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March 1

Sixteen celebrities are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate to play out the ultimate job interview for charity.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Donald Trump
Joe Cipriano
Mark Burnett
Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump, Jay Bienstock

Packager: Trump Entertainment LLC, Mark Burnett Productions
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Airs: Sundays at 9p ET on NBC

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Episode 2
March 8

Zzzzz…. What? Huh? Celebrity Apprentice is on? Oh, ok. T-Minus two hours until the firing begins.

So, after Joan Rivers delivers her charitable check, we learn the task our motley crew of celebrities will be faced with this week.

Followed by CNBC’s Erin Burnett and Donald Jr. the teams will have to create a comic book character to communicate customer services and company culture for Zappos, formerly just a shoe outlet has expanded into so much more and their executive, Tony, is very keen on the customer experience.

Athena chooses Khloe Kardashian as the project manager and Kotu chooses Scott Hamilton.

To begin, each team gets to meet with Tony to ask questions. Athena focuses on the aesthetics of the women Tony likes and he basically balks at every line of questioning.

Kotu tries to determine how silly they can be with their comic book character and Tony gives very little guidance. Not that Tom Green’s questions were poignant enough to merit valid responses…

Athena hits their war room to start brainstorming and who knew brainstorms could be so loud. Khloe is taking a back seat and this could end up costing Athena.

Hours later, Athena is still stuck and the dissonance in their war room is palpable. Only at this point does Khloe begin to step up. Her action however prompts more action as Annie Duke jumps in saying that she will write the story/presentation. Joan Rivers is annoyed as she is a screenwriter and feels better suited for the task, but what is done is done.

Kotu’s loud personalities are remarkably quiet during their session. Ok, who am I kidding? They’re talking about a homosexual party town of sorts. At least Dennis is. That idea will probably need to be tempered before it is presented.

At this point, both teams are presented with designers and illustrators to bring their characters to life. Note how Athena has much more done than Kotu (ok, maybe not so much).

Under such pressure, the men’s claws come out and Clint begins to ramrod the conversation. Tom is getting frustrated, and Dennis doesn’t give a damn. Jesse sees the ship sinking and is trying to abandon ship, but unfortunately for you Jesse, you’re contracted into this until you’re fired.

Note, previously Joan was removed from duties by Annie. Forced to contribute in other ways, Joan delivers creating the idea of Mizz Z, a character who doesn’t sleep to deliver the best possible service. Corny? Yes. Effective? We’ll see…

Claudia creates a story to go along with the Mizz Z character and Athena finally has a fleshed out concept. Donald Jr. comes by to see how the ladies are doing and Melissa presents their ideas. She also takes credit for them. Claudia chooses to keep her mouth shut, but there could be fire in the boardroom should the ladies lose.

But how can the ladies lose when the focus groups have begun and the men still don’t have a character. Tom begins to throw mud against the wall in front of the focus group hoping something sticks and who knew mud had so many things in common with Teflon?

The focus groups sends Kotu back to the drawing board and Kotu miraculously comes up with an idea so painfully similar to Athena you would think this show was rigged. The only thing they don’t have that the women do is a name. Tom is shouting baby names starting with Z from the corner of the room, but Scott has tuned him out completely. Scott comes up with the name “EEE” (that is not a typo. No, seriously, that is not a typo) EEE stands for Everything, Everywhere, Everytime. The jokes write themselves folks. Have fun.

The ladies send Tionne, Joan and Natalie to the costumer with Natalie as the proposed model for Mizz Z. Natalie puts on the pleather skirt and high heeled black boots and feels incredibly uncomfortable. But she looks hot, so there are surely some men drooling for the lady golfer. The LPGA could probably use more of that.

The men receive a phone call from Scott and learn the name of the character that they need to incorporate into the costume is EEE (Again, not a typo. Nor is it three doses of a narcotic). They swear they misheard him, but this time you can’t blame it on the cell phone service. Yes, Jesse, you can hear him now, you just wish you didn’t.

As each team finalizes their presentations, the ladies lose Claudia as she falls tired/sick and the men deal with Tom’s repeated (and justified) questioning of the name EEE (Their Zappos character not an enormous bra size). If you can’t see where this episode is going the editors have clearly not done their job.

There are three gaffes you should be aware of heading into the board room.

1. Tom is asked at the last minute to give the men’s presentation. He claims that they didn’t want him to do anything all day, so why should he work now and this lead to a verbal altercation with Herschel Walker (sorry, no celebrity boxing here)

2. Claudia gives Athena’s presentation and battling through sickness/sleepiness. She stumbles all over herself and even self grades her presentation with a C.

3. Natalie responds to Donald Trump’s inquiry about her Mizz Z costumes by saying that she wouldn’t wear it in the hallway. And she said that in front of the client.

So who wins? Let me make this easy for you. 3rd graders could come up with a better name than EEE (The men’s Zappos character not the entertainment network). Athena wins and one of the men will be fired.

With Kotu in the sites of the firing squad, it clearly becomes a battle of two men, Scott and Tom. After excessive bickering, Scott brings Tom and Herschel back to the board room, using Herschel as a kind of character witness. The Donald swiftly tells Herschel to keep his mouth shut and Tom calmly reiterates that EEE was a bad idea. Scott becomes frenetic but eventually has to fess up to being solely responsible for the name, which was the main reason they lost the task.

So, after a few comedic anecdotes including the fact that Scott and Tom combine for a total of two testicles, this game is over.

Scott, you’re fired!

The men are struggling and there are no signs that the women will let up. Can the men live up to their lofty name of Kotu? Keep watching to find out.

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