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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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September 6, 2004

Gordon: Welcome back. We are here with Millionaire and Jeopardy champion Jason Block as well as Canadian Idol recapper Ryan Vickers for this week's version of the Big 5.
Jason: Hello there...
Ryan: Ahoy hoy.
Jason: Big 5 time.
Chico: But before we get any further, we have to reveal the results of the
last vote. Ready?
Jason: Sure.
Ryan: I'm on pins and needles!
Jason: The suspense is killing me.
Chico: Okay, now coming in a 3, there's a three-way tie. The Poker Renaissance... Yay... Super Millionaire... Yay... And TPIR's 30th
Anniversary... Yay!
Jason: Not bad Not bad.
Ryan: really? I'm surprised TPIR made it that far up
Jason: Number 2 Mr. Chico.
Chico: Number 2: With 4 votes... H2's Game Show Week with Peter Marshall emceeing! Yay!
Ryan: Good choice!
Chico: Thank you. I believe that was mine :)
Jason: I wonder what #1 is going to be...:)
Ryan: hmm.... obviously Chuck Woolery!
Chico: I'll give you a hint, it isn't Ruben and Clay :)
Jason: Darn. (snaps fingers)
Gordon: Peter Tomarken coming back to host Paranoia!
Chico: Down, boy.
Gordon: pant, pant, pant
Ryan: Fang! Behave!
Gordon: Its not William Hung?
Chico: Number one is... the Jennings Reign of Terror! Wee!
Gordon: Which had a reign of terror on the poll with over 50% of the voting.
Wow Chico you are some excited today!
Chico: That's the lack of sleep talking!
Jason: So that is two in a row for the Mormon Maniac.
Ryan: Mormon Maniac - I like that Jason.
Jason: I don't think he is going to win this week's Top 5
Chico: But I guarantee you that he will not make this poll, because we're
talking Biggest Blunder here.
Gordon: Try me...=)
Chico: Unless Gordon finds some way in his overtly creative head to make it happen.
Ryan: Oh dear, here come a Gordon "spoiler" again...
Gordon: Tee hee hee hee hee
Jason: He is going to say the rules change is bad... blah blah blah
Ryan: I swear... if you get Skyler into this poll...
Chico: ... Okay, hold on. Now I have to edit my picks =p
Gordon: OOoh...I forgot about Skyler....
Jason: Uh oh...Now you did it Ryan.
Ryan: I really have to stop and think before I type.
Chico: Heh. Yeah.
Jason: Can I at least start on some of my top 5 nominees.
Chico: I think Ryan has to have his go first.
Gordon: Well, we like to do them 5 at a time. Ryan, would you like to start?
Jason: Sure.
Ryan: Sure. Can I list them one at a time with reasoning?
Chico: Just a reminder: each one of us has five, and they can be anything on your head. And if they repeat, then it's just less to cut out later.
Gordon: They can be anything you think of. Ryan has a good variety as
Ryan: #5: Justin and Krista - AKA the Big Brother 2 Knife Incident. Worst of all Justin couldn't understand why he was booted by the producers when
talking to Julie Chen in his hotel room.
Chico: Because he felt stabbity, that's why.
Ryan: ((groan))
Gordon: He had no stability in his life?
Jason: ugh
Gordon: We work as a Las Vegas team.
Ryan: #4: Brian Weikle's Jeopardy wagering in the J! ToC. Miscalculation
leads to snapping defeat from the jaws of victory.
Gordon: Cliff Claven to the Nth degree
Chico: Made it able for Mark Dawson to clinch the tourney and set up a page to that effect that we were featured on. I think the address is
Ryan: #3: Embarrassing - Dan Avila on Greed. Going for 2.2 Million, the
biggest TV prize at that point, he probably never wants to eat Tuna ever
Gordon: or chocolate
Ryan: Hey, you guys, do you know what is the difference between a piano and a fish?
Chico: You can tuna piano....
Jason: But you can't tuna fish (rimshot)
Gordon: but in order to tuna fish, you've got to have sole
Jason: and do it just for the halibut
Ryan: I've never had anyone get that, even when I told it underwater. Props to Chico, five points on the board.
Chico: Word :)
Gordon: Thank you folks, we'll be here all week.
