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Nine teams have the opportunity to do what the Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, and We Are Heroes did - and be America's Next Dance Crew

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Mario Lopez
Co-Host Layla Kayleigh
Judges JC Chasez
Lil' Mama
Creator Howard Schwartz
Karen Schwartz
EP Joel Gallen
Abe Hoch
Randy Jackson
Rob Lee
Howard Schwartz
Karen Schwartz
Harriet Sternberg
Josh Greenberg
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Regionals: The West
February 11

Last week, a team from Canada joined a crew of dancers and a crew of jumpropers to make it to nationals. Tonight, three crews from the West will try and defend the ABDC crown against the East and the South. Who will carry the torch and who will burn out?


The West is the home of poppin', lockin', krumpin', and the last four champions of ABDC. Joining JC and Omarion on the road is Nichelle from season 4 champions We Are Heroes.

First up, HYPE 5-0 from Honolulu, Hawaii. They're trying to make it big in LA... and they'll try to do it up even bigger in regional action. They'll perform a master mix of "Drop It Low" by Ester Dean with Chris Brown.

What they say: Omarion loved the split-over and the backflip. They have to keep up the already-high confidence. Lil Mama thought that the energy and the creativity was on a high. JC liked that they worked the stage well.

What we say: Good to see Hawaii representing hip-hop, and it's good to see their dance tell a story, even if it IS one we've heard a million times before. Points to the group for stage presence and swagger.

Hype 5-0 have a better than fair chance of making it to the nationals... But now it's time for the heavyweights, as we meet the linebackers of HEAVY IMPACT from North Hollywood, CA. They want to show America that they can bust the high-energy with the best of them. They have to clean it up if they want to make Nationals, but they will try their best with "Raindrops" by Jeremih.

What they say: Lil Mama says that they come hard with their sexiness. Don't try so hard to be sexy. They were hitting some pretty hard, pretty intensive. JC says that they cleaned it up a little, and that their bodylines were pretty good. They did lose four or five seconds on doing stuff. Omarion says that they own the performance.

What we say: When they're clean, they're clean, but when they're sloppy, they're VERY sloppy. Will the front flip at the end save them? I doubt it, but they do have the confidence to show everything off.

In the middle... Clogging and hip-hop together with BLENDED PROJEKT from West Covina, CA. Clogging is traditionally a folk dance, but they trick it out. We've seen tricked out clogging before, but not by the youngest contestant in ABDC history. The judges wanted a little bit more at the audition... but they get the pass to regional and the master mix of "Get Involved" by Ginuwine featuring Timbaland & Missy Elliott.

What they say: JC says it's a little fun, but you can't be cheezing when you're getting dirty. They start hard, but lose momentum. Omarion says that they have to take the good with the bad, saying that they could've brought a little more energy. Mama said they were a little intimidated with the taps on the shoes. But if everyone's hitting it, they're going to hit it hard.

What we say: There are some spots where they could do a little bit more with their moves, but it comes off as about as clean as you can get, so mad props for that.

On deck tonight, a b-boy crew from Denver, BREAK EFX. They're straight out breakers. And they break everything with a hip-hop choreo to it. That will get them to regionals, but will it get them to nationals? They will lock to "All Eyes on Me" by Clips featuring Keri Hilson.

What they say: Lil Mama says it's really funky, but it could be a little harder. Omarion wishes that he could've seen a little more b-boy moves. JC notes that they weren't as clean as they would like to be, but they did have a lot of unity.

What we say: A lot of stunts that we've not seen before, but that comes with being the only crew of b-boys and b-girls in the contest. That should be enough to get them to the Nationals.

Last West Coast crew uses popping, choreo, and robotics, Westminster, CA's POREOTIX. They have a lot of charisma, a lot of energy, and a lot of gags. Will they follow it up with a great performance in the regionals? They play up their robotics to "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. Yes, they did go there.

What they say: JC says that it was a lot of fun and very creative to dance to "T-Swizzle". Mama was entertained, calling it the best performance tonight. Omarion cites comedic timing and isolation telling the story.

What we say: Technically the cleanest group out there, and one of the most interesting and fun. Not very difficult, though. But their uniqueness should carry them through easily.

Now it's on the judges... They need to select three crews to represent the west. The other two will be in the crosshairs as we prepare for battle in ... SUDDEN DEATH!

Moving to Nationals

Battle sequences are set for Hype 5-0, Break Efx, and Blended Projekt. They will battle to "Showdown" by the Peas...

First, Blended Projekt... Not really cleaner.

Next up, Hype 5-0. Very cool with their use of their Hawaiian style.

Finally, Break Efx... Very technique heavy. This is going to be close.

The showdown is over, and the final crew to join the ranks of the nationals, leaving all others in the dust, are... HYPE 5-0!

And so the battle stage is set, America. These nine crews are in the running to be America's Best Dance Crew...

HEAVY IMPACT - North Hollywood, CA
HYPE 5-0 - Honolulu, HI
JUNGLE BOOGIE - Stone Mountain, GA
POREOTIX - Westminster, CA
SALTARE - Raleigh
STATIC NOYZE - Cambridge, MA

One question remains. Who wants it more? The banners will hang high until all but one fall. Nationals begin NEXT WEEK!

To see this episode in its entirety, go to abdc.mtv.com.