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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions, Touchstone TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00pm ET on CBS

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"Are You Any Good at Puzzles?" - August 3


After flying 9000 miles across the Atlantic to St. Petersburg, blocking hockey pucks, drinking vodka and choking down caviar (and passing out WHILE choking down caviar), Chip & Kim (Married Parents) arrive at the PIT STOP in the front of the pack. Brandon & Nicole (Models), despite being quite ill from the caviar, managed to check-in in fifth place, Kami & Karli (Team Twins) are currently in last and Bob & Joyce (Team Net-Widowers) logged out.

Near the palace Catherine the Great called home, the teams relax for 12 hours before the next leg begins. Chip & Kim are the ones with the bulls-eye on their backsides; they finally attained the lead... and they SO want to keep it... and the others SO want to knock them all the way back to the cellar.

At 9:11am, the Married Parents rip open their envelope... and leg 5 of the Race begins!
Take a train to St. Petersburg (20 miles away) and enter the Hermitage Museum (one of the largest museums in the world). Look for Rembrandt's "Return of the Prodigal Son". Once you find it (among nearly 3 million exhibits), the curator that will follow you will give you your next clue. You have $123 for this leg of the Race.

Chip & Kim are psyched to be #1, but know that they need to work hard to STAY that way. This includes telling a Russian cabbie they want to go to the "choo-choo" to get the point across. Over a half-hour later, Colin & Christie (Team Type A) depart (the caviar finally getting through Christie's system, if you know what I mean).

One-by-one, the teams depart. Marshall & Lance (Team Pizza Brothers) have problems with Marshall's knee, Charla & Mirna (Team Hi-Lo) are happy to have made it THIS far... but have problems finding a cab, Brandon & Nicole consider walking to the station, and Linda & Karen (Team Bowling Moms) and Kami & Karli are the last to leave... over three hours behind the leaders.

Chip & Kim arrive at the "choo-choo" station and take the first train into St. Petersburg without a hitch, with Colin & Christie behind on the second train. Team Hi-Lo have even MORE difficulty finding a cab to the "choo-choo" and end up WALKING the whole way... but STILL wound up in fourth, behind Marshall & Lance on the third train. Charla & Mirna DO get help with finding where Rembrandt's masterpiece will be located, though. The Models smooch on the fifth train while Team Twins and Team Bowling Moms take up the rear on the sixth one.


The Married Parents get out of the ice age that passes for northern European Russia's weather and into the warm Hermitage museum. Their
curator/stalker, Sergei, follows them through the historic museum.
They gawk in awe at how rich and lavish the place is... and almost completely forget that Team Type A is figuratively on their heels (though THEY think the "Prodigal Son" was Jesus Christ). Soon, Marshall & Lance join the search, Marshall hobbling a little better in the warmth of the museum.

Chip & Kim, being staunch Christians, recognize the painting of a man hugging another younger man on his knees as the two from the parable. Sergei confirms this and hands him their next clue:

ROUTE INFO: Make your way to the Tower of Cairo (a 600-foot-high observation tower) in Cairo, Egypt (a 2000-mile flight away). Take the elevator to the top to get your next clue.

As the Married Parents take a cab to the international airport, Colin & Christie find the painting. But they're a bit smarter that Chip & Kim; they find a travel agent nearby who books them an earlier flight than the Lufthansa flight Chip & Kim get when they arrive at the airport. Team Pizza Brothers and Team Hi-Lo likewise find the "Prodigal Son" and head for the airport, followed closely by the Models. The brothers get word from the parents about the Luftansa flight and go to book THEIR tickets, with "Mirna and Shmirna" following them to the agent and booking the same. Marshall & Lance DO try to find something earlier with Air France, but the office is closed.

So Colin & Christie get on their flight, happy to have jumped into first place. The rest (sans Twins and Moms) wait to board the second flight. Meanwhile, Kami & Karli and Linda & Karen are in a footrace around the Hermitage. Team Twins find it first, but Team Bowling Moms get help finding it by seeing where the twins bolted out of. Kami & Karli have a friend in Russia who takes them to a travel agent who books them on the same flight as everyone else.

Then Linda & Karen run into a problem. After finding the painting and getting the clue, they tell the driver to head to the airport. And he DOES bring them there... but to the DOMESTIC airport! By the time they get to the INTERNATIONAL airport, the Lufthansa flight has taken off (with Team Twins aboard with the rest)... and leaving the Bowling Moms trying to pick up the spare. After some searching, they found a flight the next morning... which connects WITH the Frankfurt flight everyone else is on! STEEE-RIKE! They're back in the game!

AIR FRANCE FLIGHT (via Paris): Team Type A
LUFTHANSA FLIGHT (via Frankfurt, arriving in Cairo 50 minutes later):
Team Pizza Brothers, Models, Team Hi-Lo, Married Parents, Team Twins
LATER LUFTHANSA FLIGHT (via Frankfurt, on same Lufthansa flight as
others): Team Bowling Moms.