Jason: Stop floundering and let Ryan continue :)
Chico: Yeah, we better stop before things get crappie.
Gordon: Ryan, stop baiting them and please continue.
Ryan: I'm really sorry for telling that joke now... #2 - Dumb: ABC killing
off Millionaire, slowly but surely. The once Regis juggernaut fades off into
the sunset with too much exposure and the ever scary celebified editions.
Supermodels??? I mean c'mon people. And my number one worst/dumbest/embarrasing moment of the last five years??
Jason: (drumroll)
Ryan: Ladies and gentleman - especially Chico - I present to you, HEATHER AND EVE
Ryan: ... Heather and Eve, the Harvard Law Students, took a cab instead of walking costing them their spot in the race. What a classic dumb move.
Please vote for it!
Gordon: H and E went from first to eliminated in one shot
Ryan: Ah, the memories. Similar tactics were pulled by Chip and Reichen
(AR4), and Chip/Kim and Kami/Karli in AR5, but H and E were the pioneers.
By far. Thanks for letting me say my piece :)
Gordon: ok - we have Ryan's 5. Mr. Block, you are on the clock.
Ryan: While sitting on a dock?
Chico: Let's go to the Block
Jason: #5---Family Feud choosing Louie Anderson as host. Horrible choice.
Chico: Grr...
Jason: And nearly killed the show doing it.
Ryan: I'll agree for the square. Seems like a nice fellow, not for that show
Jason: #4--Game Show Network changing it's focus from classic games to I don't know what. This hurts me personally more than anything.
Chico: Just plain games... classic, crap, and otherwise.
Ryan: the hip new Gsn! Party on, dude! (sarcasm)
Jason: #3--The couple from Big Brother 4 on Amazing Race 5--I cheered when they lost--and they caused themselves to lose. Dysfunction at its best.
Ryan: I'd forgotten that... Allison and Donny had no business being there.
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: nope
Chico: Someone should've told her that sticking to the man in power doesn't necessarily work all the time.
Jason: #2: The 2004 Cancellation of H2 and Pyramid in the same year. Pyramid had no chance and H2 should have had at least one more year.
Chico: Good ones....
Ryan: One major thing with Pyramid though was that everyone wanted it to be the 80's version all over again... that didn't help.
Chico: I was just content with it being back on the air.
Jason: And #1--The celebifcation of Millionaire. The only hot woman that
saved Millionaire was Meredith. She is soooooooooooo HOT.
Ryan: Ha ha!
Gordon: lol
Chico: Heh
Ryan: So you prefer her to Regis, even though he gave you a boatload of
Jason: She is a better host.
Chico: Yeah, more Tarrant-ish.
Ryan: I love how they get her to hang players, like Tarrant.
Jason: And she wrote me a personal note thanking me for my service when I prepped her for her syndie debut...I have it framed on the wall.
Ryan: That's really neat!
Chico: Ah, so we're playing favorites now.
Jason: No. :)
Chico: Just checking :)
Jason: I actually think Regis was good. Meredith is better :)
Ryan: But with Regis... you enter the NEXT DIMENSION! :)
Chico: I have to agree. I like seeing the players sweat it out during a
commercial break.
Ryan: LOL. I do love Meredith.
Jason: I want to be a wise man, dammit! Financial Discrimination!
Chico: "When the moon is in the seventh house... and Jupiter aligns with
Jason: Age of Aquarius?
Chico: oh wait, that's the Fifth Dimension...
Ryan: A: The dawning of the age of aquarius. Final answer.
Jason: Ding!
Chico: Okay, Gordon. Get me out of this.
Ryan: No no, you have to yell "I'm a celebrity".
Chico: The hell I will :)
Jason: Very good Ryan.
Ryan: Thanks :)
Chico: Besides. That's NEXT show
Gordon: ok - Chico, your 5
Jason: You don't have yours yet Gordon?
Gordon: I have mine - but I always go last.
Chico: He just likes to go last is all.
Jason: Ok
Gordon: Especially since I bring in...the DECOY NOMINATION
Jason: Hosts prerogative.
Ryan: It's so going to Skyler, I know it...
Jason: (scary music plays)
Chico: He can do what he wants to do, it's his perogative...
