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A fortune in cash is out there somewhere waiting for you to find it... and you have only THREE days to do it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Brandon Johnson
Creator Michael Maddocks
Jeff Spangler
Howard Schultz
EP Howard Schultz
Rob LaPlante
Jeff Spangler
Packager Lighthearted Entertainment for TNT Original Productions
Web tntdrama.com/series/72-hours/ 
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Lana'i, Hawaii
June 21

(C-NOTE: Beginning with this broadcast, "72 Hours" now airs at 10:15p ET Friday nights)

Nine strangers, teamed in groups of three, are about to be whisked away to the Hawaiian Islands for 72 hours with no food, no shelter, and only one bottle of water. Danger awaits them at every corner, but if they make it out on the other side, there is $100,000 waiting for them.

Lana'i, Hawaii

21; St. Louis; waiter
27; Syracuse, NY; conservative radio host
26; Ann Arbor, MI; personal trainer
24; North Pole, AK; model
22; Middleton, MA; bodybuilder
35; O'Fallon, IL; attorney
41; Pismo Beach, CA; retired prison officer
31; Great Falls, VA; valet

21; Saratoga Springs, NY; extreme sports promoter

There's only one rule... Be the first team to find the briefcase of money... and you get to take it home. But there is a catch. You have to FIND IT first. Aside from fresh clothes and a bottle of water each, you have a GPS and a walkie-talkie. The GPS will lead you to supply drops toward the money, and the radio will be your lifeline for survival.

You are currently in outrigger canoes. You will have to row to Supply Drop #1 ashore.

... and we begin by losing a contestant. The Blues are the first to the beach, while Rebecca is trying to catch up with the rest of the team.

And Andrew? "Screw the $100,000... If I come out with a date with Jasamina... that's fine with me."

And just like that... it's GAME ON!


Blue is the first to the windsock, and Brandon is ready with supplies. And here comes the Green Team as well.

BLUES: spool nylon cord, emergency blankets, multi-tool, slingshot, flares, rope, matches

The Reds finally arrive ashore and Matt, "The Commitment", decides that he wants to be the alpha, the guido, the musclehead.

REDS: everything except the rope.

Everyone is now trekking 13 miles to the second Supply Drop, at Kiawa Canyon. They'll go through desert badlands, dense bush, and steep canyons.

With three hours and change until mandatory stopdown at sundown, Jason has one shot and Jordan is grappling his stomach. Andrew of the Blues is keeping his eye on the prize... Jasamina's ass. Jordan picks himself up and gets himself going. The Red Team picks a camp spot... and calls for a Relief Drop using an emergency smoke signal and the radio call. Green does likewise. Blue wants to keep moving... Jasamina is "unbreakable".

Each team is equipped with the ability to call for a Relief Drop, which will always contain water, limited food, and supplies. You can call for it if you need it, but it comes with a one-hour penalty. Because of this drop, the Blue Team is now in second, while the Reds, thanks to Eric programming the maps used for "72 Hours", are way out in front.

Waiting for relief... Jordan has a reversal of fortune.

The next day, the 12-hour hike to Supply Drop 2 begins anew, with Jordan actually recovering from the night before. Matt is beginning to regret having two "Babe-raham Lincolns" on the team. Matt... right now Andrew is more of a man than you are.

The Green Team loses a member to loss (Jordan) and another to injury (Jason cutting his thumb off). They radio for a medic. If Jason is extracted for medical reasons, the team may continue without him in hopes of a return, but if he does not return, the game is over for his teammates as well. It's up to Jordan and Davina to determine whether or not to press forward. They... do.

The Blues are the first to arrive...


This episode seems to suffer from out-of-order "early installment weirdness". Inside the second Drop: more supplies and no Brandon.

BLUES (1st): Climbing rope, flares
GREENS (3rd -> 2nd): EVERYTHING PLUS a patched-up Jason
REDS (2nd -> 3rd): Flares PLUS their second Relief Drop

Jasamina is really adamant against calling a Relief Drop. Andrew... is throwing up. So is Mike. Take the hint, Jasamina.

Day 2 ends with Jasamina thinking that her teammates down is the end. No, it just means you RADIO FOR THE FREAKING RELIEF DROP!

A new day begins with the Blues pressing forward and the Reds trading their heavy stuff for some lighter fare.

Sometime during their journey, the teams will have to figure out when to drop to the beach to race for the third Supply Drop on Lana'i's North Shore. The Blues take a more direct approach, which lands them in second due to its difficulty. The Greens take the lead using a longer, but faster route... but Jordan quitting may derail that. Davina sends in for the helicopter... and before the official quit, Brandon asks where they think they are.

Meanwhile, the Blues cross into their path and into first place. And Jordan and Jason are THIS CLOSE from throwing down. Good thing Brandon was there to stop them. Davina was wondering where this energy was before. The final decision... Jordan is OUT, and therefore, so is the GREEN TEAM. And no one is more disgusted than Jason.

The Reds decide to cut to the beach, while the Blues are keeping on a straight path... until they can't. Red takes the lead as a result. They take a break and swim.

Break's over.


The Reds are the first to the Drop. They get a semi-inflatable motorboat. They have to ride to Shipwreck Beach to go get the money. Both teams have their boat, and now it's a race to the beach and to the money.

The Reds are the first to the beach... when Aimee LOSES IT and collapses on the beach. The Blues take advantage of the opportunity to catch up. But who'll make it to the finish first?

... IT'S THE RED TEAM! MATT, AIMEE & REBECCA WIN 72 HOURS! One word... Commitment.


To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.