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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions, Touchstone TV
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"Are You Sure This is Safe?" - August 17


After the Racers went from Cairo to Luxor in Egypt, Colin & Christie (Team Type A) maintained their lead (though it was shortened considerably). Linda & Karen (Team Bowling Moms), despite having no money to start the last leg, persevered and managed to stay in the Race... though they're STILL in last. And Marshall & Lance (Team Pizza Brothers) bowed out at the ROAD BLOCK thanks to Marshall aching knees.

The Racers are now in "De Nile" (sorry, couldn't help it) as they rest at the plantation on Crocodile Isle. Colin & Christie seem to be at odds with Charla & Mirna (Team Hi-Lo). And Team Bowling Moms STILL have a mountain to climb out of last place... but at least they'll have some MONEY this time.

It's not a monster lead like the start of the LAST leg, but Team Type A gladly departs first at 5:33am:
Take a marked taxi to the Luxor airport. You may book any Egypt Air flight to Cairo; flights leave at 7am and 10am. Once in Cairo, fly to Nairobi, Kenya (on any commercial flight). Once there, sign-up for a charter flight to a MYSTERY DESTINATION. The charter flights depart Nairobi at 8am, 8:45am and 9:30am and only two teams can get on each flight. You have $75 for this leg of the Race.

Team Type A is trying not to be over-confident after winning two legs in a row. After all, if they've learned one thing earlier in the race, you can be in first ONE leg... and eliminated in the next! (C-Note: *ahem*Alisonanddonny*ahem*)

A half-hour after Colin & Christie depart, Chip & Kim (Married Parents) leave. They really think they can win this Race now with their teamwork and brainpower. But they better have SOME speed, since Kami & Karli (Team Twins) are mere minutes behind them and are EQUALLY confident that they can win now that they're out of the basement. Brandon & Nicole (Models) are on THEIR tails and putting their confidence in the "man upstairs".

As teams start arriving at Luxor Domestic Airport, Team Hi-Lo start off... as soon as they get their clue open, that is. But right behind them are Team Bowling Moms. The problem is - like it seems to be on EVERY leg for Charla & Mirna - they can't find their "marked cab" before Linda & Karen can close the short gap. Team Hi-Lo use the cabbie's cell phone to try to reserve their seat on the 7am flight... but there's almost no way to get there in time.

Team Type A, the Married Parents and Team Twins each get their boarding passes for the 7am flight as the Models arrive... 15 minutes before the supposed take-off. I say "supposed" because... it's delayed! And, of course, that means that the other three teams are able to get there, get their boarding passes and get on the same flight... once again blowing the lead for Colin & Christie.


Back in the country's capital city, the teams scramble for taxis. Remember that whole chaos about "Old" (domestic) and "New" (international) airports in the last episode? Well, the flight arrives at the "Old Airport" and they need to get to the "New Airport" since Nairobi isn't considered "domestic" enough for Egyptians, I guess.

Kami & Karli find a cab first, trailed slightly by Colin & Christie.  Brandon & Nicole leave third, followed by Chip & Kim, Charla & Mirna and - in last again - Linda & Karen. The "Cannonball Run" to the airport hits big-time traffic, but Team Hi-Lo's cabbie must be as crazy as the Married Parents' taxi was yesterday, for he's passing people in the opposite lane and slipping into 3rd place.

One by one, the teams empty out of the taxis and rush into the terminal. Team Twins find a ticket office... but it doesn't open until 11am. Colin pays Team Type A's cabbie... while Christie blocks the entrance to keep Team Hi-Lo (or, at the very least, Mirna) from entering before Colin catches up. They line up at the same Kenya Air terminal as Team Twins and, when the other teams arrive, they each talk about that incident to them.

But Colin & Christie get revenge the best way possible: they form an alliance with Team Twins, Married Parents and the Models to keep information from Charla & Mirna and do everything they can to keep them from surviving this leg. The only ones opposed are the Models... until Colin & Christie essentially tell them, "If you're not with us, you're against us and will get NOTHING from us for the rest of the Race." In retaliation, Team Hi-Lo bonds with Team Bowling Moms to try to prove that four heads are better than eight. Of course, the battle is between Mirna and Colin... and some teams hope they just knock each other out!