Gordon: Hint - its NOT Skyler
Ryan: thank goodness.
Chico: Okay, number 5: Going from what Jason said earlier. Contributing to the quicker death of Weakest Link... Too many celebs. Gawd. Celeb overload here. And it was going so well, too.
Ryan: Poor Anne. It wasn't easy to deal with those folks...
Jason: Can we lump those in to Celebs contributing to the death of shows in general?
Chico: ... I'll allow it.
Gordon: I think so. Next?
Ryan: Sure, go nuts
Chico: Numbuh 4: The first season of Lingo and the KAHKI/KAZAA team of dizzy blondes who blanked out on Bonus Lingo.
Ryan: ha ha
Gordon: classic stupidity. How can you get nothing right in the Lingo bonus round?
Ryan: I liked the woman who said the most interesting thing about herself
was that she never drank coffee.
Jason: Kids Next Door Reference :) Love it
Chico: I'm glad someone got that :)
Jason: Great show.
Chico: Yep.
Ryan: I should have been on season one Lingo... it was taped in Holland when I was living in France... only a six hour train ride. *sigh*
Chico: And you could've practiced on the way.
Jason: And you made it out alive Ryan...oh, that's right...your Canadian :)
Ryan: ah! touche!
Chico: Okay, numbuh 3: Hollywood Squares. Four words: Big. Money. Bonus. Round.
Gordon: And the point of the round was?
Chico: Exactly. There was no point except for just throwing money away.
Ryan: $$$$$$$$$$$$$
Chico: Didn't contribute to the game in any fashion, and if anything,
contributed to its demise. The bleeding! We cannot stop it!
Ryan: Sure, just get rid of the Whoopster...
Jason: Hey when she left, and the Fonz came got great again.
Chico: Too bad it wasn't great enough for the audience who exiled en masse after that.
Chico: Numbuh 2: Survivor Outback. Colby could've sewn up the million had he chosen Keith to be by his side at Final Tribal. Instead.. He chooses Tina. Everyone loves Tina. The rest writes itself.
I forgot about that one.
Chico: The end.
Ryan: Ah, but now he has those razor commercials, doesn't he now?
Chico: Yep. Even though I can't shave my head with one of those things.
Gordon: lol - and #1?
Chico: Number one, more of an innocent joke that spiraled out of control
thanks to one of our own...
Ryan: Dick Clark hosting millionaire?
Chico: Bingo.
Ryan: How's that for psychic, folks?
Jason: I don't remember that.
Gordon: Refresh his memory, Chico
Chico: Okay, Tom Heald posted as an April Fool's joke on two boards that
Dick Clark was chosen as host of Millionaire, the syndicated version, that
is. Steve Beverly caught wind of this, and posted it on site.
Jason: Gotcha.
Chico: Uproar ensued.
Jason: Now I remember. That was bad.
Chico: Dick Clark's personal assistant had to step in and intervene.
Ryan: ah, the memories...
Chico: It was that day's "Dewey Defeats Truman" or "Kerry Chooses Gephardt".
Gordon: lol
Jason: All right Gordon...last but not least...
Chico: Sock it to us, Answerman.
Gordon: ok - Here are my 5....
Ryan: Onwards and upwards, Mr. Pepper.
Gordon: #5 - I had another Survivor moment - the quiting of Survivors. For the first time in the show, Osten quits for no apparent reason, which gets the community in an uproar. In Survivor All-Stars... Susan leaves because she claims to have been violated by Richard Hatch. Both moments were the 2 ugliest times of Survivor - and the only times (besides Jenna leaving) that there was no final chat.
Chico: Ugly, being the operative word.
Jason: Very ugly...on Susan's part if you ask me.
Ryan: Probst said it works best with people who don't know each other...
all-stars proved that.
Jason: I think Susan in that case was an absolute moron.
Chico: Yep and yep.
Jason: If Susan truly thought she was violated--she should have kicked his
Chico: Nah, I think you get kicked off for that.
Jason: THAT would have been worth it to see.
Ryan: I agree.
Chico: Alright, 4, please.
Jason: But for her to wait 24 hours and then do her "drama queen" speech, was a little fake if you ask me.
Chico: How about "coached"?
