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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions, Touchstone TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00pm ET on CBS

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"It Got Really Ugly Just Now" - July 13


When last we left the Racers, Alison & Donny (Off-and-On Daters) were in a slight lead, Jim - stitched knee and all - & Marsha (Team Wounded Knee) was in last (though only by less than an hour)... and Dennis & Erika (Team Once Engaged) were eliminated thanks to Dennis' "Good Samaritan" routine.

At 12:48am local time, exactly 12 hours after they arrived in first place, Alison & Donny rip open their first clue of the second leg:

ROUTE INFO: Drive one of the marked cars to Montevideo (75 miles away).
Once there find the Shake Mega Disco. Inside (during a "foam rave") you will find a clue inside globe-painted balls bouncing on the dance floor. You have $136 for this leg of the Race.

No sooner does Alison get behind the wheel than she starts yelling at Donny to find Montevideo on the map... and Donny tells her to shut-up. It's just their way of communicating, they say.

One-by-one, the teams leave the Stop. Some go the wrong way out of the lot, others have troubles with their cars, still others start up and go the right way without a problem. Kami & Karli (Team Twins) follow Chip & Kim (Married Parents) out... until Team Twins lose sight of the Married Parents BEHIND them. Finally, Jim & Marsha (Team Wounded Knee) split last, 51 minutes after the On-and-Off Daters started the leg.

Linda & Karen (Team Bowling Moms) are the first to find the disco in the Uruguayan capital and they charge into a loud and raucous crowd, with foam practically raining down on their heads. They seem some balls bounced around... and try to scream for the dancers to bring one of them to them. Meanwhile, Alison & Donny show up to try THEIR luck. No sooner do THEY enter than Karen finds the next clue:

ROUTE INFO: Drive to the public ferry station in Colonial de Sacramento (over 100 miles away) and take the public ferry to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once there, search for the grave of Evita Peron to find your next clue.

Alison & Donny find the clue quickly afterwards, ask for directions and tail after Linda & Karen. Meanwhile, Colin & Christie (Team Type A) and Charla & Mirna (Team Hi-Lo) run neck-and-neck on the road to the capital. Marshall & Lance (Team Pizza Brothers) find the clue in the disco and head off in third place, despite not getting any help from the "useless foreigners" outside the disco. (HELLO, Lance... they LIVE there!) Chip & Kim try to get directions to the disco WHILE driving and Team Twins find someone to tail to the disco.

The fourth team to the disco is Brandon & Nicole (Models), who hug each other with the globe between them to pop it. Someone ELSE tried to hug Nicole and touch her, but Brandon managed to get the clue and pull her out of the uncomfortable situation. The Twins are the next to find the clue, followed closely by Bob & Joyce (Team Net-Widowers) and Colin & Christie. Meanwhile Charla & Mirna have trouble finding the disco. They even go as far as to ask a nearby..."lady of ill repute", who just shrugs them off.


The Off-and-On Daters reach the station at 3:30am, an hour before the first ferry of the day departs for Buenos Aires. They buy their tickets... and wait to see if others show up.

Meanwhile, Kim gets propositioned by someone at the disco, but Chip manages to find the clue and get her out of there. Team Wounded Knee grab the clue in 9th place, followed closely by Team Hi-Lo... though it wasn't easy since the mountain of foam on the floor nearly SWALLOWED

Back at the ferry, teams start to filter in, each getting tickets for the 4:30am boat. Everyone hopes that not everyone makes the boat. Well, Charla & Mirna struggle to find directions the station. At 4:18, the boat starts to board passangers and nine teams get on. At 4:27, Team Hi-Lo arrives and tries to get a ticket. When they're informed that the ferry is to leave right away, they're heart-broken.

But, then, Charla & Mirna luck out. Possibly due to Charla's height promoting sympathy, a nice worker held the ferry up sp that they could get their tickets and board the boat. Now all ten teams were at "level pegging" (as Anne Robinson would say). They relax and enjoy the ride over while working out where Evita Peron's grave is located. It turns out there are TWO major cemeteries in Buenos Aires: Recoleta and Chacarita. Recoleta is where Evita is buried, whereas Chacarita is where her husband, Juan Peron, is buried. Some teams get directions from the ferry-goers... but are they to the right cemetery?


