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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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August 30, 2004

Gordon: I think Vivana can do comedy fairly well...anyways, we are back with myself, Aldo and Joe, as Chico had some work issues (work - hate it when it pops up) We are covering The Big Five, our celebration of GSNN's fifth anniversary - which this week features the Big Five game show moments of the past 5 years. This will go the same way as we have done it the past few weeks - each person puts up the top 5 moments (repeats are allowed) and we'll chop them down to 10. Those ten get voted on by you, and we have the results for you next week. This week, we have the results from last week, which was the Top 5 Contestants.

4) (Tie) Eddie Timanus and Richard Hatch.
3) Ben Tritle.
2) John Carpenter

Gordon: Any guess to whom first is?
Aldo:   Gee, I dunno. lol
Gordon: If you said Kelly Clarkson, you.... lost
Aldo:   DOH
Gordon: Ken Jennings, with around half of the votes, wins this one easily. Any thoughts on this, Aldo?
Aldo:   No surprise, his accomplishments this year are astounding. Plus I
found him to be a pretty funny guy.
Gordon: I don't find him to be that charismatic - but you don't need charisma to kick people's asses.  Ken gets an honor well-deserved. You ready for this week's challenge?
Aldo:   If I said no, would you care?
Gordon: No.
Aldo:   As I thought.
Gordon: Joe - are you ready for this week's Big Five??
Joe:    Absolutely.
Gordon: See, Aldo, why can't you be more like Joe?
Aldo:   I'm bitter, sorry - the Yankee game is delayed.
Gordon: Well, to get Aldo away from the Yankee game and more on this game, Chico left his 5 events...#1 - Ruben Vs. Clay - American Idol finals, #2 - Peter Marshall hosts Hollywood Squares during the Tom Bergeron era, #3 - Ken Jennings breaks $1 million on Jeopardy, #4 - The first week of Super Millionaire, and #5 - Kitty Carlisle on To Tell The Truth 2000 Any thoughts?
Joe:    3, 4 and 5 definitely.
Aldo:   Not bad
Joe:    I was lucky to see the first three episodes of the original Game Show Week of H2 in person.  I would've seen the rest if I hadn't had to work that night.
Gordon: Joe, you get the floor next.
Joe:    Okay. We'll start with Maria Lay's $100,000 Win on Russian Roulette. Dick Clark kicking ass on Pyramid, TPIR's 30 anniversary, WOF's new Bonus Wheel, and Dave Legler winning big on Twenty-One.
Gordon: That sounds like a cool top 5.
Aldo:   My turn eh?
Gordon: Aldo, that would be your turn.
Aldo:   1. Jennings breaking the single day record with 75k the last day
Gordon: That was nice.
Aldo:   2. TPIR 30th anniversary, sorry but we all know I love Barker.
Gordon: Bob Barker is your game show hussy.
Aldo:   3. The worldwide poker explosion, ex. seeing the WSOP field triple
Joe:    Poker rules.
Aldo:   4. Fear Factor, the African cave dwelling spider eating competition.
Gordon: Munch munch munch munch.
Aldo:   5. Brett Butler walking out of LCS and Drew Carey calling BS.
Gordon: Awesome moment. Now, time for my five. There were a lot of great moments for the past 5 years, but there were 5 moments that made he go Holy (Bleep)
Gordon: #1 - The dismissal of Tamyra Gray in the round of 4 in American Idol. Add that with the Expulsion of Latoya London in an almost eerie similarity 2 seasons later. #2 - The million dollar Greed team run of Dan Avila, Melissa Skirboll and Curtis Warren. The fact that Dan Avila went for it and the eliminations of 2 poor contestants along the way made my family stop and stare at the TV. #3 - The last episode of the first Survivor, which was a cultural Superbowl and actually eclipsed the majority of Superbowls, ratings-wise. #4 - The first Celebrity outing on Millionaire, with Rosie O'Donnell's $500,000 win. This came when the celebrities were NOT allowed to use any help, which was evident when Kathie Lee Gifford (who was also priceless) bailed out at $16,000. #5 - The chair throwing incident by Scott on Big Brother 4 when he revealed that he had genital warts. This was another spit-take moment - and one that only emphasized how bad at that point the background checks were for game show contestants. Your thoughts?
Aldo:   I feel like I was living under a rock.
Joe:    I've never really cared for Survivor or Fear Factor, so I would never
have to include them on this list.
Gordon: Here's the condensed 19 moments.