Ryan: ooohhh
Jason: Ok. "Coached", then.
Chico: Because, you know they like to coach =p
Gordon: #4 - Another Greed moment - the TV team that loses on the first
question. The category is about ...the host, Chuck Woolery.
Ryan: is it WHEEL OF FORTUNE? <<buzz>>
Chico: D'oh!
Gordon: I hosted Wheel of Fortune - I didn't host singled Out....lets see if
we can get a team that knows a little bit more about me. Priceless moment.
Chico: Yep. Their answer to Robby Roseman.
Gordon: pretty much.
Ryan: ah yes but is there a greed equivalent to the term "llamaed out"?
Gordon: Speaking of which...#3. How can you not have Robby Roseman in here, as he was the person who started the craze: and gave us 'Llama'd out'. You stole my words, Ryan - lol.
Chico: Roseman Llamas Out... And the crowd goes crazy.
Ryan: my sincere apologies :)
Jason: Wow. Yes.
Gordon: #2 - Two words. Oma. Rosa. Not just that, but Sam as well, as the villains of the Apprentice overshadow Bill Rancic's win. What's uglier is
Omarosa's threats of racism after the show, including a rumor that she was going to file a suit at Donald Trump right after she got fired, with Trump firing back 'I eat little girls like you for breakfast'.
Chico: Pretty much.
Ryan: And spit them out. Thank you thank you thank you for including that :) Brilliantly parodied on SNL's "weekend update"
Chico: Omarosamanigaultstaaaaaaalworth.
Jason: I have a feeling what #1 is going to be.
Gordon: But you can stick Psychotic Sam in there too
Chico: And why's that... aide from being psychotic?
Jason: Hey Gordon can I guess at #1?
Gordon: Sam - sleeping on the floor, etc. You may guess, Jason
Jason: AI3--The William Hung saga.
Gordon: nope
Jason: Darn.
Chico: Nope. That would be too valid.
Jason: LOL Chico
Chico: Gordon, in his infinite wisdom, likes to throw a wrench in. You know, as opposed to keeping it real.
Ryan: I smell DECOY...
Gordon: I actually don't think of Hung as a bad thing. Yes he's bad, but
that's more of the system, and if he can make money, then so be it. However... I have a major problem with someone who makes money - and then covers up his rationale of doing so by saying he didn't want to buck
tradition - and then stomps all over it. You know what I'm talking about now?
Chico: ... No idea.
Ryan: oh dear...
Chico: Great googly moogly.
Gordon: You wanted to know how I could get Ken on the list - well, here's how.
Jason: Not a bad choice actually.
Gordon: On an interview right after he tied the record of most amount won in a day with $52,000, Ken is asked why he didn't go for the record - and he said that he held it in too high regard. So what does he do? He attempts to break the record…THAT NIGHT! After 3 tries, he finally does so on the last day of the season. So much for him wanting to be respectful of the past Jeopardy champions. That started the ball of me not liking him rolling, and if anyone wants to talk about a Ken Jennings backlash, they can point their finger to that moment. Believe it or not, none of my picks this week were decoys - and that's the decoy =).
Chico: Which is weird =p
Gordon: Because Ken would have been up here, regardless. But I can give you Skyler as a decoy if you want =) You always have to switch your game around a little =)
Chico: Don't even challenge him.
Ryan: no, that's quite fine :)
Jason: so now we narrow down to 10.
Gordon: I would have used Richard Karn as the new MC of Feud, since I can't stand him and I know Chico loves him.
Chico: Better than me, anyway. It's what we call "The Spoiler Round." But first, I have to refresh some memories.

4/1/02: "Dick Clark hosts Millionaire", ABC's Killing Millionaire, Alison & Donny on Amazing Race, Apprentice: Omarosa and Sam, AR3: Heather & Eve's Walking Taxi, BB2: Justin, Krista, and a Knife, Feud: Choosing Louie Anderson, Greed: Dan Avila's $2,000,000 Blunder, Greed: The Big "Wheel" Out - there's your term, GSN's Reformatting, H2: The Big Money Bonus Round, H2/Pyramid Axed in 2004, Brian Weikle's TOC Wager, J!: The Hypocrisy of Ken Jennings, Lingo: The KAHKI/KAZAA team, Millionaire: Roseman Llamas Out, Primetime Quizzers: Too many celebs!, Survivor: Colby blows $1 million, Survivor: Osten and Susan Quit.

