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Nine teams have the opportunity to do what the Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, and We Are Heroes did - and be America's Next Dance Crew

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Mario Lopez
Co-Host Layla Kayleigh
Judges JC Chasez
Lil' Mama
Creator Howard Schwartz
Karen Schwartz
EP Joel Gallen
Abe Hoch
Randy Jackson
Rob Lee
Howard Schwartz
Karen Schwartz
Harriet Sternberg
Josh Greenberg
Packager Tenth Planet Productions, Hip Hop International, Bayonne Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television for MTV Series Development
Origins Warner Bros. Studios; Los Angeles
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Airs 10p Thurs, MTV
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Nationals Round of 9: Chart Topper Challenge
February 18

For the last three weeks, we've been on a mission to see the best and the brightest dance crews throw down for the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Dirty South. Now it's time for them to come together as the search for America's Best Dance Crew begins in earnest.


The battle stage is set, America. These nine crews are in the running to be America's Best Dance Crew...

HEAVY IMPACT - North Hollywood, CA
HYPE 5-0 - Honolulu, HI
JUNGLE BOOGIE - Stone Mountain, GA
POREOTIX - Westminster, CA
SALTARE - Raleigh
STATIC NOYZE - Cambridge, MA

As a reminder, the West has fielded all four champions of "America's Best Dance Crew". The other six crews have a lot to live up to. And starting tonight, their fate is on you, America. At stake, $100,000 and the title of America's Best Dance Crew.

After a moment to get hype with EP Randy Jackson, we get the presentation of... the BANNERS! By the time we reach the finish, eight will fall.

This week, it's the Chart Topper Challenge, where the crews will take a current chart topper and turn it into a hip-hop routine that will showcase their strengths. We'll perform in threes according to bracket. The top two teams will advance, but the bottom will head to Sudden Death Battle. Lose there... and your banner will fall TONIGHT.

First up, HYPE 5-0 from Honolulu. They're trying to put Hawaii on the Hip-hop map. They decide to get tattoos of themselves on each other. That's how much they believe, but belief can only get so far. Let's see how they open the show with "Imma Be" by the Peas.

What they say: Lil Mama said that the energy went down, but they're still clean as a group. She liked the wind-up and the jump in the slow-mo. Omarion agrees, saying that intensity needs to come every night. They can definitely do better. JC's in agreement with the others. The moves were cool, but they resembled each other.

What we say: Nice of them to incorporate a small hula, if only to put them apart from the competition. They also have no problem moving in sync. This is a crew to watch.

Next up, HEAVY IMPACT from LA showed us that size definitely doesn't matter, but can they bring the flow? They get "Say Aah" by Trey Songz with Fabolous.

What they say: Omarion loved the groove on the floor and Isaac's backflip. JC loves that this group is "giving the fingers for all the haters". He didn't like the first half, but he loved the second. Mama doesn't think that the crew is gimmicky. Now they have to take it to the next level.

What we say: It starts out kinda clunky, but it gets cleaner as they move on. Then it gets into the story of the song. And the piece de resistance was the big boy backflip in the end. They're definitely light on their feet.

Final group from the West are the shady robotics of Westminster, CA's POREOTIX. They have charisma and entertainment value for days, but will it be game over for the gamers after the master mix of "Day'n'Nite" by Kid Cudi.

What they say: JC likes that they're telling the story of the song creatively, but it's the isolations that will make or break them. And it's more or less the whole routine. Mama says that their intensity is amazing. They just need to grow. Omarion says that they have clean isos, but they need more choreography. He's going to make them work.

What we say: Technically the most proficient group out there. But will it be enough to make it to the next round?

The answer to that question comes... right now. Because it's time to see who'll represent the West in Sudden Death tonight. Returning next week... POREOTIX and HEAVY IMPACT. Hype 5-0 will dance for their life in Sudden Death. But that's later...

Next up, it's the ATL's SWAGGER CREW. They're confident, they're smiling, but at the same time, they're glad to be where they are considering the past year was filled with hardship. Will we have more with "Hard" by Rihanna?

What they say: Mama is worried that they're going so hard that they lose the swag and the transition. The performance threw them off. Omarion calls them mediocre. JC respects their art and their fight, singling out both Liz and Jason. Though the whole routine was "one-dimensional".