"Camp Colin" (as it was reffered to by Chip) finds a Swiss Air office and try to book a flight for the following night to Nairobi via Zurich. "Camp Mirna", however, goes to Gulf Air and catch a flight via Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates that arrives in the early morning! All they need to do now... is sneak out of the Gulf Air office without being seen by Camp Colin. Sure enough, the other teams wonder where Mirna & Co. went to. And, sure enough, Colin finds them. Mirna uses her Arabic to tell the ticket agent to "not help these Americans" since they are "violent". The agent seems to believe them, because he gives Team Hi-Lo and Team Bowling Moms get their tickets and they walk out happy. They board their flight... and Kami says that their decision to go to Swiss Air was "the stupidiest decision any of us have every made" (though it's probably only second to underestimating "Mirna & Shmirna").

But, hold the phone. Camp Colin's not stranded yet. It seems the agent wasn't just going to take the Arabic words of an American and her child-like cousin. He checks the boards... and finds room on the same flight for EVERYONE! And when Mirna sees this... she looks ready to grab the air-sickness bag in the pocket in front of her.


Camp Mirna is not about to go down without a fight, though. Once again, upon arrival at Bahrain Airport, they troll for tickets that leave earlier than the others. And, once again, Camp Colin wonders where the other have gone. Mirna changes the second connection from Abu Dhabi to Dubai....and will hopefully arrive in Nairobi a half-hour before the others.

BAHRAIN TO DUBAI TO NAIROBI: Team Hi-Lo & Team Bowling Moms
BAHRAIN TO ABU DHABI TO NAIROBI: Team Type A, Team Twins, Models,
Married Parents


Camp Mirna hop off the plane and head for their connection only to find - you guessed it - that it's DELAYED... for SEVERAL HOURS! Ohhhhhh.... things don't look good for them. They're behind (again!) and have to trust in fate.


No such luck, though. Camp Colin's plane leaves on time for...


The four teams arrive and rush to the counter where they'll sign up for their charter flights. And the first thing they notice as they sign... is that Charla & Mirna and Linda & Karen are nowhere to be found! They jump for joy as Team Type A and the Married Parents sign for the 8am flight and Team Twins and the Models sign for the 8:45am flight. As the first flight taxis to the runway, Colin & Christie spy Team Hi-Lo and Team Bowling Moms getting off their flight, obviously to sign up for the final flight.

8am Charter: Colin & Christie and Chip & Kim
8:45am Charter: Kami & Karli and Brandon & Nicole
9:30am Charter: Charla & Mirna and Linda & Karen

The teams enjoy the flight, spying Mt. Kilimanjaro out their window and
seeing beautiful sights from their prop plane windows. And the "mystery location" is...


To say Chip is happy to be in "real Africa" is an understatement. It really looks like he's home. He & Kim and Colin & Christie walk right out the door of the international airport and right to a Route Marker:

Welcome to Tanzania. Travel by bus to the village of Mto wa Mbu (about 70 miles away). Nearby the bus terminal there, you'll find your next clue.

The bus station looks almost like a refugee camp with fifth-hand buses. And the insides of the buses STINK!  But they get on the right one and enjoy the view on their hour-long ride through the countryside.  Chip isn't the ONLY one psyched about being in the "motherland"; Kim's always wanted to come here, and she seems so happy to finally get her wish.

Meanwhile, the second charter flight lands and Kami & Karli and Brandon & Nicole arrive, get the clue and grabs the next bus out.  But, whereas the driver of the FIRST bus charged only $5 US for Team Type A and Married Parents, they charged $40 US for the Models and Team Twins! (Must be a "brother" thing between them and Chip, I don't know.) Furthermore, the teams try to bribe the driver into leaving earlier to keep the last two teams FAR behind.  When they can't get him to go for any less than $150, they get off the bus and try to find another.  But... the driver won't LET them at first.  This, of course, delays them and gives Team Hi-Lo and Team Bowling Moms a chance to gain sufficient ground.


It's a long and grueling ride, but Colin & Christie and Chip & Kim arrive at the village and run smack into a:

BUZZING: Travel by marked bike to a honey farm. There, you will put on a beekeepers outfit and harvest 2 kilograms (4.41 pounds) of honey from
the African bee hives on the farm. When the head beekeeper has determined you have harvested two kilos of honey, he will give you your
next clue.