Chico: Everyone get that?
Jason: Yup.
Ryan: I think so :)
Gordon: got it
Chico: 19... Each one gets two, then we get to vote on one. Ryan, you're the spoiler.
Jason: To keep or to throw out?
Chico: throw out
Gordon: get rid of
Ryan: As in I pick two to eliminate off the top?
Chico: right
Ryan: just a sec. First - although it was my own - BB2. There are much
better selections that should stay, not in the least Justin's
Gordon: ok
Ryan: and secondly, lingo KAZAA
Chico: Why's that?
Ryan: Hmm... I'd have to say that Lingo tends to move slowly at points and
this just drags it even more.
Chico: Ah. Point taken.
Gordon: ok - J. Block - you get to knock things off the block.
Jason: Ok. Here we go. I think the April's Fools Joke is one... significant
but not important. And the Ken Jennings thing... important but not significant.
Ryan: I liked the April fool's joke, but I think Jason is right - not many
outside of the GS community will appreciate it as much as us.
Gordon: I think Jennings would be fascinating - just to see if there is as
much a backlash of Jennings as there is a feeling of life towards him
Chico: You'll probably get that in e-mails from the Church of Ken Jennings.
Gordon: I offer all Ken Jennings followers to e-mail me and tell me how much of a dope I am.
Chico: And he NEVER backs down from a challenge, so you better BRING IT LIKE A M(^_^)F(^_^)!
Ryan: That's for those of you playing along at home.
Jason: Yipe!
Gordon: I knew Jason would get rid of Jennings, since he is a Jennings
Jason: Bite me. I like the guy--even if he is a hypocrite ;)
Gordon: Could I put the CD in the case for you, Mr. Jennings? What about wash your Mormon-mobile, Mr. Jennings?
Jason: Very funny Gordon. Now you are getting personal :)
Chico: Okay, what was I doing...
Jason: knocking off 2
Chico: Well, Louie Anderson wasn't a mistake in the eyes of the general public. Granted, I would've gone for someone with a little more bench experience, as we techs like to say, but the show fared well in its own right, so let's get rid of that.
Ryan: agreed.
Jason: yes.
Chico: And Omarosa and Sam, albeit big casting mistakes, were quickly
remedied by the Donald, so it all comes out in the wash. So that's gone.
Jason: No. That stays
Chico: Nope. Gone. Sorry.
Ryan: Hmm... fistfight?
Jason: Ok OK
Gordon: Did you bring s the steel cage, Ryan?
Chico: Gordon, time to make an enemy out of another friend, man.
Ryan: I'll go get the steel cage... left over from a shark dive somewhere
I'm sure.
Gordon: Ok - I guess I'll say Allison and Donny on AR first - I mean I would
have said Allison on BB5 - but not AR.
Ryan: fair enough
Jason: ok
Gordon: and lets get rid of the Big Money Bonus round in H2 - it's tacky,
but not as bad as a lot of the other stuff.
Chico: Right. Understandable.
Jason: Sure
Ryan: okay
Chico: So we go now to a vote. Which one of the remaining stars gets voted off the Loser Island, coming this close to mediocrity... but not close enough.
Jason: What's left?
Chico: Millionaire death, Heather/Eve, Dan Avila, the "Wheel of Fortune"
Team, GSN, 2004 Cancellations, Brian Weikle, Roseman, celeb quizzers, Colby blows $1M, and Sue and Osten quit.
Ryan: so we nominate one more?
Chico: Yep.
Ryan: Greed wheel of fortune question
Jason: That works
Gordon: your vote, Chico?
Chico: My vote... Killing of Millionaire... Could be attributed to the celebs. And it's not dead... yet.
Gordon: I like the Wheel of Fortune team, so I'll vote with Chico to force a
stalemate and a coin toss.
Ryan: c'mon wheel...
Jason: come on wheel
Chico: Alright, you're flipping or am I?
Gordon: I'll flip - I have the coin right here
Chico: Okay. Heads - Wheel stays. Tails - Millionaire Stays. go
Gordon: Heads I win, tails you lose. Heads - I win.
