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December 14

I'll be straight out of the gate: I have never much cared for "The Newlywed Game." I didn't like it when Bob Eubanks hosted, when any of the other hosts did, when Bob hosted again, or this current version.

Most of that stems from the fact that I don't think it is terribly interesting to watch husbands and wives tell the more intimate details of their lives for a paltry prize package, but that's besides the point.

Recently, a featured video on Alex Davis's Buzzerblog site showed a man answering the question "What does your husband do better than your ex?" The husband says "Australia," and then proceeds to explain that Australia is (to him, anyway) a euphemism for "going down there," that is to say, intercourse. This goes on for a couple of minutes (and we later find out that the couple's parents were in the audience) and finally, one of the other husbands asks, incredulously, "Australia?"

I have news for everyone: The Newlywed Game is known for slaughtering sacred cows. If you're going on a game show to win a trip by telling about what goes on behind closed doors, then don't insult our intelligence by calling it "Australia." Own up to it and call it what it is.

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