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Nine teams have the opportunity to do what the Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, and We Are Heroes did - and be America's Next Dance Crew

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Mario Lopez
Co-Host Layla Kayleigh
Judges JC Chasez
Lil' Mama
Creator Howard Schwartz
Karen Schwartz
EP Joel Gallen
Abe Hoch
Randy Jackson
Rob Lee
Howard Schwartz
Karen Schwartz
Harriet Sternberg
Austin Wagner
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Origins Warner Bros. Studios; Los Angeles
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Airs 10p Thurs, MTV
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Regionals: The South
January 28

The Jabbawockeez took it in year 1.

Year 2 belonged to Super Cr3w.

Quest Crew reinvented the game in year 3.

And last time, We Are Heroes set the world on fire.

Now it's time for another battle... and another 15 crews to light up the stage in search of the one who will earn the title of... AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW.

Joining host Mario Lopez and judges Lil Mama and JC Chasez is a new judge, singer/actor/dancer Omarion (formerly of the group B2K). The talent is so massive this year that we're going sectional. Crews will audition for one of five spots in the regionals. From there... three crews will make it to the big show in Hollywood.


We start our journey in the South, which has given rise to new beats, club bangers, and dance styles, but has yet to yield a champion crew. Will that change this season?

Joining the judging in the sectionals is Quest Crew's Hok Konishi.

The first of the five crews on the stage. JUNGLE BOOGIE out of Stone Mountain, GA, represent cranking. They want to represent the South to do it justice. Hok liked it, while JC saw stunts and originality. They're definitely a crew to watch. They can dance without the music, but they'll have to dance with music... "Bounce" by Busta Rhymes.

What they say: Omarion was impressed, but it got a little clumsy with a luchador/WWE move. Lil Mama said it got loose at the end. JC likes the energy level.

What we say:  Lots of clean, crisp, together moves. They move as a unit, and they're going to thrive as a unit. It's definitely something that ABDC hasn't seen in a while.

From Georgia, we go to Houston, where we meet GHOST. They claim to be the "smooth crew" that you don't see. The crew don't see themselves anywhere without dance. The judges caught the vibe of their creativity and their entertainment. They take all their foolishness and nervousness and channel it through their art. Tonight, they'll try to channel it into a place in the nationals with "Android Porn" by Kraddy.

What they say: JC asked for levels... He got levels. The crew was repetitive and slow. Omarion felt like he's seen the "isolation" routine before. Lil Mama agrees with both the judges. Listen to the advice. Step it up. Be theatrical.

What we say: It's a little bit sloppy. They have the moves, but they don't have cohesion.

Next from the Dirty South, a group of Southern Belles hoping to ring up a spot in the nationals with X-TREME MOTION out of Houston. Their style: bucking. It's just a lot of booty and no real substance. I mean, if this was America's Best Ass-Whippers, they'd have this in the bag. We'll see if they took Hok's advice to heart as they back their things up to LeToya's "She Ain't Got..."

What they say: Mama says that they're high energy, but not together as a group. JC says it started and finished generically. The meat is there in the sandwich, though. Omarion quotes Bubba Sparxxx.

What we say: They have one move. And they do it over. And over. And over.

Three up, two to go. First up, from the ATL... SWAGGER CREW. They're more than the ATL scene. They want to put the city on the map with a lot to offer. Hok says that there could've been a better formation, so don't be scared to experiment. They're going to get a shot to experiment, as they make their own, animated theatrical comedy. They'll do it with "Ice Cream Paint Job" by Dorrough.

What they say: JC saw the swagger in Swagger Crew in the middle of the routine. Omarion agrees with JC, saying that they have to swag, and that they seem a bit trained. Mama says that they have to focus on being one with the music.

What we say: Not sure what they're doing, but I like it. It's nice, tight, and it says what it does.. It's theatrical comedy. It's good to see that they're taking the judges' advice. They could possibly win the whole thing.

One more group before the judges decide who's going to the final. And they were trying to get on ABDC since the show began. Is the fifth time the charm for Hotlanta's ROYAL FLUSH? Hok loves the energy, as they're bringing the judges into their world. So five times is the charm, BUT can they get to the national competition? They'll try their luck with "Wasted" by Gucci Mane featuring Plies.

What they say: Mama wants to see more choreography. She saw everything... but actual dancing. Omarion thought it was corny. JC commends the crew for trying a little bit of everything.

What we say: It doesn't seem like a crew of dancers as much as it does a group of good dancing solos.

Now you've seen the crews. Now it's time to see who takes the hot routes to the Nationals and who'll go one more time in Sudden Death.

Moving to Nationals

That means that X-Treme Motion, Ghost, and Royal Flush have a date with Sudden Death in the Battle Zone. Time to dance for your life...

The battle... "Outta Control" by Baby Bash featuring Pitbull.

First, X-Treme Motion... nothing we've not seen before.

Second, Royal Flush... again... a little bit of everything.

Finally, Ghost... A lot more together than it was previously.

Two crews have run out of chances. Locking up the final slot in the Southern Bracket is... ROYAL FLUSH! As for Ghost and X-Treme Motion, time to hang up your shoes and say your goodbyes.

Next time, we're heading to the Eastern Seaboard. Who'll leave us being sea-bored, and who'll be one step closer to being named America's Best Dance Crew? Stay tuned...

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