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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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August 30, 2004

Chico:  It's the definitive dancing battle album. I got the pop going.. Got the spin going... All you need is a piece of cardboard.
Gordon: We are back and we have Aldo Villalona and Joe Van Ginkel with us
Chico:  Welcome back to the show, guys,.
Chico:  Oh, and Joe, I did get the pics from GSC3... Gordon shaved... bro'man never shaves! =p
Gordon: I did not want to represent GSNN looking like a reject from The Clan of the Cave Bear.
Chico:  Heh. Well, what do we have next up?
Gordon: We start the new seasons of shows on Monday, so it's only appropriate to bring back Push or Flush.
Chico:  YAY! Toilet time!
Gordon: Here's the game - we bring up a new show, and you tell me if it's
worth pushing or if we flush it.
Aldo: Oh boy.
Joe: Right on.
Chico:  Very simple. And to make it even more simple, we're going
Gordon: Let's start with Joe's favorite game, as we bring back season 4
of... FEAR FACTOR! Can they reinvent themselves again? or has America seen enough animal testicles?
Joe: Gordon knows my answer:  Flush.  If they didn't insist on the lame
gross-out stunts, the show might be fun for me.  But as it is, it's crap.
Chico: I can see myself pushing Fear Factor if only for the first and third
challenges. But before I finalize, need I remind you that the season premiere is the Couples Redux.
Gordon: The million dollar couples segments were cool. They haven't let me down. And I LOVE the gross challenges, and I hope they can continue to make new non-repeated edibles. If they can do this, this gets a full fledged push from me.
Aldo:   I like the show, ratings are still pretty good, don't change what's
working. I love seeing men getting angry at their others for not doing the stunt - push.
Gordon: Thats 2.5-1.5, Push.
Chico:  Next up, The Complex.
Chico:  Simple enough task: get a run-down flat, fix it up, turn a profit.
Gordon: This comes to us as one of Australia's highest rated shows. Will it
get the same success here?
Chico:  I can see this working if you get likable characters. I'm a big fan
of Trading Spaces. This one's a push.
Joe:    I would ordinarily give it a Flush just because it's a reality show,
but the concept sounds interesting enough for it to be watchable.
Gordon: This will probably be closer to House Rules, which is a dopey little
show, but it was cute. Dopey and cute work on FOX, so I think it will get
ratings. I'll push it. So this is 3-0, Push.
Chico:  Alright. Now we move to Last Comic Standing: battle of season one vs. season 2.
Gordon: From what I am reading about the show, there is no Big House and this is  60 minutes of comedy competition. This is what the first 2 seasons should have been. BIG Push.
Chico:  Agreed.
Aldo:   A comic show about comedy?? blasphemy. Push.
Joe:    Ditto.  Stand up comedy kicks ass; reality television bites. Push it.
Chico:  What's next, comedy movies that are funny?
Gordon: Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, Chico
Joe:    Yeah, really.
Chico:  Heh.
Gordon: We get our first unanimous 4-0 Push. Next up - The Search for the next Partridge Family
Aldo:   Lord they are going too far
Chico:  You THINK?!
Joe:    Flush.  The original Partridge Family sucked (even though it gave us
Danny Bonaduce).  There's not guarantee this will be any better.
Gordon: Yes, it's going after their demographic audience, and yes, they
should get their ratings - but I just won't be one of the people contributing to it. Flush.
Chico:  I have to agree, and I was a big fan of the original Partridges... I
think they would be well to leave well enough alone.
Aldo:   Flush it and don't you dare call me to cover it.
Gordon: Not even for a Scooby Snack?
Chico:  Save yourself!
Gordon: Chico, I think this is yours.
Chico:  Lucky me.
Aldo:   hahaha
Chico:  So we now have a 4-0 Flush.
Gordon: First one, too.
Chico:  Next up: Wheel of Fortune. Mystery wedges go up to $1000. Other than that, it's the same game we're used to. This one's a nobrainer.
Joe:    Half a Push.  Classic format on its last legs.
Gordon: How can you call a show that is the highest rated show in
syndication on it's last legs? Taking a page from Aldo, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. And it's not close to being broken as it stomps over everyone. Push.
Aldo:   Nah it still definitely a fan favorite. Push.
Joe:    Jeopardy! might argue with that, Gordon.
Chico:  And speaking of which - Will the Jennings reign of terror produce
more quality challengers this season? I'm pushing on that hope.
Joe:    Zoff-woff-wiff-woff-Push-Push!
Aldo:   Jeopardy is going to ride this horse till it passes out.
Joe:    Totally.
Gordon: Of course it gets pushed, and the ratings could move it to number one for the season. Could Jennings be the sole champ for the whole season?
Chico:  I say someone'll take him to school.
Gordon: I say he is the sole champion for the season.
Chico:  He can't win forever, and I don't think he's up to trying.
Aldo:   The whole year? That would be insane.
Joe:    That would bankrupt Sony. ;P
Chico:  Nah, as long as the world has the Playstation.