What we say: It's clear that Liz is the "star" of this routine, but the rest of the group is more than able to keep up. But yeah, they needed to step up their game and clean it up a little.

Keeping it dirty with Stone Mountain's JUNGLE BOOGIE. They're bringing out their inner animal, each one. Raqi is the mother hen, so to speak, but will her tiger instinct make the crowd go ape after cranking to "How Low" by Luda? .... Zebra.

What they say: JC says that the competition is on. It had energy and enthusiasm. Mama agrees, saying it was powerful and that Raqi has the eye of the tiger. They know how to pace it between swagger and smoothness. Omarion commends the group in following their leader.

What we say: Again, smart move putting the lady in front, making her take charge and set the tone of the piece. The whole routine just fell into the pocket and into synch. That's a good thing.

Should we even bother with the second A-Town group? Ehh, why not. Here's ROYAL FLUSH, who give a little bit of everything. They're looking to be a street crew that can bring choreo. Can they stack the deck with "Down" by Jay Sean featuring Li'l Wayne?

What they say: Omarion says that the cards were used creatively, the move of their arsenal being the flying squirrel. JC says that they're threading everything in their arsenal together. Mama says that they're most improved.

What we say: Very tight. VERY tight. I can see that they have been practicing.

Now let's see who gets the deal for the next round and who's dealt into a game of Sudden Death. Carrying the dreams of the South into the next round are... JUNGLE BOOGIE and ROYAL FLUSH. Swagger Crew has to keep their swag on for elimination battle.

Finally, we head to the East and the #1 seed there, Raleigh jumpers SALTARE. All six of them are on the US national jump rope team. They're here to spread their sport with killer dance move. They're not here as a gimmick, but can they work it out with "Hotel Room Service" by Pitbull?

What they say: JC was awestruck. Omarion was surprised with the isolation. Mama says that they stay true to themselves and respect what they do.

What we say: They've definitely proven that they're not a one-trick pony with their mix of jumping skills and hype dance move interludes. They could be a dark horse.

Next up, STATIC NOYZE from Cambridge, MA saved themselves in Sudden Death last time. They're going to tell the story of a murder mystery in the way that only they can... which is really artsy. But something happened last night, as Enrique collapsed with a back injury. Can he power through it and help his crew out with "Whatcha Say" by Jason Derulo?

What they say: Omarion say that they are the most diverse group in the competition. Mama says that they are impressive, especially with Enrique's injury. She likes the "Freeze-and-tell". JC was worried that they may have had to rework their entire routine, but they did the right thing. They're very experimental.

What we say: Definitely unique, but at the same time, kinda safe.

Final group of the night comes from the Great White North. They're Montreal's BLUEPRINT CRU. Their plan: freestyle hip-hop. They're not banking on the fact that they are the first foreign crew on ABDC history. They're letting their moves speak for themselves. Their song, "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings.

What they say: Mama says that they're strong dancers, saying that she saw multiple styles eloquently flowing together. She thought Nathalie's drop was a little sloppy, though. JC says that Thien-Linh played a pivotal role in their success. Omarion says that the guys, particularly Lance and Will, put it down for the crew.

What we say: TL's iso was the standout performance of the night in terms of impact to simplicity. Blueprint shows that they can handle the rest of the field.

But can they? Time to set up battle. Two crews don't have to worry about a thing. Those two are... BLUEPRINT and SALTARE. Static Noyze could be silenced as we enter...


The crews facing off tonight: Hype 5-0, Swagger Crew, and Static Noyze. Each one will have 30 seconds to do their thing. Two of them will return next week. The song to do it... the #1 song in the country... Ke$ha's "Tik Tok".

First, Hype 5-0. ... Creative. Next, Swagger Crew's... a little bit desperate. Static Noyze... they're story tellers.

Now the judges have to extend the life of two crews. For the other, time will run out and their banner will fall TONIGHT. Surviving the Chart Topper Challenge and going through to the next round ... is... STATIC NOYZE! And the second.... HYPE 5-0!

Swagger Crew has run out of swagger, and as they exit the stage, their banner must now fall.

Next week, the remaining eight crews will put the M back in MTV as they take on music videos. Who'll make like "Remote Control" and go off the air? One title... Eight crews. The search for America's best dance crew continues.

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