After crossing the inlet between Uruguay and Argentina, the ten teams disembark in a BIG hurry and look for cabs to take them to the cemeteries. Well,... not ALL of them. See, Jim & Marsha are on a line to exchange their dollars for pesos... all because Team Bowling Moms said the locals won't accept U.S. currency. Of course, that couldn't be more wrong. It takes them a good while to realize they've been duped... and were in last place because of it.

Thankfully, the local cabbies were able to correct most of the teams who thought Evita was in Chacarita. Colin & Christie, however, just ask to be taken to Chacarita. Bob & Joyce likewise ask to be taken to Chacarita.

Linda & Karen, Charla & Mirna and Alison & Donny all arrive at Recoleta at about the same time. Charla again uses her "disability" to get a transport to stop for her and Mirna and leave the others behind. Meanwhile, at Chacarita, Team Type A and Team Net-Widowers find out they're at the wrong cemetery. The Married Parents likewise show up at Chacarita, only to find they were looking for the wrong Peron.

Team Hi-Lo reach Eva Peron's grave site in first, though Team Bowling Moms are right on their tail. The find the route marker and find a...


PERRO (Spanish for "dog"): Walk eight dogs (like Argentines like to do) through a one-mile path, stopping at each of three checkpoints along the way. The dogs are right outside the cemetary and the "finish" is a statue called "La Flora". One member must walk the dogs while the other navigates with a map.
TANGO: Take a cab 1.5 miles to the El Tango Theater. Once there, find the male tango dancer that fits the picture in the program given to you there. If you choose the wrong man, you'll have to return to the lobby for another program. Find the right man and you will get your next clue.

Charla objects Mirna's decision to do TANGO since she obviously CAN'T tango. But Mirna says they just need to look, not dance. So they hop back on the transport and head for the entrance, leaving Linda & Karen behind. Team Bowling Moms decide on PERRO and head to get the dogs.
Meanwhile, the Off-and-On Daters finally find the entrance to the cemetery and hop on the same transport Team Hi-Lo just got off of. But Team Pizza Brothers and the Models find the grave on foot first and choose to TANGO. Alison & Donny grab the clue and hop on the same transport as the others, but they decide, once at the entrance, to do PERRO.

Linda & Karen get the dogs with Linda pulling while Karen navigates. Alison walks the dogs for the Off-and-On Daters while Donny navigates. Meanwhile the other teams' cabs have a hard time navigating the busy streets of Buenos Aires. Linda & Donny argue as they search and search for the first checkpoint.

Meanwhile, Team Hi-Lo reach the theater, run in and look over the twenty-some pairs of dancers. But the blue lighting of the theater makes it hard to distinguish between the already-identical-looking males. Their first attempt fails, so they run to the entrance to get another program... which has a DIFFERENT male. The second time, however, was successful and the first-place Mirna asked the man to tango with her for a minute before they left. Hey, this is a trip of a lifetime; you HAVE to enjoy it sometimes.

Is Alison walking the dogs or vice-versa? Well, either way, Alison is getting pissed because Donny can't seem to find a clothed man in a nudist colony, let alone the checkpoint using a map! Team Bowling Moms aren't doing much better... since they're FOLLOWING them. Kami & Karli, 8th to Eva Peron's grave, decide to do PERRO, thinking it would be easy. Alison would disagree, finally telling Donny, "We're done!"

As Charla & Mirna leave the theater, Brandon & Nicole charge in. As Team Hi-Lo enter the cab, they read the clue:

ROUTE INFO: Travel by bus or taxi to La Estancia La Invernada (an Argentine cattle ranch 70 miles away) just outside San Antonino de Areco and find the next clue.

The Models find the right tango man on the first try and bolt out of the theater as Charla & Mirna take off on a $50 taxi ride, confident that going by bus would lead to disaster. Marshall & Lance are the next to get to the theater and they, likewise, get their clue on the first shot.

Meanwhile, Team Twins get tied up in their task... literally. The leashes tangle up Kami as Karli tries to decipher the map. The OTHER two dog-gone teams decide to trade their dogs for a cab ride to TANGO (with Alison calling Donny "anal" and Donny replying, "You're an embarrassment!"). But Team Twins don't give up; they find a very helpful local to guide them to all three checkpoints and the large flower statue to get their clue.