Upon arrival in "Gay Paree", Colin & Christie decide that they're not through with finding faster ways to Cairo. They manage to find a flight arriving in Egypt a whopping 12 HOURS sooner then their original connection! They'll be SO far ahead!


Meanwhile, in Germany, the fearsome five teams lounge about with each other before hitting the sack and waiting for tomorrow's flight to Cairo. Well... not ALL the teams, actually. Team Hi-Lo decide to troll the ticket counters for a faster flight. Sure enough, Air Italia has a flight that arrives 50 minutes before the other flight. They join the rest of the groups, then wait for them to nod off before sneaking away to their ticket counter. When the others wake up, they just KNOW they're behind. What's more, before boarding, they're met by Linda & Karen, who join them to take Charla & Mirna's place.


At 2:35am, Team Type A lands in Cairo and makes their way to the massive Tower. However, the tower doesn't open officially until 9am local time. So, after the long trip, the two lovebirds get a chance to sleep off the jet lag at a designated "holding area"... and to wake up to the sight of a 600-foot tower leering over them (don't know about YOU guys, but I'D be wetting my pants if I woke to see that structure looking almost like it's going to collapse on me.)

At 9am, the tower opens, Colin & Christie take the elevator to the top (still about seven hours ahead) and find:

Make your way to the Giza Plateau. Follow the yellow rocks among the Great Pyramids to the Osiris Shaft to find your next clue.

But, wait... Team Type A have found something ELSE... something there
are only TWO of in the entire Race:

Go to the Ragab Pharaonic Village. Get a sarcophagus (an ancient Egyptian coffin) outside the village and deliver it by ferry to the priest inside the temple on the other side of the lake. The priest will then give you directions to the PIT STOP.

Well, what the hell? Why not become nigh-on-unbeatable?! They decide to do it. They take a cab to the Village... but walk right PAST the sarcophagi (or sarcophaguses or whatever) and to the ferry. When they head across the lake to the temple, the priest informs them where his "stiff" is located. Back to the front of the village, they lift the modestly heavy coffin... and argue on the way to the temple about trusting each other. But, through it all, they get the coffin to the priest and receive a HUGE lead in the form of:

Congratulations, you have won the Fast Forward! Go directly to the next PIT STOP: The famous Sphinx on the Giza Plateau.


Taking a cab to the Sphinx, Team Type A take the time (since they have LOTS of it) to enjoy the view of the Ancient Wonder of the World and the surrounding pyramids, then casually walk towards Phil who, at 11:27am local time, announces, "Colin & Christie, you're team number 1!" They just hope they can hang ON to it.

Almost three hours after Team Type A finishes this leg, Team Hi-Lo touches down in Cairo and make their way to the airport. They take a cab to the Tower of Cairo and find the ROUTE INFO and the FAST FORWARD. Feeling that Colin & Christie had already USED said FAST FORWARD, they take a cab to the Giza Plateau. 50 minutes, the five other teams arrive and race to the Tower. Chip & Kim are amazed to be in the land where most of the Book of Exodus took place... but they try not to lose focus of the Race. Each find the Tower, climb it and, likewise assuming the FAST FORWARD has been taken, head for...


At the edge of the Sahara Desert, Charla & Mirna arrive at the Great Pryamids. But finding the "yellow rocks" is a LITTLE difficult. As other teams arrive looking for the rocks, Team Hi-Lo finally finds the Osiris Shaft and run smack into a...

("Who's up for going down?") Descend 140 feet down the Osiris Shaft and search this ancient tomb for a satchel of artifacts. Bring it up to the surface and present it to the Egyptologist to obtain the next clue.

Mirna is claustrophobic and Charla's not very gung-ho about descending into a dark tomb. But Charla agrees to don the spelunking hardware and climb down into the depths. Mirna starts to feel guilty about letting her go down, but Charla doesn't seem to mind too much. She talks contstantly to a) calm her nerves and b) let Mirna know she's still alive.

Team Twins and Team Bowling Moms are bringing up the rear in the search for the Shaft. And, in a Race plagued by injuries, one more occurs. As Linda & Karen try to catch up to the Twins, Linda twists her ankle in a small hole. She hurting a fair amount, but she sucks it in and, with Karen to support her, trudges on.

It takes some time for her to climb 14 stories into the Earth, but Charla makes it down into the hot shaft and climbs around the boards and rocks to find the satchel. Upon finding one in the water, she hefts it out and starts the long climb up the shaft. She has to take several breaks along the vertical ladders but, much to Mirna's relief, get out of the shaft and gives the bag to the Egyptologist. But the "next clue" is not a ROUTE INFO envelope... but a map.

