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Sixteen celebrities are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate to play out the ultimate job interview for charity.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Donald Trump
Joe Cipriano
Mark Burnett
Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump, Jay Bienstock

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Episode 3
March 15

This week on a delightfully abbreviated episode of Celebrity ApprenticeÖ (Itís only 60 min this time folks) the celebs are faced with a matrimonial task.

Each team will be required to open their own bridal boutique and sell 125 wedding dresses for as much money as possible. The team that brings in the most sales will win.

The project manager selection is rather quick as Tom Green takes the reins for Kotu and Athena puts their eggs in Brandeís basket.

The men begin plotting their victory and they have set a target of $100,000. Clint back jumps on the fund raising, and with that target he has a lot of work to do.

The ladies of Athena are also fundraising and Annie Duke has jumped on the phone. She calls one of her poker buddies who offers a ďmain event.Ē Thatís $10,000 dollars in the Athena bank before the sales period has even begun.

With the presale being shown at a minimum, we advance to the design of the boutiques, which just so happen to be next door to one another. Melissa Rivers calls in expert wedding planners to make their boutique gorgeous. They did stop short of Bobby Trendy, so at least we can hope it will remain classyÖ

Yes, classy, unlike Kotu where Tom Green is trying on the dresses to make sure he gets to know the product. That makes two members of Kotu who have worn wedding dresses.

The other one, Dennis Rodman, seems to be more focused on the wedding reception than the wedding dresses. The drink of choice is Vodka cranberry, and the quantity is ďall you can drink.Ē

Insert majestic sunset.

The next day Tom and Dennis do not show up to work. Anyone like to guess why? Dennis convinced Tom to go out drinking and their night likely included many things that were inappropriate for air. ::ahem::

So with Kotu falling apart and the women rejoicing in the layers upon layers of flowers that have been delivered to decorate their store, let the sales begin!

Athena is beautiful, organized and upbeat. Kotu is an off-the-rack supermarket of gowns.

Clint Black brought in money from Tim McGraw and the Rivers ladies brought in money from QVC. Even Herschel Walker brought in some big check at the last minute. In the end, both teams seem to have been quite successful, but whose quite successful isnít quite good enough?

In the boardroom, the women are praised and Brande spreads the love to Annie and Melissa. The men are chastised for Dennisí absence and Tomís partying and the fact that their boutique was clearly designed by Stevie Wonder (Stevie resents that)

Letís get to the numbers.

Kotu: 21 dresses for $63,450
Athena: 22 for $103,000

And itís second verse same as the first and another man will be biting the Donaldís dust.

Once the women have left, Tom begins to try to justify their loss. Unfortunately for him, Tom is cut off by Brian McKnight who makes it clear that Tom wasnít on location for the task either (on time, at least). The Donald thinks that Tom was not a good leader and as a result this elimination has become a Tom and Dennis Tango.

Dennis admits to not answering the hotel door when Tom was knocking on it to wake him up, but the rest of the team seems equally annoyed by the absence of their leader.

And frankly after two consecutive weeks of poor performance The Donald has not choice.

Tom, Youíre Fired!

Itís a swift kick in the testicle for Tom who exits via the wrong elevator, but for Dennis he fights to live another day. Can Kotu ever get a win or are they the business version of Survivorís Pagong? Next week the boardroom battle continues.

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