Back at the cemetery, the other four teams arrive at Evita's grave... and all but Bob & Joyce choose to TANGO. Team Net-Widowers decide to PERRO since Bob's a dog-lover.

Back at the theater, Alison & Donny and Linda & Karen arrive and look for their man. Team Bowling Moms blow the first shot, but Off-and-On Daters don't. They take off, with Donny deciding on taking the bus to save money. Jim & Marsha then arrive and get THEIR clue on the first try. Colin & Christie do likewise. But Linda & Karen need THREE tries to get it right, bumping them into 7th place.


Team Hi-Lo arrives at the ranch, with the Models right behind them. Charla's height is a DISadvantage as Brandon & Nicole pass them and reach the clue first:

ROAD BLOCK - ("The person who performs this task must have quick hands
and quick feet") One member must play a game of "ribbon roping" (like youths do on Argentine ranches). S/he must grab a red bandana off one of the young calves in this pen. You may NOT tackle or pull the animals at any time. Hand the bandana to the gaucho to get your next clue.

Obviously, Team Hi-Lo sends Mirna in (who think she might have to "fist" one of the cattle) while the Models choose Brandon. This task is harder than it looked, since there were only about a dozen bandanas on over 60 rather anxious calves.

Meanwhile, Team Twins finish THEIR task almost at the same time that the Married Parents complete THEIRS. Both teams go to the bus station and end up on the same bus, one that's behind the one Alison & Donny are on. Team Net-Widowers finish their dog walk in last place and taxi to the ranch. Marshall & Lance run into trouble when their taxi runs out of gas... and Team Wounded Knee are STILL angry at Team Bowling Moms for tricking them!

Back at the ranch (I always wanted to say that), Brandon FINALLY grabs a bandana, causing Charla to shout louder at Mirna to get one of her own. The Models open the last clue of the leg:

ROUTE INFO - PIT STOP: Take a marked horse-drawn carriage to La Portena (150-year-old estate two miles away). WARNING: the last team to
check-in will be ELIMINATED!

As the two teams ride to the PIT STOP, Alison & Donny find they're on a slow bus to San Antonio de Areco that makes several stops. They argue
some more about the mistakes they've made today.


The two teams hop off the carts and run like hell. But, of course, Charla slows Team Hi-Lo down enough for the Models to make it to the pad first. Phil announces, "Brandon & Nicole, you're team number one!" No trip for them this leg... but at least they and Charla & Mirna have a fair lead on the other teams. "I am determined," says Charla, "to get to that FINISH LINE... to show what I'm capable of!"

While those four relax, Marsha of Team Wounded Knee does the ROAD BLOCK with ease, followed closely by Linda & Karen. Jim & Marsha arrive in
3rd, Team Bowling Moms in 4th. While Bob of Team Net-Widowers tries his luck, Team Type-A shows up. Bob & Joyce get to the PIT STOP in 5th, while Colin grabs the bandana and he and Christie arrive in 6th.

Meanwhile, Married Parents and Team Twins took an EXPRESS bus to San
Antonio de Areco. The problem arose when they tried to get a taxi to the ranch. Chip and Kami both got into the same cab... and NEITHER were
willing to give the seat up to the other team! Finally, a second cab
arrives and Chip & Kim. They're sure Team Pizza Brothers are ahead of
them... but they DON'T know that the Off-and-On Daters are behind them.

Marshall does the ROAD BLOCK... but doesn't run (wouldn't YOU want to
walk at that weight?) to grab the bandana. As they take off, Chip and Kami do the task at the same time. Both reach for the same calf... but Chip grabs it first. As he and Kim take off for the PIT STOP, Kami grabs one as well... just before Alison & Donny arrive. The Married Parents arrive in 8th... and Team Twins are SHOCKED to find out they're still in the Race!

Donny grabs the bandana... and, a few minutes after Team Twins check-in,
they reach the PIT STOP. It's there when Phil gives the bad news: they're the last team to arrive... and they've gone from first to worst within the span of a day. The several hundred miles they've traveled in the day is as far as they go. And, now, they have to re-think their on-and-off relationship.

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