karen.


Landing in Auckland first, Colin & Christie began the drive to Rotorua in search of the Rotorua Museum by quickly finding Route One, a direct route there. They get a bit lost, but it isn't enough to deter them for long. Same case for Brandon & Nicole, but Chip & Kim became lost, allowing the more focused Bowling Moms to pull ahead of them. Kami & Karli, like Chip & Kim, became lost and slipped to the back of the pack as all Teams headed to Rotorua, so now it's an early battle to avoid being last.


Finding the Rotorua Museum first, this greets Colin & Christie:

There is only one yield on each leg of the race. The team that uses it may force another team that's behind them to stop racing for a predetermined amount of time, even as other teams may pass them. However, teams can exercise their yield power only once during the course of the race, so they have to decide when it's in their best interest to use it. Any team that's been forced to yield must turn this hourglass upside down and wait for the sand to run out before they continue on.

Once again, Colin & Christie don't want to win dirty, so they decide not to use the Yield. Instead, they get this:

DETOUR: Clean or Dirty
CLEAN: Drive yourself 13 miles to Okere Falls and perform a New Zealand adventure sport called sledging. With the help of two river guides, they must ride down a one-mile whitewater river course with only a small board, called a sledge, for protection. Upon completion, the river guides will give you the next clue.
DIRTY: Drive yourself 10 miles to Hell's Gate and search for your clue buried in a large mud pool.

Colin & Christie determine that Clean would be faster, so it's off to Okere Falls we go.

On the way there, something shocking happens... The Type A-ers get lost. Wait, I'm getting to the shocking part. Colin asks for the map at an intersection, defiant that they are not lost. Well, sure enough... they are. But that's not shocking. This is. Colin to Christie: "I’m sorry. I was wrong."


Next up, Linda & Karen take the route to sledge, making sure that north was north and south was south and all was right with the world. Brandon & Nicole on the other hand decide that they haven't had mud facials in a while, taking the Dirty route. Meanwhile, Colin & Christie begin their descent into madness. It starts out easy, but gets progressively harder as they reach several waterfalls, including one that is supposedly the highest one can sledge.

Colin on the sledge: "Whee!"

Christie on the sledge: "Whoaaah!"

Clue given by the river guides:

Drive yourself 20 miles to Mataparra Farms. Once there, find the route marker to retrieve your next clue.

Meanwhile, the time at Hell's Gate is quite literally hell on Brandon & Nicole as they dig around for the clue for what seems like ages. Over in Rotorua, the Twins & the 'Rents arrive almost simultaneously at the Yield. Chip is thinking about it... then finally deciding... not to use the Yield on Kami & Karli. Dirty trickster... Clean (and quick) sledging, because time is of the essence for them, realizing that the Bowling Moms are now ahead of them.

Still in Hell's Gate, Brandon & Nicole continue their arduous labor. This is important, because as they speak, Linda & Karen arrive at Okere Falls and get their heads screwed on tight for their sledge, which, if they complete, will put them in second place. Although both the Moms were more than a little concerned when faced with the giant waterfall, they sledged into the chilly water below, proud of their success.

Brandon & Nicole, now in third place, in the meanwhile still trudge along in the gates of hell.

On the other hand, Colin & Christie find their way to...


"Who's up for a wild ride?"  Inflate a zorb, a giant plastic ball, get in it, and roll down the hill while bouncing around inside. The zorb has water inside to protect against scraping from the plastic. At the bottom of the hill, like a hamster in a wheel, walk the zorb across the finish line, join your partner, and make your way to the next Pit Stop at the top of the hill. WARNING: the last team to check in may be ELIMINATED!

Colin is all over it, and all up into it. Describing it as like a water slide, Colin completes the task with all the excitement of a little kid in his first trip to Wet'n'Wild, although I would describe watching Colin emerge from his zorb like watching a live birth.

Another first place finish, another trip, this time to "romantic Europe" courtesy our friends at Linda & Karen arrive at Mataparra Farms a few minutes after and ride their zorb to a second-place finish. 

Brandon & Nicole are still in Hell right now, praying for a light to guide them. And hello, light, as Brandon finally found one of the clues. The Dating Models leave as soon as the twins arrive.

We're still in alarm as Chip & Kim try to avoid elimination at Okere Falls while Kami & Karli begin their sojourn into Hell's Gate.

Back at Mataparra Falls, Brandon & Nicole zorbed their way to third-place, saying that they hate that kind of stuff. Stupid model. But just as the married parents completed the sledging, Kami got lucky by pulling a clue out of the mud. A race is on as the teams raced towards Mataparra Farms with elimination looming large. Chip & Kim arrive first at the Pit Stop and slide into fourth.

Unfortunately that leaves twins in last. "Kami and my relationship could be better. We're so much alike that it's hard to deal with ourselves times two. But because of this Race, I think that we've come a long way." Kami added, "It only makes sense that Karli and I are doing something like this together. We're going to continue being together in different races of our life. We're sisters. We love each other." One would believe that the 7250 miles traveled is dwarfed by the long road Kami & Karli fought to get to this point.

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