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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions, Touchstone TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00pm ET on CBS

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"I'm Going to Jail" - August 24


After dealing with plane delays, aggressive bus drivers, hauling chairs and gulping down an ostrich egg, Chip & Kim (Married Parents) arrive at the PIT STOP in first. The field has been narrowed down to five as Charla & Mirna (Team Hi-Lo) - after MANY highs and lows - were eliminated much to the delight of the other teams... except their partners Linda & Karen (Team Bowling Moms).

Near the shore of an animal watering hole near Mt. Kilimanjaro, the ten remaining Racers eat, sleep and shmooze for 12 hours. No one is happier for "Mirna & Shmirna"'s elimination than Colin & Christie (Team Type A)... but will their drive to get back to the #1 spot be their undoing? And will Kami & Karli (Team Twins) FINALLY get out of the cellar?!

Chip & Kim stand on the PIT STOP mat in the dead of night (it's 2:42am local time) and rip open the clue to start the eighth leg of the Race:
Take a taxi back to Kilimanjaro Airport (over 100 miles away). Take one of three charter flights (leaving at 8:30am, 9:30am and 10:30am; first come first serve; only two teams per flight) to Nairobi, Kenya and then fly to the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (over 2200 miles away). Once there, find the Burj Al Arab Hotel and find your next clue across the street from it. You have $200 for this leg of the Race.

But the Married Parents are about to learn that the Tanzanian taxi drivers take their cue from Tanzanian bus drivers when it comes to fleecing... I mean, asking tourists for money. The first one they encounter asks for $150. but Kim manages to find one that'll do the job for $100. They believe their friendliness to the natives will pull them through. Chip has a philosophy from "Rock 'N' Me": all the things that he does will come back to him in his sweet time.

On the OTHER end of the spectrum, Team Type A will do anything and everything to get the lead back. They leave 18 minutes later and try to haggle with the cabbie to come down from $100... but nothing doing. They tell the driver he better be fast for that kind of spread. Team Bowling Moms leave six minutes after them and don't seem to mind spending half their allowance on the trip. Four minutes LATER, Brandon & Nicole (Models) depart the PIT STOP. They try to find a cheap cab, but no one's going for less than $100. Team Twins are right on their tail and a mere half-hour behind the lead. They claim they need to slow down and think more (there's a stretch).

It's another "Cannonball Run" scenario as Linda & Karen edge up on Colin & Christie. Colin tells the driver he's not getting paid if they're passed... and the driver lets them pass anyway. Not only that, but Brandon & Nicole ALSO pass them...and Colin is not very happy at ALL. The Models then proceed to pass Team Bowling Moms into second. Then, as if Team Type A wasn't frustrated ENOUGH, their cab's tire blows out. And there is no spare tire because, well, the guy was DRIVING on it. Colin is mad as all hell.

But help is on the way (unintentionally, of course). Team Twins' cab stops and, when Colin explains they need THEIR spare tire, the sisters agree to help. Colin doesn't even THANK them, so Kami & Karli just drive off, leaving him and Christie in dead last for the first time in this Race.

Team Type A isn't the ONLY one with car trouble; Linda & Karen had the misfortune of hailing a cab with hardly any oil in the engine. As they pull over, who should come up but Team Twins? But THIS time, they REFUSE to stop and help them, much to the mothers' chagrin. Colin & Christie, with new 'donut' in place, DO stop. But the best they can do is give Team Bowling Moms the driver's cell phone to call another cab. Once the call is done and another cab is confirmed to be about 10 minutes away, they speed off, leaving Linda & Karen to wait and pray for the new cab to come ASAP.

At the airport, Chip & Kim arrive and give the driver his C-note plus a $20 tip, which Kim doesn't approve of. They sign up for the 8:30 flight. The Models arrive, sign up for the same flight, then pay off the driver in Kenyan AND American money... or should I say TRIED to.  The cabbie wants $100 and Brandon, as non-confrontational as ever, lets him have it. Chip tries to explain to an irate Nicole that this is a way of life for them and Brandon tells her to "chill out"... which makes her MORE irate.

While the argument continues between the Models, Kami & Karli arrive and sign up for the second charter, happy to be out of last and into third. Colin & Christie arrive next... and Colin stays true to his word and only gives the driver $50. When the driver demands the $100 promised, Colin gives him what he thinks he deserves for driving an unsafe car: nothing! Christie signs up for the second charter flight... but the taxi driver is not leaving without his $100, no matter HOW important Colin thinks this Race is. As they yell, Linda & Karen show up and sign-up for the last flight, departing two hours behind first place.

