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Piers, Sharon, and the Hoff are back criss-crossing the country in search of million-dollar talent.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

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The Vegas Verdicts: Part 2
July 29

Last time, the judges started whittling 160 acts to the final 40. Some were cut before they even set foot in Vegas, but for others, the journey has just begun. Now, the judges have even more cuts ahead of them, as they complete the roster of 40 that will compete for your votes.

So far, 17 acts have been given the greenlight to perform next week, while three dance acts were given 12 hours to prepare to battle for one spot in the final 40.

But back to business. It's been a while, but the judges have decided to call up Paradizo Dance... A lot of pressure awaits Dave & Zoe, as they proved to the New York crowd that they had what it takes. The judges... still unsure. Can they sustain a show for an hour in Vegas? Dave says that they have moves that get harder as they move on. They want to show America what they're made of. The verdict... THROUGH to the next round! And Dave can't stop lifting people. He lifts Zoe... and he lifts Nick.

Next is Ishaara, who dazzled at the MySpace auditions. All they can think about is the next chance to perform, and as they hang out together in college, they can't think that this is what they really love, what they really want to do. Also waiting... FootworKINGz from Chicago. All they can think about is the opportunity to become stars. They just make it out of the ghetto. BOTH groups are brought into the stage. And BOTH groups are going to Los Angeles!

Jeffrey Ou and Rashida Jolley are next. Ou surprised the judges with his intense classical piano style. Jolley impressed the New York crowd with her take on the harp. Both of these people have become fast friends. But the friendship will be shortlived, as only one of these people is going to the next round. The other... is going home. The person through to the next round... is Jeffrey. Joining Rashida on the long bus ride are the whipping act... and three balancing acts... and Arthur the human glowy stick... and the guitarist's singer (her brother got another opportunity).

Eleisha Miller impressed the judges in Texas with her personality and her piano skills. More her personality than anything else. She was very funny in her audition. The question... is she good enough? The answer? Yes.

Space is becoming a premium, especially for Mario & Jenny. Sexy and dangerous juggling... does it have a place in the top 40? Sure does. How about Marcus Terell & the Serenades? They came into this as a group. Will they leave as a group? No. Will they stay as a group? No. The bottom line... the girls are pulling the group down. And in the end, it turns out to be fatal for all of them. BUT one of the girls decides to be courageous and ask if they would reconsider if the Serenades dropped out. They do. They do. He does. So Marcus Terell will continue on.

Now to the three dance acts from yesterday: U4RIA, Breaksk8, and Destined 2 Be. They all struggled to get their act together on time. But for at least one of them, the struggle will pay off. The stakes have never been higher. But no matter who gets the nod, I think you'll agree with me that they all deserved it. One by one, the crew take the stage.  The judges deliberate... and they're only going to go with one... Breaksk8.

Next to find out are Voices of Glory. They had the voices. They had the story. Do they have a spot in the top 40? Yes they do. Joining them.. opera singer Barbara Padilla, lightbulb eater Chris Allison, frisbee-catching dog Rockin' Rory, dancers Pam Martin & Viva, singers Charles DeWayne Dorsey, gymnasts Pixie Mystere, gymnasts African High Flyers, singer/tapper Anthony & Matt, EriAm Singers, singer BRI, and comic Grandma Lee.

And triplet violinists Alizma? The voices are not good enough. The violins are awesome. They have a long way to go. ... but they've come a long way... Long enough to go to LA!

And we're down to the final spot in the final 40. And TWO contestants. Mia Boostrom has bene here before. She knows what's at stake. Meanwhile, Kelli Glover has been this close to stardom in the semis of American Idol 1. She TOO knows what's at stake. But still... One spot... two singers. There has to be one winner. There has to be one loser.

For Kelli.... the journey ends in Las Vegas.  Aaaaand cue the begging. Cue the devastation. Cue the drama. The judges and Mia console her as she ultimately is resigned to her fate... well, almost.

As for Mia... her journey continues to Los Angeles.

And so, the final 40 is set... or is it? On the flight back to LA, the judges get a call from none other than Simon Cowell. "I've been looking over the choices for the top 40, and I'll be honest with you... We have a very VERY serious problem here."

What could the problem be, and how will this shape the competition? Stay tuned, America.

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