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Beauty and the Geek
April 8

Once you get past "ordinary people playing simple games with household objects for huge money," there's not a whole lot of room to maneuver for Minute To Win It. They've done the decent Last Man Standing, the cracker jack Head-to-Head Showdown, and the terrible Million Dollar Mission. Many recent episodes have paired complete strangers together, with the partners splitting the money.

Last week, the show paired a "beauty" and a "geek". Not wishing to demolish any stereotypes, our lady beauty enters with the customary red tank top and white short shorts, while our male geek is wearing khakis and an argyle pattern sweater vest thing. Our intrepid pair plods along, winning some games straight away and using lives on others, interspersed with the required pathos, phone calls to absent family members and film clips of their life home, but that's nothing new; the show has used these stretching tactics since the beginning.

When things came off the rails for me was during the "Suck It Up" game, where both partners had to create a vacuum in a drinking straw that will hold a bite-sized chocolate candy, and to park that candy on another drinking straw. Four candies wins the challenge and $10,000.

The geek is explaining that in his job as a visual effects artist he tends to see things as polygons, and explains how that will come in handy during the play of the game. At that point Guy says words to the effect of "I have no idea what you just said." Our beauty pipes in with "I know how to pour drinks!" with a customary "woo!" that you'd expect from a party girl.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am disappointed. Even if they're not solving international problems, they did have a chance to say "Here's something you probably wouldn't have any idea about" and instead of allowing the guy to explain it or to have a moment in the sunshine, but it was cruelly taken away by a host who was too dumbfounded to notice it.

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