BUSY: Find the Katongo Furniture Store in town. Then load two wooden chairs onto a pullcart and deliver the chairs to a given address (each pair of chairs go to a different address; addresses are not clearly marked on houses, so it may take a while to find even the nearest house). Drop off the chairs and get a receipt. Return to the store and exchange the receipt for your next clue.

Christie wants to do BUZZING... but then realizes that there will be bees and changes her mind. Both teams decide on BUSY. They ask the workers there for the two that have the nearest drop-off points. They also ask the locals to guide them to said points, and the Tanzanian people are happy to oblige.

Chip & Kim's help, however, is less than reliable. They brought the team to a place to buy cushions FOR the chairs first. But Chip calmly explains that they just need to drop the chairs off, nothing more or less.

Meanwhile, the Models and Team Twins are heading to the village. And, when the controller asks for pay, Brandon tries to convince him that half now and the other half when they arrive would be fine. But these are Tanzanians and "Model mind tricks" don't work on them... unless he keeps at it...which he does. Finally, the "shady" controller relents.

Back at the bus station, Camp Mirna only get to pay THREE dollars U.S. apiece... but it takes some time for them to get going on the road to Mto wa Mbu. (Wasn't that the lost Hope & Crosby movie?)

Colin & Christie are the first to find their address thanks to the locals (who are getting paid fairly well to lead them, mind you). They get their receipt and split... while Chip & Kim deliver THEIR chairs and take a rest while the receipt is being made out. The people where they dropped them off also offered them some watermelon to help them on their way back. The Married Parents are happy to see familiar faces, even if they ARE on people they've never met before.

Brandon & Nicole and Kami & Karli probably should have paid in full.  Maybe then the driver of their bus could've used the money to buy gas for the bus... and they wouldn't be STUCK on a bus that's on empty! A few of the more local passengers run down the road to get some gas... and Brandon starts to worry that the other teams will catch up. Sure enough, they do, and they see the teams as they drive on by. Best $12 they ever spent, I'm sure they were thinking. Brandon starts to pray... and, a little while later, the men who ran off run back with three gallons of gas, more than enough for them to get to the station and fuel up properly (at a cost of $20 to the Models). Ah, well... small price to pay to stay in the Race.

Back at the village, Team Type A maintain their lead by giving the receipt to the furniture maker and getting handed...:

Make your way to the nearby village of Kibaoni and find the Kavishe Hotel to get your next clue.

Chip & Kim follow, refreshed on 'melon. Meanwhile, the buses continue their OWN race and Camp Mirna's bus stops as well... because the driver
needs to take a leak. This allows the Models and Team Twins to catch up and pass them.

When they finally arrive at Mto wa Mbu, things... get ugly. The driver wants ten more dollars, even after Brandon claims they gave them all that was owed. An argument ensues between these not-so-clean-cut American models and this questionable Tanzanian driver, especially when the man strikes Nicole with a rolled-up paper for ignoring him. Brandon finally relents and hands the $10 to the driver just to get them out of the situation.

After calming down, the Models join Kami & Karli to get BUSY. Like their counterparts before, they get help to find the addresses... though the twins are having a hard time pushing and Nicole can't keep up with Brandon. As they haul, the last two teams arrive and make it a clean sweep for BUSY.


It takes some time (and a few directions) to get to the Kavishe Hotel, but Colin & Christie make it to the temple and sprint to the Route Marker, which shows a...

("Who's REALLY hungry?") Go to the dining room and prepare an ostrich egg (which is about 24 times the size of a chicken egg). You must crack the egg and pour enough into a wooden bowl to fill it to the top (the chef will not allow you to cook unless you have a full bowl). Then cook the scrambled egg and eat it all to obtain your next clue.

(Already, I can hear Christie's stomach turning... and I predict Nicole's will be as well!)

Colin thinks an OSTRICH egg must be better than the FISH eggs Christie had to devour... so he decides to do it. Christie reads instructions while Colin drills a hole in the egg and lets the yolk and white spill into the bowl (and tip over). He gets angry when the chef tells him to start again. The second time he cracks the egg open traditionally and fills it to overflowing... but he slips on the way to the pan and CHRISTIE gets mad! (Type A, indeed!)