8:30am flight: Married Parents & Models
9:30am flight: Team Type A & Team Twins
10:30am flight: Team Bowling Moms

Then things boil over for Team Type A. The driver has contacted the local police and is DEMANDING his $100, but Colin is as adamant as ever. "You can take $50 or you can take nothing," continues to be the team's mantra. The cop decides to take Colin & Christie down the road to their station to explain things to the chief. Christie starts to have second thoughts about dealing with the law, but Colin is certain this will be cleared up in "five minutes". But it isn't, since the chief - named Sam Manhalwa, in case you're wondering - takes some time to get to the station. Colin explains things to Sam and repeats the mantra. He starts to leave the station, but Sam wants to talk about this some more. When Colin refuses and gets angry at the chief about "contracts", Christie BEGS him to pay the $100 so they can make their flight. But Colin refuses... and Sam invites him back inside the station so the driver can file a criminal case against him. Finally,
Colin relents, tosses the $100 on the table and stomps out the door.  As they walk back, Colin mutters about "wanting a different kind of relationship" with Christie.

When they return to the other teams, Colin tells them that "Christie was freaking out" and that she blew his chance to get his way. Christie gives Colin the "evil eye" and walks out the door to de-stress.

8:30 finally arrives and the Married Parents and the Models get on the first flight, retracing their route back to Kenya. After Christie tells Colin he mishandled things, they and Team Twins get on the second flight, leaving Team Bowling Moms the third flight to themselves.


At 9:40am, the first plane lands in Kenya and the two teams run in to find commercial flights to Dubai. Both teams find a Kenya Air flight that leaves at noon and they take it. An hour later, the second flight lands and THOSE two teams get on the SAME flight. But Linda & Karen may be out of luck because their plane lands 20 minutes before the Dubai flight takes off! They even SEE the four other teams as they taxi to the terminal. They run inside and beg to get on the flight. But they say it's impossible... and the flight takes off without them.

But Linda & Karen are tough birds; they won't give up without a fight. When Kenya Air says there are no other flights to Dubai today, they troll the airport for other tickets. The best they can get is a flight that takes off as the other four teams land in...


As the sun sets over one of the seven former sheikdoms that Britain melded into one, the four teams sprint out of the airport and go for taxis. Kami & Karli are first to get a cab to the Burj Al Arab Hotel. It's not like it could be missed, though; the thousand-foot structure looks like a colorful sailboat at night! Right behind them are Brandon & Nicole, Colin & Christie and Chip & Kim in that order.

Team Twins spy the Route Marker... but their driver doesn't want to stop
and block any incoming traffic so he goes to the covered "kiosk" (sort of a "taxi stop") to drop them off. It seems ALL the cabbies feel the same way, because ALL of them drive past the clue to the kiosk... except for the Marries Parents'; THEIR cab stop before they get TO the clue and, as such, Chip reaches it before Kami does:

Welcome to the world's largest offshore hotel (the hotel is on an island just slightly in the Persian Gulf and is connected to the mainland by a short bridge). The next clue is on the helipad on the top of the hotel. The heliport is open from 8am to 6pm local time.

So... suffice it to say they missed the cut-off time (it's 6:15pm) and any chance they have in keeping Team Bowling Moms out of it is dashed.  At least they get a 14-hour break out of the deal.

Just after midnight, Linda & Karen arrive at Dubai International, considerably less optimistic than before. Their optimism returns in force when they get the clue and realize that they're back in the hunt.

As it must, the sun rises over the Arab nation. And the teams, having spent the night and various hotels around Dubai, merge back at the Burj Al Arab Hotel and take in its beauty and splendor, especially in the glass elevator ride to the top. Even Christie can't help giving a kiss to Colin when he asks for one. The teams reach the helipad and they all take the clue waiting for them.

Make your way across Dubai to Bur Dubai Abra Station and take a water taxi (an "abra") to the Port of Dubai. There is a marked dhow boat in the port. Board it and the captain will give you your next clue.

The teams leave in taxis in the same order they arrived in Dubai, except that the Married Parents and Team Type A swap positions. Kim is more concerned about whether they have enough money for the cab ride than getting to the water taxi on time. Once again, Linda & Karen pass Colin & Christie... but, unlike before, Team Type A keeps their cool since they're all close together.

At the Abra Station, Team Twins are the first out to look for the water taxi. Brandon & Nicole give their cabbie a $20 bill because he has no change for it. The Married Parents get on the taxi and the other two teams instinctively head for the same one. As they head off (and they compare cab fares) Team Bowling Moms and Team Type A hop on another taxi.

The first group disembarks at the Port of Dubai. Chip & Kim ask for directions to the specific captain's "dhow". Getting them, they arrive first and the captain hands them a:

OFF PLANE: Head for the Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub and skydive in tandem
with an instructor 10,000 feet down to the Margham Red Dunes. Once you
land, the instructors will lead you to your next clue. Only one team
can board a plane at a time, and planes take off every 45 minutes.

OFF-ROAD: Head for the Margham Red Dunes and drive a four-by-four
across a marked six-mile course through the desert, with a safety guide
along for the ride. When you reach the same spot as the skydiving
landing zone, you can get your next clue. Should you get stuck, you
must call for a tow truck to get you out.

Just one problem for the Married Parents: no matter what they do, they have next to no money for the taxi. They look for a cheap one as they decide on OFF-ROAD. The Models and Team Twins decide to go OFF PLANE... as soon as they each get a cab, that is. Brandon's not sure about skydiving since, if they don't beat the wins to the runway, they'll have to wait 45 minutes.

