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A fortune in cash is out there somewhere waiting for you to find it... and you have only THREE days to do it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Brandon Johnson
Creator Michael Maddocks
Jeff Spangler
Howard Schultz
EP Howard Schultz
Rob LaPlante
Jeff Spangler
Packager Lighthearted Entertainment for TNT Original Productions
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Yasawa Islands, Fiji
June 6

Nine strangers, teamed in groups of three, are about to be whisked away to the islands of Fiji for 72 hours with no food, no shelter, and only one bottle of water. Danger awaits them at every corner, but if they make it out on the other side, there is $100,000 waiting for them.

Yasawa Islands

24; Livingston, TX; personal trainer
21; Ogden, UT; college student

44; Newcastle, UK; tech CEO
24; Flatonia, TX; single mom
24; Savannah, GA; receptionist
33; Brampton, Canada; pro tennis coach
31; Clinton, NC; dance instructor
27; Moorpark, CA; medical aesthetician

35; Bayside, NY; restaurant manager

There's only one rule... Be the first team to find the briefcase of money... and you get to take it home. But there is a catch. You have to FIND IT first. Aside from fresh clothes and a bottle of water each, you have a GPS and a walkie-talkie. The GPS will lead you to supply drops toward the money, and the radio will be your lifeline for survival. But... you have to swim for it. GAME ON!

We start with a three-mile hike to Supply Drop 1, on the shore, signified by a windsock.

Chris sees drama from the beginning with Lindsay who professionally pops zits. She says she's secretly smart and talented... yeah. Christian thinks that Alex wants to have sex with him, while Dayna's trying not to be a bitch... TRYING.


Blue is first to reach the drop. Each team has their choice of items in three identical cases. Every supply is necessary for survival, so choosing the right items to carry with you is crucial.

BLUES: Flares, machete, flippers, dry bag, waterproof matches, grill, wire, spearhead.

The Reds are just behind.

REDS: Bamboo mat, flares, machete, flippers, dry bag, waterproof matches, grill, wire, spearhead.

The Greens finally arrive in last...

GREENS: Flares, inner tube, pump, machete, flippers, dry bag, waterproof matches, wire, spearhead.

To get to the other side of the island, you're going to have to swim. The Blues start to get heavy-handed, while Corey can't swim. He needed that innertube. They finally get to land, and Corey's feeling exhausted.

Dayna is getting a Charlie horse, but the Reds come together to make the trip happen. Christian, meanwhile, thinks their matches are ruined. Their waterproof matches... Think about that for a moment.

Supply Drop 2 is located on Nanuya Island. Teams will have to traverse the jungles of Drawaqa Island first. The good news.. there are pineapples along the way if you know where to look. The bad news... there are also really big spiders. Christian is not the smartest bulb in the box, and he's beginning to lose his team in more ways than one.

At least he doesn't lead his team back to where they started... CHRIS.

Each team is equipped with the ability to call for a Relief Drop, which will always contain water, limited food, and supplies. You can call for it if you need it, but it comes with a one-hour penalty. The Reds radio for a Relief Drop.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is starting to keel over from her pineapple, ultimately vomiting in the jungle. The Greens decide to set up camp and call their hike off early.

Night is beginning to fall on Drawaqa Island. Because the players are only allowed to make their moves during daylight, they must now get ready to call it a night.

We haven't heard from the Blues, who are way out in the lead that they are the first to find storm clouds. Meanwhile, Christian on the Reds... is stuck with a bum fire.

The first night is brutal all around. The next day, Lindsay takes the GPS and leads the Green Team away. The Blues need to take a moment because of Corey's knee. The heat and the lack of water is making it hard to walk.

Christian turns out to be deathly afraid of spiders... while Lindsay is taking the reigns for the Greens and leading them back into this thing. But Chris needs to get out of the sun due to him being dehydrated. Will they take the penalty or not? They... do.

The Blues arrive at the shore getting ready to swim to Supply Drop 2. Garfield helps Corey out, and the team makes it to the other side. Meanwhile, the other two teams are still struggling on Drawaqa Island.


The Blues are the first to reach Brandon at the second Supply Drop. It's... a BOAT. The Reds are hot on their heels. They're going to need these kayaks, because it's a six-mile row. BUT... it's almost sundown.

Meanwhile, Christian didn't know that hand sanitizer was flammable. Didn't also know that Lindsay's mother was a survivalist and that she's a youth camp leader. See? She's smart.

The next day, it's time to row across the Pacific to Waya Island and Supply Drop 3. Six miles is a long long way... too long for Shelise. She's nauseous, but she decides to push through it. Once they get to the island, they have to wade through thick bush. The Greens are in third, but have found a clear path to the Drop. The Reds and the Blues are still neck and neck and climbing.

Garfield gets dizzy upon standing up, so they decide to call for the drop. This may cost them the race.

Meanwhile, the Reds are trying to get their bearings together. Alex is trying to rally the troops... and it works as they find the third Drop...


And behind them... Green Team. Each team gets their final coordinates to the money and one last supply... dive masks.

Remember, you must all touch the briefcase together.

The Reds jump in the water immediately, while the Greens do a little extra hiking. Chris GETS THE SUITCASE first! They could win it here... but even after a rogue wave, the GREEN TEAM WINS!

So the Green Team of Lindsay, Chris, and Michelle all come from worst to first to get the cash!


To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.