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Where's Women's Lib Now?
September 27

Thirty years ago or so, a woman got on a game show, and managed to win over $305,000. She was Eileen Jason, and she won several games on The Joker's Wild. She won $55,000 in her original run, and the $250,000 top prize in the annual Tournament of Champions. On her tenth game, she was told by host Jack Barry that a win plus a bonus game victory would put her number one on the all-time winnings list. She managed to win her game with three jokers, and a natural triple won her the prizes and cash, for a total of $39,500. In the aftermath, she said I'm just so glad that a woman was able to do it! Unfortunately, yelling at a youtube clip doesn't do much good, but I'll say it here: Congratulations. You won on a game show where success is derived mainly from luck of the draw and being able to answer fairly simple questions. You are not a shining beacon for women's liberation. You just got lucky and are being piggish.

That was around 1980, but let's fast forward (as it were) to 2010 and the first episode of The Apprentice. I guess Donald Trump knows more than I do, so there must be something to his decision to regularly cast the game as men against women. In the first task, the women do what women do, cutting each other down at every turn. In the boardroom, the eventual nearly-downsized pick themselves up, try to get the bus tread out from their clothes (after being thrown underneath it so many times) and go back on their way.

I don't know what causes the women to regularly degenerate this way so many times, but it seems to happen every year. The women vow to shatter the stereotypes and all of that, but year after year things don't change. There's infighting and cattiness and the men get to just sit back and watch the implosion. I hope for their sake that it doesn't happen again this year.

Travis Eberle is still entertained watching Donald Trump fire people. Drop him a line at traviseberle@gmail.com.