Aldo:   Bankrupt Sony?? Not with grand theft auto and metal gear coming out :)
Gordon: Keep in mind that if anything, this HELPS SONY, as they get more of the money back (in a bigger amount) as Ken approached higher tax brackets.
Joe:    Our friend Jeff Suchard is slated to try here in the near future from
what I hear.
Gordon: We'll try to be getting an interview with Mr. Suchard after his
episode with Jennings - or maybe we will call him the man who dethroned Ken?
Chico:  Next up: The Next Great Champ. If you haven't heard, this is the show Fox lifted from NBC's The Contender... Based on that alone... I say Flush to you. I have a principle about copycats that are rushed to air like that.
Joe:  Push both Champ and Contender.  I'm a boxing fan to start with. 
These shows actually look cool.
Gordon: Champ looks hideous, Contender looks good. I'll push the Contender and Flush the FOX clone
Chico:  Agreed.
Aldo:   Push, I'd like to see how each will play out being a boxing fan as well.
Gordon: Contender gets pushed 4-0, while we have a 2-2 split on the Champ.
Chico:  Alright, next up: The Apprentice. 18 new candidates. Among them, four MBAs and one person named Ivana.
Aldo:   hahaha
Chico:  I checked, it ain't the same person.
Joe:    Flush.  Didn't care for the first one either.
Gordon: I liked the first one - and from what I heard, this one is going to
be better. Push.
Chico:  I'm going to push, but with caution. I've seen many a sequel go under.
Aldo:   Push, nice premise, donald makes the show work
Joe:    Trump is cool.  The show sucks.
Gordon: Apprentice 2 - 3-1, Push
Chico:  Next up: Millionaire, season 3. Ask the Audience becomes Ask America, and Switch the Question becomes the fourth lifeline.
Joe:    Millionaire, season 3.  Push it big time.
Chico:  Hey, stuff like that can only help, right? Big push.
Aldo:   I love watching people get stumped on dumb general knowledge
questions. PUSH.
Gordon: Meredith roocks, the show rocks, the New Lifeline is cool, though I'm not thrilled about the $$ being lowered. Half a push.
Joe:    People have been screaming for that fourth lifeline.
Chico:  But they haven't been screaming for price cuts.
Gordon: The $$ being lowered smacks of cost-cutting.
Joe:    The money getting lowered sucks, but it makes sense; also kinda
brings the figures in line with Super Millionaire.
Chico:  There's another show I wouldn't mind seeing again
Joe:    Ditto.
Gordon: Millionaire - 3.5-0.5 - Push
Chico:  Next up: Mark Cuban wants to give the Benefactor $1,000,000... But how will he do it?
Gordon: Who knows, who cares, why bother? Flush
Joe:    This might work.  I'm gonna flush it anyways.
Aldo:   Gordon, I'm so disappointed - Mark Cuban is the man, besides
Steinbrenner he's the best owner; he can make this show work. I think push.
Gordon: It's Cuban, and this could be cool - or this could reek of what I
fear, which is a blatant violation of game show ethics.
Chico:  It's on ABC opposite Fear Factor. I have absolutely no hope for it
whatsoever - Flush.
Gordon: If Steinbrenner was the Benefactor, it would be a much more
compelling show.
Joe:    I like Mark Cuban, and I think he might make the show, but Gordon's fears are my fears too.
Chico:  And mine.
Aldo:   There would be assassination attempts by Boston Celtic fans.
Gordon: And if ABC is sticking this against Fear Factor, which would also be the Benefactor's Target audience, they are obviously seeing stuff that they don't like.
Chico:  That's a 3-1 Flush. Next: Feud. Season 6. Potential for even more
Gordon: I don't think growth, but you never know. There's is something that I don't see - a decline. Push.
Joe:    Shockingly enough, FF is one show that has actually gotten better as the years go by.  Richard Karn still can't hold a candle to either Richard
Dawson or Ray Combs, but he's a damn sight better than Louie.  Push.
  Sounds good to me. Push here, too... Even with everything going
against it, if Fremantle doesn't decide to... fix it.
Chico:  Make it four, Aldo...
Aldo:   Nah sorry, I was a huge fan of Richard Dawson's Family Feud... I can't bring myself to watch it anymore.
Chico:  Oh well. Can't say I didn't try.
Aldo:   I think it's the host.
Gordon: Nope - 3-1 Push
Chico:  Survivor Vanuatu: 18 castaways, nine men, nine women... Still
appointment TV apparently.
Gordon: I always appoint myself to watch it - Push
Chico:  And now that a certain sitcom is out of the mix, it can only
flourish... or freeze where it is right there. Push.
Aldo:   ok how can I put it. I hate the show, but it works ratings wise so I'm stuck. Half a push/draw.
Joe:    Survivor sucks.  Always has.  Always will.  Quadruple flush.
Gordon: Joe, You only get a single flush, so it's 2.5-1.5 push - though a
nice attempt to throw the voting.
Joe:    Awwwww.
Aldo:   He thinks he's an Olympic judge.