Ryan: nice.
Chico: So Millionaire is not dead enough to warrant a place on this list
Jason: (grumble)
Ryan: ah... I read that wrong.
Jason: another bet I lost :)
Ryan: the final votes are what Chico?

AR3: Heather and Eve's Walking Taxi, Greed: Dan Avila's Tuna, Greed: The Wheel of Fortune team, GSn's reformatting, H2/Pyramid Axed in 2004, J!: Brian Weikle's T0C Wager, Millionaire: Roseman Llamas Out, Primetime Quizzers: Too many celebs!, Survivor: Colby blows $1M, and Survivor: Osten and Susan Quit.

Jason: That's a nice mix. I wonder what our viewers will think.
Chico: Nice little blend there.
Gordon: It would be nicer if someone wasn't afraid of seeing a Jennings
Jason: You know what... Take out my GSN and put Jennings in. I want to see it. This is a challenge to Mr. Pepper. Go for it.
Gordon: Actually, I think GSn should stay in, if you wanted to take out one
of yours, I would say cancellation of H2 and Pyramid.
Chico: We have a challenge on the play.
Jason: Ok...Do it.
Gordon: Pepper and Block appeal to Chico.
Jason: Take out H2/Pyramid and put in the Ken Jennings Hypocrisy.
Jason: Friendly challenge mind you.
Ryan: Ryan stays neutral...
Chico: The appeal has been made. The change is good.
Jason: All right. Now we shall see, Mr. Pepper. Over under on votes? :)

AR3: Heather and Eve's Walking Taxi, Greed: Dan Avila's Tuna, Greed: The Wheel of Fortune team, GSn's reformatting, J: Jennings contradicts himself on the 1 Day record, J!: Brian Weikle's T0C Wager, Millionaire: Roseman Llamas Out, Primetime Quizzers: Too many celebs!, Survivor: Colby blows $1M, and Survivor: Osten
and Susan Quit.

Chico: Next time, we'll see if Jason or Gordon reigns supreme over the WLTI arena... But for now, I'm going to put the coffee on. Gordon, take us
to the break, please.
Gordon: I'll say Jennings gets at least 30%
Jason: We shall see.
Gordon: Big Finish coming up, and I got Jennings in! BWA HA HA HA HA!!!

(Brought to you by Ling-Os. Now with bigger red balls! They're T-A-S-T-Y!)

Gordon: ok - big finish time. Does Michael get escorted out of BB5 next?
Chico: Unless he decides to Cowboy Up.
Gordon: Will we see any cowboys on The Apprentice 2?
Chico: Wouldn't surprise me in the least. How about cowboys in Vanuatu, you see it?
Gordon: cowboys and rugby players
Chico: Rugby players rock.
Gordon: Rugby. R-u-g-b-y. What did you think of the Lingo Tournament?
Chico: Too little, too late, GSN. You are forever.. on MY list. I'm personally lobbying for a fourth season. Longshot chance of that happening, but yeah. But in the end, the two teams that wanted it the most got to the end, and the better team won.
Gordon: Yep though I did root for Ben and Josh.
Chico: Yeah, so did I. But Catherine's a cutie, so... yeah, I was kinda pulling for Tim and Catherine ... that much more. Cuties also rock. You know who else rocks?
Gordon: ok. Rocks. R-O-C-K-S. Who else rocks?
Chico: Charla. Number one on the Best Summer Ever list last weekend on VH1. Without Mirna. Because Mirna's a little *does crazy finger motion* woo-woo in the head, you know?
Gordon: Did she put on a show?
Chico: She just said "I'm having the Best Summer Ever." And she is. Amazing Race, top of the heap in reality strands this summer. Take THAT, Big Brother!
Gordon: And so the endless circle continues.
Chico: We'll continue this circle next time, when we challenge Gordon to go one episode without saying "Ken Jennings."
Gordon: I can do that.
Chico: I'm Chico Alexander, playing for the Give Chico Alexander Money
and I'm Gordon Pepper, playing for the Save a Lingo Board foundation
Chico: And until next time... *opens Apprentice flap once more* "You're
Gordon: and game over
Chico: I can do that all day...

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