The satchel contains pieces to an Egyptian puzzle. The trick here is that a small triangular piece of the puzzle is missing. If they overlay the puzzle on TOP of the map given, the triangular section will point to the next clue, a corner of one of the big pyramids around the area. Team Hi-Lo assembles the puzzle... but doesn't figure out what the map has to do with it until just before Chip & Kim and Brandon & Nicole arrive at the shaft. Armed with their knowledge, they make their way to the next clue.

As Kami & Karli and Linda & Karen get lost, Chip and a reluctant Brandon don the gear and head down into the shaft to get their artifacts. Meanwhile, Team Hi-Lo finds the next route marker and have to decide on a...

ROCK & ROLL: Move two 300-pound concrete slabs 100 yards, using the same system Hebrews used to move slabs to make the Pyramids. The man on the other end will give you your next clue as soon as the slabs
cross the line.
HUMP & RIDE: Ride horses leading camels packed with carpets on a one-mile trek. When you arrive at a carpet merchant and unload the carpets, he will give you your next clue.

Seing as how Charla can't POSSIBLY help move blocks as big as her and ten times as heavy, they decide to ride the horses. Just one problem: the HUMP & RIDE closes in less than 5 minutes! They have to boogie! With a blow of Charla's whistle by Mirna, they stop the caravan from leaving without them. But... Charla on a big horse? SHE can hardly believe it. But, after dressing just like a jockey, she gets hefted up on the horse and the one-mile trek begins.

Back at the shaft, while Brandon and Chip find their satchels, Team Pizza Brothers choose (obviously) Lance to do the ROAD BLOCK. The Models are baffled about the puzzle/map quandary until the Married Parents show them the secret. Lance is just coming out of the shaft and he and Marshall decide to follow them instead of figuring out the puzzle (which is legal this time, because they weren't looking for an envelope).

The three teams arrive at the DETOUR... and, since BUMP & RIDE is no longer an option for ANY of them and they don't care to wait for sunrise, they all decide to ROCK & ROLL. While they tackle this daunting task, Team Twins FINALLY find Osiris' Shaft, with Kami deciding to go down... as soon as she finds out what a satchel looks like. And Team Bowling Moms? They're wandering around the desert like Moses and Aaron, having lost sight of Kami & Karli when Linda twisted her ankle.

As the sun sets, Charla & Mirna arrive with their camels and carpets and receive their final clue of the day:

PIT STOP: Make your way to the next PIT STOP, the Sphinx. WARNING: the last team to check in may be ELIMINATED!

As they hustle towards the large riddle-spewing edifice, the Models, Married Parents and Team Pizza Brothers start their hefting of the rocks. Chip decides to pull while Kim switches the logs and tracks underneath, and Brandon & Nicole follow the same structure. Lance will have to pull for his team while Marshall TRIES to help with the logs and tracks.

Charla & Mirna arrive and hug Phil in second place (though, chances are, Colin & Christie are almost ready to leave on Leg 6). Charla's happy for being able to visit the Pyramids and ride a horse.

Back at ROCK & ROLL, Brandon & Nicole and Chip & Kim are WHIZZING through the task... while Marshall & Lance have a tough time. And, back at the shaft, Kami hauls up the satchel just as Team Bowling Moms arrive and Karen decides to perform the ROAD BLOCK. Kami thinks the puzzle pieces are useless and tries to concentrate on the map. She and Karli end up meandering towards the Pyramids, stating, "We're clueless." (Like that's a surprise!) Team Bowling Moms figure out the puzzle and head for the right pyramid.

Chip stops his hauling to help Brandon & Nicole out with their logs.  This, of course, almost costs the Married Parents the race for third place, but Chip defends his actions by saying he's a helper by nature. Still, the Married Parents finish the DETOUR first and head for the Sphinx, with the crafty Models right behind them.

As Chip & Kim make their way to the PIT STOP, who should they run into by Team Twins. Again, being the helper that he is, he leads the girls towards the DETOUR, putting their past animosity behind them. Chip even asked for forgiveness from Kami and she replied, "You're redeemed." This, however, allows Brandon & Nicole to pass them and take third place, while they finish in fourth. As Kami & Karli start the lugging of the stones, Linda & Karen arrive and start the fight to stay out of last place... just as Team Pizza Brothers FINISH and head for the PIT STOP in fifth.

Linda & Karen manage to shlep the stones across... though they think it's hopeless. There's no way to beat the Twins to the Sphinx. And they're right, as Kami & Karli arrive in sixth. Then Phil gives the bad news to Linda & Karen as they show up: they are the last team to arrive. However, there's some GOOD news: this is the first of four non-elimination legs! The Bowling Moms are still in it!

Uh... but before Linda can jump up and down on that bad ankle, Phil has some MORE bad news. Remember what he said at the start of the Race about the last place team in a non-elimination leg having the Race made "very, very difficult" for them? Well, Phil asks that Linda & Karen surrender all the cash given to them during the Race... and informs them that they will receive NO money to start the next leg. Uh... yeah. Looks like the Bowling Moms are literally in the gutter!

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