As Chip & Kim try to find a cabbie that KNOWS either place to go, the last two teams arrive. They both decide on OFF-ROAD and get cabs in a hurry. The Married Parents FINALLY get a cab... but the money is the main concern here.

At the Aeroclub, both teams drive PAST the flag leading to the runway.  Karli KNEW this was where to go... but Kami wouldn't listen. Brandon realizes they passed the airport and gets the driver to turn around, with Kami & Karli right behind them. They both find the flags, get out of the cabs and race for the sign-up point. And Brandon & Nicole... are team # 1, leaving Team Twins to wait 45 minutes... and feeling they are toast in the Race.

Meanwhile, Team Type A arrives at the OFF-ROAD (Colin really wanted to skydive, but felt the off-road would be faster). After getting helmets and harnessed into the car and getting instructions on how to drive in sand, they take off. As they have fun bouncing around the dunes, Team Bowling Moms arrive and get strapped in. The Married parents are concerned about the fact that they only have $15 U.S. and the cab meter is reading "82.50". Chip hopes that the meter reads in Dubai currency (the Dirham) and not U.S. dollars. After giving him all their money, they are still $10 short... but the cabbie waives the $10, getting a hug from Chip. What do you know? Things DID come back to him... for now, anyway.

Karen has issues with Linda driving, certain she'll flip them over. But, nevertheless, they take off as Chip & Kim start to get strapped in and tail right behind. To her credit, Linda DOESN'T flip them over... but she DOES go off course and gets them stuck in a dune. Chip & Kim pass them by (with Kim being a "passenger-seat driver") as Linda tries all she can to get them out of the dune. She finally gets out in reverse and follows the tracks.

Meanwhile, 10,000 feet above the trucks, Brandon & Nicole are ready to jump. The worst part was waiting for the right jump point... and they could BARELY see Colin & Christie's truck speeding around the flags. Brandon finally jumps, followed closely by Nicole. It's a race between jumpers and drivers to see who gets to the Route Marker first!

And the winner is... Team Type A... by a NARROW margin! They reach the
clue JUST before the Models were touching down.

PIT STOP: Take a camel nearby, a GPS tracking system and a guide. Using the GPS (set to the right location) direct the guide and ride to the next PIT STOP: El Sarab Arabian Desert Oasis (about a half-mile away). The arrow on the GPS will always point towards the direction you need to travel. WARNING: the last team to arrive may be ELIMINATED!

Colin knows how to operate a GPS, so they hop on a camel and take off just as the Models touch down. Brandon takes the GPS as Nicole calls the ride "freakier than skydiving".

Back at the Aeroclub, it's finally Kami & Karli's turn to get on the plane and jump. They don't know if they're screwed or not, but they stick to their guns. But there's SOME salvation: Team Type A's truck knocked over a flag on the off-road route... and Chip & Kim are having a hard time finding it. Not only that, but Linda gets HER truck stuck... AGAIN! THIS time, though, reverse won't help; they'll need to be towed. So while the Married Parents unintentionally backtrack and get stuck themselves and Team Bowling Moms wait for the tow, Kami & Karli leap out of the plane.

Meanwhile, two teams are going through the desert on camels with no names. Brandon prompts their guide to pick up the pace a bit, making the ride even more bumpy than usual. He & Nicole are right behind Colin & Christie as they head for...


Over the dune and onto the mat come Team Type A, who is greeted by Phil and a nomad with a falcon. Phil says, "Colin & Christie, you're team #1!" Despite their problems with the law, they manage to get back on top where they feel they belong! Not only that, but they get a Caribbean vacation courtesy of after their Race is over. Christie now admits she should not have blown up at Colin back in Kenya and hopes to be less stressful in the legs to come. Right behind them are the Models, who come in second place mere minutes behind the lead.

Back in the dunes, Linda & Karen get towed out and get back on track, hoping to re-pass Chip & Kim who are still stuck in the sand. They get towed out, though, just in time; the mothers are on their mother-loving tailpipe as Twins fall from the sky. It's now a THREE-way race to the final clue... and the Married Parents come in first... er, third and grab their camel and GPS. Team Bowling Moms are right behind... and Team Twins feel they made a crucial mistake in missing the turn into the airport. Chip & Kim arrive at the PIT STOP in third, leaving a battle of the lady teams. And the winner in a foot race is... Team Bowling Moms!

So Kami & Karli arrive at the PIT STOP in the same place they were when they started the leg yesterday: in last. Now the GOOD news: this is the second of four non-elimination legs, so they're still in the Race. Now the BAD news: just like Linda & Karen had to do back in Egypt, the sisters must fork over all their cash. Now the WORSE news: they can't exactly beg for money in the middle of a desert like the moms did in Giza. But they already have a plan: to lie and be resourceful... and to become the first all-female team to win the Amazing Race.

(Forgive me, Kami & Karli, if I fail to hold the carbon-dioxide-laden air in my lungs until that happens...)

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