American Idol: Tamyra/Latoya Eliminations, AI2: Ruben Vs. Clay, BB2: Chair-throwing Incident, H2: Peter Marshal Emcees, J!: Jennings hits $75,000, J!: Jennings breaks a million, LCS 2 - Butler and Carey go nuts, Millionaire: Celebrity Tournament Part 1, Poker is now a game show staple. Pyramid: Clark is a player, RR: $100,000 win, Super Millionaire first week, TPIR's 30th Anniversary, WOF Bonus Wheel, Fear Factor has big ass-bugs, Survivor 1 finale, 21's David Legler Run, Greed's Avila/Warren/Skirbol run, and Kitty Carlisle on TTTT.

Joe:    So now what?
Gordon: Now it's time for the Spoiler Round. Each of us will eliminate 2, and then we will all team up to get rid of the 11th one, as I call up Chico.
Joe:    Who's first?
Gordon: Joe - you can start.
Joe:    Mwahahahahahaahaaaaaa
Aldo:   There goes Fear Factor
Joe:    My two are easy: Survivor and Fear Factor are the two WORST SHOWS ON TELEVISION.  They are an insult and a disgrace to the entire medium, and they have no place on this list.  Survivor 1 finale and FF's big bugs are GONE. <Chris Tucker>And you know this, MAN!</CT>
Aldo:   Worst shows on TV? wouldn't go that far.
Joe:    I would - At least whereas primetime TV is concerned. I realize our
society seems to be obsessed with the concept of screwing people over, but for one am not.
Gordon: You realize that I must avenge the spirit of Survivor, don't you, Joe?
Aldo:   Well Fear Factor isn't screwing people over - it's who can do it
better and faster most of the time.
Joe:    FF I hate just because they can't get past that vile gross-out stunt. When they get rid of that, then we'll talk. The gross-out stuff on Jackass
was more interesting than the stuff on FF.
Gordon: While I assign a room for Joe and Aldo, I have Chico on the phone, who cuts... #1 Ken Jennings wins $75,000, because that was part of the Millions plus streak and he doesn't want Jennings overkill.
Joe:    And?
Gordon: #2 - Big Brother, Scott and genital warts
Joe:    Yay, Chico!  Big Brother sucks too!
Aldo:   I thought the final day was better than him getting 1 mil
Gordon: I agree, but I'm not the cutter. Aldo, the power to cut was in your
hands. Cut away.
Aldo:   #1 - The WOF bonus wheel, #2 - American Idol Tamyra/Latoya
Gordon: You have anything against black women?
Aldo:   We all know that answer is no.
Joe:    I know you don't, Gordon.  ;-)
Gordon: None at all.
Gordon: So it's my turn. The first cut will have to be... just to get revenge
on Survivor (and because I think there are moments that are better) the
$100,000 Russian Roulette win.
Joe:    It was just Maria Lay's win, Gordon.
Gordon: I didn't want to feel too bad about the other 2 $100,000 winners who would have felt slighted. How's that for a BS answer?
Joe:    Maria beating FIVE DROP ZONES didn't have a Holy (bleep) impact with it?
Gordon: Compared to the other events... nope.
Joe:    You bunt. :-D
Gordon: You have to remember, we're comparing $100,000 to millions and game show legend's revivals - And you cut out Survivor =P
Joe:    Yer just sore because I cut Survivor. :D
Gordon: Yes I am.
Joe:    Now cut something that deserves it, Gordon.
Gordon: Well, staying on that tangent, I am getting rid of the Super
Millionaire. That was a great moment, but we're talking about $500,000 Vs.
millions and nostalgia, so I am cutting myself.
Aldo:   That takes guts.
Gordon: Never say that I am an unfair judge.
Joe:    Indeed.
Gordon: We have to cut one more item.
Joe:    Number 11.
Joe:    I nominate Dave Legler's run.  I just came up with it off the top of
my head.  (Sorry Dave)
Gordon: Chico wants to cut Butler/Carey. Aldo?
Aldo:   I CLAIM RACISM!!!!!
Joe:    LMAO
Aldo:   All against the Latino.
Gordon: Ok, Latino, pick your cut
Aldo:   I'll go with Dave Legler, I mean if the person who nominated it cut
Gordon: Well, the thing I wanted to cut wasn't anyone's choice, so I'll go
along like a sheep and cut Legler. So here are the Final 10... AI2 - Ruben Vs. Clay, Greed - Avila/Warren/Skirboll run, H2 - A return to Peter Marshall and Classic Game Show Week, J! - Jennings breaks a million, LCS 2 - Butler and Carey go nuts, Poker makes an impact with WS of P, WPT, and Celeb Poker, Pyramid - Clark is a player, Super Millionaire first week, TPIR 30th Anniversary, and Kitty Carlisle on TTTT. Final thoughts on the list?
Joe:    Good all around list.  Definitely some classics up there.
Gordon: Aldo?
Aldo:  I'm upset
Gordon: How so?
Aldo:   Will Hung was not nominated
Gordon: I'm guessing he would not have made the Top ten
Joe:    Gordon speaks truth.
Aldo:   He's so far above everything. He should get his own show.
Joe:    Oh no.  PUHLEEEZE, no.
Gordon: Should it be called Will Hung - Well Hung?
Aldo:   I think he infected me with Hungitis
Gordon: That will be a wrap for this week's Big Five. Me and Chico will wrap this puppy up in a bow for you after this...

