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Today is

Proud to Be an American - August 23

The comparisons between Treasure Hunters and The Amazing Race were too many to ignore. While The Race was first, Treasure Hunters felt like what The Race should have been all along. Rather than holding the hands of each team as they looked high and low for $3 million in gold, teams were given a handful of clues, more in the form of puzzles than "Go to the next location." There were wrong turns, false solutions, and something that The Race has never provided; a history lesson.

Typically I don't go to adventure game shows to get lessons about our forefathers and how our country was founded. However, Treasure Hunters wove the history of the early days of the United States into the game in such an interesting way that I couldn't help but do more research after the show ended. Sometimes I've watched an episode of The Race and thought "What a neat place, I'd like to go there," but the show never brought out the studious side in me. Treasure Hunters became more than just another game show.

After looking through our country's history through the eleven episodes of Treasure Hunters, I found a new respect for our forefathers that twelve years of public school never did. For that, the show is to be applauded.

It was also fun to watch, too. Send your e-mails to Travis Eberle at:


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