Chico:  There is no Paul Hamm here, my friend....Another no-brainer... TPIR, season 33. Let's just make this quick and painless. Push.
Aldo:   Flush it.
Gordon: Push... wha?
Aldo:   Just kidding.
Joe:    Zoff-woff-wiff-woff-Push-Push!
Chico:  Heh
Aldo:   push
Joe:    Zoff-woff-wiff-woff-Push-Push!
Chico:  Four and out, and we go to Season 5 of Street Smarts. More of the
same... and less.
Gordon: Less episdoes - but the $100,000 tournament idea is a nice one - Push.
Chico:  I'm thinking it might. I mean, you have less episodes, but a devoted
fan base... Myself included. I'm thinking push.
Joe:    Street Smarts is just damn funny, and Frank Nicotero is a hilarious
and likable as ever.  Big Push.
Aldo:   Push, unfortunately showing how dumb America is.
Chico:  Another 4 and out, Push.
Joe:    I think they have to look to find those idiots.
Gordon: Judging what what I have seen in CA, they don't have to look far.
Dream Job 2 did wonders for ESPN's Sunday night ratings - will the show do wonders for you?
Joe:    This is the kind of reality show whose concept I like.  Never watched the first one, and probably won't watch this one either, but I'm gonna push it anyways.  Besides Stuart Scott kicks ass.
Chico:  Agreed. And a Tar Heel at that. Push.
Aldo:   Stu Scott = Push. Stump the Schwab was great too... shut up, Gordon.
Joe:    Stuart Scott is actually a really good game show host.  He was great on Stump the Schwab.
Gordon: I didn't like Scott in Stump the Schwab - but he did a very good job in Dream Job 1. He should equal this here, though I didn't like that they
changes the rules midstream to block Zach Selywn from getting the job. Half a push.
Chico:  I thought he as alright on it. I didn't think the show was another
2MD, but it held its own.
Gordon: Scott is a good host- but he didn't fit in Schwab.
Joe:    You think he'd have done better on Super Bowl of Sports Trivia?
Chico:  Probably.
Gordon: Scott is a good host for a show with a lighter side - I think he'd be
perfect if ESPN did a Street Smarts like show with sports as the theme.
Chico:  Next: Bachelor 6... Two men, both above the demographic. You know, I think they're really reaching now. As I like to say in times like these... FLUSH HARD!
Joe:    Chris Harrison is a nice guy (especially from Randy West has said of
him).  Too bad Bachelor sucks.  FLUSH that diarrhea.
Aldo:   FLUSH. Gimme Outback Jack 2.
Gordon: Let's see, steal the ages concept from Who Wants to Marry My Dad, steal the concept of voting for the person you want from For Love or Money 4, steal their own contestants from earlier shows and make them contestants again. And we thought FOX was bad? FLUSH
Chico:  Basically put, watching this show... could KILL YOU!
Gordon: Or at least rob you of original thought.
Aldo:   Sends me to the toilet.
Joe:    Ditto.
Gordon: I think Jason Hernandez should cover this show. Any objections?
Joe:    Yes.  The man's my friend; I wouldn't want to have to subject him to that.
Gordon: Any objections for Joe covering it then? Bwa ha ha ha ha
Joe:  Smart ass.
Chico:  Yeah, that's about right :) Next up  America's Next Top Model... More smut, I say!
Aldo:   Hot chicks!!!!! PUSH
Joe:    And more crap too.  Flush.
Chico:  The first two didn't do anything for me either. If I wanted to see
hot chicks, I'd pick up an FHM. Flush
Aldo:   As the great Joey Styles put it, CAT FIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!
Joe:    I'm with Chico.   (or I could always go to AJJ's website).
Chico:  Of course :)
Gordon: I actually did like the things associated with the show. Where else
can you actually learn about the modelling industry - and see scantilly clad
women get into hissy fits?
Joe:   <Joey Styles>OH MY GOD!</JS>
Chico:  an FHM perhaps? =p
Gordon: FHM doesn't have women get into cat fights
Chico:  Not.. but it could.
Aldo:   Gordon is always good at a BS answer.
Chico:  Agreed.
Gordon: I also read Playboy and Penthouse just for the articles.
Aldo:   I'm proud.
Gordon: Besides - the pages of FHM are all taken up by the Apprentice women.
Chico:  And the problem is....
Aldo:   Gordon really wants to learn about the modeling industry.
Chico:  So he can get with one.
Joe:    Gordon just wants to learn about how to pick up models.
Gordon: Aren't I modeling material?
Chico:  AHEM...FINALLY...heh.. We have Amazing Race 6... This again, is a
no-brainer. Push here.
Joe:    Push
Gordon: This season has gotten the highest ratings in it's series history -
EVER. I think the ratings continue. Push.
Chico:  It's finally getting the props it deserves.
Aldo:   Ratings = push once again.
Chico:  So there you have it, your push or flush. Next up, Gordon has yet
another Big Five poll for you.

(Brought to you by Last Action Star Standing: Season 1 vs... everyone else.
My money's on everyone else!)

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