(This commercial has been brought to you by Lingo's Tournament...OF DOOM! The losers get stranded on their own island run by Joel Silver. This week's contestants are Kenny and Spenny Vs. Big Brothers 5's Jase and Scott. William Hung is the special guest emcee.)

Gordon: Welcome back, as always time is running short. I blame the time bank.
Chico: So that brings us to the Big Finish!
Gordon: Here we go! Jeopardy - does Ken Jennings survive the first week back?
Chico: Probably, yeah.
Aldo: Yessum.
Chico: I mean, this whole making Jennings sweat thing won't exist in a bubble, you know.
Gordon: The months off gives Jennings more time to study - that makes him much more dangerous. What's the first new show to tank?
Chico: Well I was going to say the Player, that mind (^_^) of a show... but obviously that's still going, so I'm going to say Partridge Family.
Aldo: I'm avoiding that like the plague.
Chico: The Player or the Partridge Family?
Gordon: 3 Partridges with some player on the side
Chico: Or both? With a Dat Phan on the side.
Chico: Speaking of which, LCS3, who wins? LCS1 or LCS2?
Gordon: I'll have to go with Season 1. Ralphie got hosed and I still think that people remember that.
Chico: Alonzo also got hosed, you know.
Aldo: 2 better all around. ALONZO ROCKS! GO WITH THE BLACK MAN!
Chico: I'm going with Aldo on this one.
Gordon: I don't know - you got Vos, Mordal, May and Cahaney from Season 1
Chico: Then you've got Bodden, Pescatelli... and Bodden, which counts as three people.. So there!
Gordon: I count Bodden and London and...uh.....thats it.
Aldo: So does ant count as season 1 or 2?
Gordon: Ant goes both ways - like he always does
Chico: *honk honk*
Gordon: Most annoying catchphrase - 'You don't need Scooby Doo to solve that mystery' or 'She Bangs'? or 'This is the ghetto version of the show'
Chico: I'm going to go off the board and say "Thank you for your participation."
Aldo: Nothing wrong with ghetto.
Chico: Which we'll hear less of for some reason. Has anyone noticed that there's one less Studio 7?
Gordon: Would it be the Next Action Star version of Studio 7? Either they are getting rid of it, or someone dq'ed themselves. We'll find that out in the finals.
Chico: My guess ... Burnoff.
Gordon: Burnoff souds good.
Chico: And with that, it's time to burn off some calories. In honor of the dearly departed Craig Kilborn... It's time to dance... dance...  DANCE!
Aldo: we do the sprockets!
Gordon: I did that already. Would you accept a Macarena?
Chico: Uhh.. no
Gordon: Awwwww
Aldo: hey I'm part of the record Macarena in Yankee stadium!
Chico: You have a plaque to that effect? =p
Gordon: Did you do the YMCA after that?
Aldo: of course in the 5th
Chico: How about the Chicken? Did you do the chicken afterwards?
Aldo: umm no.
Gordon: Oooooooook. Anyway, we'll be Macarenaing right out of this episode. We'll see you for more Top 5 and Whammy distribution on our next episode.
Chico: Our guests today have been Joe Van Ginkel and Aldo Villalona. Big thanks to them. For Gordon, I'm Chico. Spiel ruber...
Chico: Which is German for... Gaaaaaaameover
Gordon: Hey Macarena!
Group: AIGHT!

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