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Tastes Like $500,000
October 29

Rule one of The Amazing Race is to complete every task presented to you. Otherwise you'll get slapped with a huge honking time penalty.

Rule two has to be: be ready for anything. If you can't drive a stick-shift, learn. If you can't ride a bicycle, get some practice. Start memorizing some basic words and phrases in several languages. If you are a vegetarian, you have two choices: give it up or go find another game to play.

On this week's installment of TAR, the Fast Forward pass was awarded after a team consumed an entire cooked sheep's head. Doctors Nat Strand & Kat Chang cringed at the prospect, since one of 'em is a vegetarian for 22 years. But you don't win the Race by Not Doing Stuff, so they suck it up, as it were, and scamper ahead to the Pit Stop and their first place finish.

Survivor contestants should be able to build a shelter and keep a fire going. Hell's Kitchen contenders must be able to make at the very least a decent risotto. Big Brother contestants must be willing to set aside all dignity as they don costumes and jump into pools of goo for a shot at the money.

Players and teams know what they're getting into and cannot be surprised or shocked when a challenge comes up that makes them uncomfortable.

Travis Eberle can eat just about anything, if money is on the line. wanna prove it? Send your offers to traviseberle@gmail.com