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Piers, Sharon, and the Hoff are back criss-crossing the country in search of million-dollar talent.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Nick Cannon
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Piers Morgan
Sharon Osbourne
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Auditions: Los Angeles
July 7

So far, 46 million people have watched what America can... and can't... do. But will we find the real tinsel in Tinseltown? The search for America's next great act continues in Hollywood.


Hollywood is where stars are made and dreams come true. But has LA got talent? The stakes are high.

First in is "Nasty Nate" Watkins, a 20-year-old singer from Atlanta with interesting hair. It's all his... in that he bought it an is now currently wearing it. But will he bring it with "Simply the Best"? In short... no. It's simply horrific. And the Fourth Judge lets Nasty Nate have it. David: "It was simply the worst." Nasty: "No, Hoff, YOU'RE the worst. Thank you." That's a no, Nasty.

It doesn't get any better, with one-man instrument Zahid Khan... paper mime Leland Faulkner... and world's fastest poet Iota Arcane... all getting the hook.

Will we finally see some talent after lunch? Or is David Hasselhoff going to have to don his Baywatch jacket to resuscitate the room? Next up to face the judges is Sheldon Wesley & Alexandra Stratego from San Fran (collectively known as Footworks Fitness), turning a stepper into a drum. And... Piers is bored. The rest of the judges... also bored. There's a saying in this town... Get to the bloody point. The audience says it all... "OFF! OFF! OFF!"

Now things are starting to get desperate. Kite-flyer Scott Weider with an ill-prepared kite... dance crew Circus Runaways with an ill-conceived act... burlesque act Trixie & the Monkey with an ill-conceived premise... rapper K-Dizzle with an ill-conceived cover of "OPP"... ALL meet the same fate... Trip Xs.

Will nurse Terri Willis be the one to turn it around? She says that talent runs deep in her family. Her mother can sing. Her grandmother sung opera. She's actually a seventh-cousin of Celine Dion. She will sing "Because You Loved Me." And... Sharon commits hara-kiri, while the other judges walk off in protest.

Needless to say... Hollywood is not a wealth of talent today. Even the Hoff couldn't rescue us today. Will we find ANYONE on day 2? News of yesterday's flameout is spreading like wildfire. Nervously waiting to quell the fire is BRI, a 17-year-old singer/musician. She calls herself a nerd in school. Her biggest supporter is her mother. Some butterflies are in her stomach as she tries to do her mom proud. Will she with "Burning Up" by the Jonas Brothers? So far, it's the best LA has to offer, great voice, great piano skills, reminiscent of Alicia Keys. All we have to say is... FINALLY! She's got attitude... she's got raw talent... she's got a swagger... she's got a million dollar smile... she's got... a ticket to Vegas!

We have one. Will this lead to a run on tickets? All it takes is one. Will the next be TJ & the Little Mamas? They're a dance act ranging from 6 to 9, and they're all great friends with a lot of experience for such a little age. We'll see when they dance (and flip out) to "Dance to the Music". They're precocious, that's for sure. But they have raw ability, and that counts. David says that they're an inspiration to all the kids in America. They're on their way to Vegas.

The talent keeps coming with Miss Germany, a firedancer... and breather... and eater... Three jas from the crowd. Next is Janice Martin, an aerialist... who plays the violin on the silks. Three yeses there as well. Next are the Scott Brothers, who are "cartoon-style" poppers. In synchronicity. That gets the crowd on its feet and the judges on their... whatever it is judges get on to send them to Vegas.

So Hollywood is starting to live up to its billing as dancers Iconic Crew bring the moves to the stage. They're going to Vegas. Back in holding hoping to follow up on that is Robert Dunne, who does an unusual dance that he discovered "last summer". He calls himself "Monsieur Pedicure" because... he's a "toe dancer". This would be funny were it not so tragic.

Mario & Jenny Ferreira are risking it all for a shot at the big time. They work well together, but will they work well together behind something that promises danger... and even death? They're going for sexy... and dangerous. A combination that works well. It starts with her splitting... and him breaking out a chainsaw... her flipping... and him cutting lumber. And now... juggling chainsaws! This is sexy and dangerous! Kids, needless to say, don't even THINK about it. Piers says that they were born to be Vegas performers. Sharon says that the timing was perfect. Sexy and dangerous is going to Vegas.

We're down to our final act in LA... and he's feeling the pressure of being the last one here. Lawrence Beaman's passion is singing, and he says that he always has a song in his veins. He's used to performing, but that doesn't stop him from being nervous. He calls AGT the biggest platform that he has ever experienced. He'll be singing "Old Man River"... Molto basso. It's a very hardy, very robust rendition. And out of all the acts in LA today... this one is hands down the best. Simply put... Wow. Judges? On their feet. Sharon even goes so far as to approach the stage and give Lawrence a handkerchief. "You are one class act." Piers leaves it in the hands of the Fourth Judge... Needless to say, Lawrence Beaman is going to Vegas.

And after much despair in day one... we end on a high in Los Angeles.

The question now... can anyone top that? We'll find out as the auditions continue with one more miraculous performance... Confirmed. Be there.

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