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A fortune in cash is out there somewhere waiting for you to find it... and you have only THREE days to do it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Brandon Johnson
Creator Michael Maddocks
Jeff Spangler
Howard Schultz
EP Howard Schultz
Rob LaPlante
Jeff Spangler
Packager Lighthearted Entertainment for TNT Original Productions
Web tntdrama.com/series/72-hours/ 
Airs 10:15p ET Fri, TNT

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Flinders Island, Tasmania
June 28

Nine strangers, teamed in groups of three, are about to be whisked away to Flinders Island in the Australian state of Tasmania for 72 hours with no food, no shelter, and only one bottle of water. Danger awaits them at every corner, but if they make it out on the other side, there is $100,000 waiting for them.


25; Miami; warehouse supervisor
27; Clarksville, TN; full-time mom & cancer survivor
56; Saint Ann, MO; personal trainer & member of Mensa
27; Los Angeles; attorney
35; Little Elm, TX; sous chef
30; Oakland; track coach
23; San Diego; dental office manger
46; Houston; owner of pest control company
22; Spokane, WA; waitress

There's only one rule... Be the first team to find the briefcase of money... and you get to take it home. But there is a catch. You have to FIND IT first. Aside from fresh clothes and a bottle of water each, you have a GPS and a walkie-talkie. The GPS will lead you to supply drops toward the money, and the radio will be your lifeline for survival.

And the adventure for $100,000... STARTS NOW!

The first Supply Drop is located 3.7 miles away at Holloway Point.


First to the orange windsock.. Green Team. Each team has their choice of items in three identical cases. Every supply is useful, but not every item is necessary for survival, so choosing the right items to carry with you is crucial.

GREENS: flint, tarp, gators, waterproof bag, flares, knife.

The Reds are right behind.

REDS: Same as Greens.

Before they can get to the Supply Drop, the Blues radio for the Relief Drop and take the hour penalty... because Lauren needs pants.

Each team is equipped with the ability to call for a Relief Drop, which will always contain water, limited food, and supplies. You can call for it if you need it, but it comes with a one-hour penalty. After the penalty, they speed-walk.

Lache is not taking the team dynamic into question as she navigates, while the first-place Greens... well, Claude's crazy. They're done for the day. Meanwhile, the Blues finally arrive at the Supply Drop.

BLUES: Everything except a frying pan.

Valeria notes that the Reds are right on their tail as day 1 comes to a close.

Day 2 begins with a fantastic night courtesy of Claude... Now the teams must decide whether to get to Supply Drop 2 via hiking a long but safe path or swimming a shorter, but more dangerous one.

And by the way, it's getting colder and wetter because of the rain. Eric says that he can't swim that far with a hip problem. He can't swim. He can't speedwalk. So what do we do? We... just hoof it.

Gil wants the Blues to swim, so that's what we're doing. As for the second-place Greens, they note that the Blues have passed them to take first. The things in the dry bag.. are now wet. And it's still raining. Both teams are freezing to death, and the Greens radio for a Relief Drop in hops of something warm. The danger of coming down with hypothermia is very real. Eric, being fat, can handle it, but the others are freezing. The Reds radio for relief.

The Blues' heavy waterlogged supplies have forced them to relinquish the lead. Lauren is going downhill, so the team decide to call a premature end with Van hurt and Lauren freezing....

... but not before the Greens spot Brandon at the second Drop.


Brandon radios in for... an iPad. Why? Because it's a message from home for all three teammates! Now it's on to Supply Drop #3.

The Blues are still literally frozen in their tracks. And that's about as far as they'll go, because they decide to throw in the towel. Hypothermia sets in, and the BLUE TEAM IS DONE.

Day 3 begins with Green beating Red by a long track. Eric's hip is killing him, and it's raining. He thinks that Lache is "navi-guessing". Eric's hip may be stopping the team from progressing any further. Lache and David try to talk him out of quitting. But Eric radios for Brandon anyway. Eric throws in the towel for the RED TEAM. "All attitude. No substance." Lache honestly cares about no one but herself.

And that leaves the Green Team and the windsock....


... and they will be the only team arriving there. Now it's just the Green Team and the money. All they have to do is FIND IT.

.... But there's a catch. Valeria, Claide, and Palar are NO LONGER A TEAM. They are competing against each other, winner takes all. Each one gets an ATV, and it's a race to the cash atop Goose Rock. The first person to find the briefcase... gets the money.

Valeria looks at Claude dropping... repeatedly... and knows that she can't leave him behind. Palar, on the other hand, has no problem doing so. She finds the top of the mountain... AND THE BRIEFCASE. PALAR WINS 72 HOURS! And Brandon has Palar's mom on the line. Surely she's going to want to hear the story behind THIS.


To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.