Meanwhile, the chair hauling competition is heating up as Nicole's all but giving up, Kami & Karli are running out of breath and the other two teams take off for their respective addresses. Linda & Karen drag their cart through a large mud puddle while Charla & Mirna decide to look for an alternate route. But Team Bowling Moms don't toss 16-pound balls just for the sound of it crashing into wooden pins. They push hard and get through the puddle without a hitch, leaving Mirna aggravated.

Back at the egg-eating contest, Colin FINALLY gets a full bowl of unfertilized birdie into the pan and starts the slow process of cooking it. As he starts, in comes the Married Parents, who elect Chip as the "really hungry" person. Chip cracks a small hole in the egg and pours it into the bowl like a pro on his first try. Colin's egg gets cooked... but he wants to make sure before he eats, which upsets Christie even more.

Team Twins find their address at last and get the receipt. Team Bowling Moms ALMOST run into the Models but, not wanting to let them know how close they are to their destination, take a back road to the back door of their assigned house. Brandon & Nicole are close... and Charla's trying hard to keep up with her cousin. Kami & Karli get the directions to Kibaoni and head off. A few minutes later, Linda & Karen return with THEIR receipt and follow in fourth place. Oddly enough, both Team Hi-Lo's delivery and the Models' delivery are to just about the same place, so Charla & Mirna are only behind Brandon & Nicole by a few minutes.

Chip cooks his egg to his liking, then sits down to shove the equivalent of two dozen chicken eggs down his gullet (right after he says "grace"). Colin FINALLY finishes his cooking and sits down as well. Chip found difficulty since, unlike the caviar he had a week ago, he had to actually CHEW the egg. Colin, after a few bites, feels the egg isn't cooked enough since it's "sticking to his throat" and he goes back to fry it a bit more. As the other four teams approach the village, Colin gets frustrated that Chip is nearly done and he's nearly STARTED. As he starts again, Chip picks up the last hunk of egg and downs it, earning him & Kim first place and this:

PIT STOP: Go to the valley's edge and travel to the other side of the 230-foot-deep gorge via "flying fox" (zip line). Then run to the PIT STOP, the Lake Manyara Lookout (a watering hole for African wildlife). WARNING: the last team to check in may be ELIMINATED!

As Colin chokes down his eggs slowly, the other teams arrive, electing Kami, Brandon, a reluctant Karen and a distant-last Charla to chow down.  So, now, Colin is in the same situation Christie was in Russia: unable to eat while everyone else catches up to them.  And, just like Colin did then, Christie is the one egging him on (no pun intended) to shove that yolk down so they can at LEAST stay in second.  Fortunately for them, some of the teams are having trouble stomaching the egg as well.  They still have a chance.


Meanwhile, the Married Parents reach the "flying fox".  Only when they look down at the gorge do they realize what they're going to do... and it freaks them a little.  But they still do it, taking the long ride to the other side of the gorge.  Their reward for their bravery: running to the mat in front of Phil, getting welcomed by a local tribesman to Tanzania, being declared "team #1" for the second time in the Race AND getting a vacation to Latin America compliments of!

Finally, Colin shovels in the last of his burnt egg and he & Christie depart for the "flying fox".  Karen quickly shovels in the rest of HER egg and she & Linda follow in third.  Brandon scrape his bowl to put him & Nicole in fourth, leaving Team Hi-Lo and Team Twins choking for the important fifth spot.  Both Kami and Charla are having problems, though, allowing Team Type A to arrive at the PIT STOP in second, Team Bowling Moms to come in third and the Models to arrive in fourth.

It's a battle to who can keep the ostrich egg down...a nd it's Kami! Charla finishes a minute later... but her size already gives them a disadvantage.  It's easy for Team Twins to arrive in fifth... which means bad news for Team Hi-Lo.

A sickly Charla and a disappointed Mirna finally hit the mat to the bad news: they're the last team to arrive.  The cousins wait with fainted breath... and Phil tells them the WORSE news: they've been eliminated. But they STILL get their traditional hug and they've had the best experience of their lives.  And Charla may not have finished the Race but she DID prove a point by accomplishing her dreams and had a great teammate by her side.  Even PHIL's choked-up about this.  But the sad fact is that the hundreds of miles they traveled today by plane, bus and foot is all the traveling they'll be doing in the Race.

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