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Episode 34.2: Fanvasion: 2013
September 16

Jason: mmmmm :)
Gordon: Yummy.
Chico: It was that... freaking.... Close. (flips table).
Jason: Easy!
Chico: Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing us to be a part of yours.
Gordon: So we've been doing some research here, and I found an article about the 'biggest moments' in prime time game show history. I think we'll disagree on a number of things the 'Experts' brought up. Then it came to my attention that we haven't played a game in a while.
Jason: uh oh :)
Chico: First of all, the article is courtesy of... NBC. Who need desperately to pimp their Million Second Quiz baby. To that end, I present.. "NO.... SORRY."
Gordon: Remind everyone how that works again, please.
Chico: It's a simple game; we have a story, and we have to disprove it in about as condescendingly a way as humanly possible a la Alex Trebek. Basically it's "here's why you're wrong."
Gordon: We start with this...

The game show with the biggest jackpot in U.S. history was "Who Wants to Be a Super Millionaire?" The show was a 12-episode spin-off of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" which ran in February and May 2004 and offered contestants the tantalizing possibility of going home $10 million richer. The structure of the show was almost identical to the original, right down to its host, Regis Philbin, but none of the contestants ever came anywhere close to winning the record jackpot. The biggest winner was computer specialist Robert Essig, who won $1 million, a mere 10 percent of what could have been taken home.

Gordon: No, sorry. The biggest stunt in Millionaire Hostory was the rolling jackpot, won twice - the big one by Kevin Olmstead for 2.2 million dollars.
Jason: And Ed Toutant would have a word :)
Gordon: Next one...

Most Exciting Moment in Jeopardy: Ken Jennings was a "Jeopardy!" contestant who had the longest winning streak in game show history, at 74 consecutive games.

Chico: No, Sorry. That would be the College Championship that ended in a one-clue tiebreaker playoff. Any idiot can run off 74 games of Jeopardy! if they're smart enough.
Gordon: No, sorry, that would be Brad Rutter dusting Ken Jennings in the uber tournament of champions for a 2 million dollar payoff.
Jason: What Gordon said.
Chico: Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Most infamous contestant: "Press Your Luck" was a CBS game show that ran from 1983 to 1986. Contestants would battle an electronic board that lit up with rapidly alternating prizes, known simply as "the big board." In 1984, contestant Michael Larson went on a $110,000 winning streak after watching at home and memorizing the board's patterns.

Jason: No sorry. That would be the game show guru himself. Mr. Scott Hostetler who has been on a boatload more than him.
Chico: No, sorry. That would be the guy... Jim Hess, I think his name was... who... well, let's just say it. He went blue.
Gordon: No, Sorry. I'm going to go a different route. The Most Infamous contestant has to be AJ Benza who has been in over 30 game shows, over 33% more than Scott Hostetler.
Chico: But if we're talking most infamous of ALL game shows? Umm.. Charles Ingram on line 1? Coughs his way to a million pounds... doesn't get to keep a shilling of it.
Gordon: Speaking of which, next one...

Biggest Scandal: "Twenty-One" was a television quiz show that aired on NBC from 1956 to 1958. In 1991, co-producer Dan Enright said that the first episode was so dull that he and his partner Jack Barry received a phone call from a sponsor, in which they were told to liven things up, or else. "From that moment on, we decided to rig 'Twenty-One,'" he said in the documentary film, "The Quiz Show Scandal."

Jason: Ingram is up there.
Gordon: I'm once again going to go in a different direction. No, Sorry - the biggest scandal is My Little Genius, which claims of rigging never made the air and started the beginning of the end of Mike Darnell's tenure at FOX.
Jason: Point to G. :)
Chico: Nailed it.
Gordon: Next one...

Biggest Game Show Disaster: The Most Expensive Game Show Ever Made: "Red or Black" was a U.K. game show developed by Syco Entertainment, a joint venture between Sony and Simon Cowell of "American Idol" fame. It premiered in September 2011, and according to The Daily Mail, it had a budget of $23.4 million.

Chico: No... Sorry. That would be two for NBC. 1) Million Second Quiz. 2) Who remembers The Magnificent Marble Machine?
Jason: I do
Gordon: No sorry - the biggest disaster was The One. At least Red or Black lasted 2 seasons. ABC spent money on an American Idol level scale and it became the first musical competition to not have a winner, dying after week #2.
Chico: Point Gordon.
Gordon: Last one...

Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, "The Million Second Quiz" is a state-of-the-art, electrifying new live competition where contestants test the limits of their knowledge, nerve and endurance as they battle each other in intense head-to-head bouts of trivia for 12 consecutive days and nights. When the million second draw to a close, the champions will compete in a grand finale and the ultimate winner will claim the largest prize in game show history.

Chico: No, Sorry. It's 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds. You're about 10 hours short.
Jason: right
Chico: It is state of the art in that it is riddled with glitches that people can't stand and the set looks pretty.
Jason: And Paranoia anyone?
Gordon: No, sorry...unless the amounts the people in the chair skyrocket, Ken Jennings, with 3.3 million plus in his account, will STILL have more money than anyone who wins the show.
Chico: That's a good round, gents. Why don't we play this game a lot more?
Gordon: I think we should
Jason: Because it would be weekly :)
Chico: Don't give us any good ideas. Toilet time is next, and it's a large toilet.. because one of the shows up for review has 6'7, 330 pounds of genius. You'll see what we mean after this.

(Brought to you by the Gordon Pepper drinking game! Created by Game SHow West, all you have to do is take a swig every time Gordon fist pumps! And as he's been in the audience for the past 2 weeks of Millionaire episodes, you'll get drunk in a jiffy! Game proudly sponsored by Game Show West and The MIllion Second Quiz, because there needs to be SOMETHING entertaining during that show.)

Jason: Yipe. :)
Chico: I hate to be in the same room on the same team during a wild game of Pictionary. You may not know this, but Gordon has the gun show going on here.
Jason: He does.
Gordon: And yes, Eric Pierce created the Gordon pepper drinking game. You'll find out more about that in the podcast.
Chico: That's great. That's just lovely. But let's talk about the fall season. We're about to wrap this baby up here with ... the Super Toilet.
Jason: Wheel it in!
Chico: (wheels it in) 11 shows. you know what to do. First up...

Esquire - September 24

Chico: Chopped meets the Underground Bowling Association.
Gordon: It's underground cooking! And as a cooking show, we're compelled to watch, Pastry.
Chico: Agreed. Pastry.
Jason: Yup. Pastry
Chico: From underground cooking, we go to underage cooking.

Fox - September 2

Chico: MasterChef's cool. Kids are fun. It's on a Friday. Pastry.
Jason: I am going to PUSH this. I saw the previews and it looks much better than the Rachael Guy Thing
Chico: Jason in the kitchen in the 80s looks much better than the Rachael Guy thing.
Jason: LOL
Gordon: Sorry, you know what I think about cooking competitions and kids. Jiggle.
Chico: You like cooking shows... it's the kids you can't handle. Gordon doesn't cry. Gordon MAKES cry.
Gordon: I don't mind kids when they have something to learn or when the idea is to work together. Kids against kids this early sends the wrong message.
Chico: Next...

CBS - September 29

Jason: PUSH...nuff said.
Chico: It is the Race. PUSH.
Gordon: PUSH it. VERY football themes this season. Gee, I wonder why?
Chico: We'll get to that. First...

Bravo - October 2

Chico: Bravo's flagship returns. PUSH.
Jason: I think the show needs to get back to basics...PASTRY
Gordon: It does, But I like the show and Last Chance kitchen, so...PUSH
Chico: Now we were talking about football, Gordon. We all LOVE football. But we also love golf, believe it or not. Put the two together...

Golf - October 8

Chico: Football stars playing the game for charity.
Jason: Sorry, I can't push this, but I do like the concept and the show. PASTRY
Chico: Agreed. PASTRY. If you like skins games and football, this is your bag.
Gordon: I like that they are playing for charity, but unfortunately, this may be for the endurance foundation as to see how far I can go without falling asleep. Jiggle.
Chico: Unfortunately the last golf game I had was outside the Putt-Putt in Hope Mills. Gordon was there. And yes... he did spank the bejesus out of me.
Jason: Ha
Chico: My pride...
Gordon: Heh. next one?
Chico: Next. Ruben Studdard presents...

NBC - October 8

Chico: We're back to an hour. We're back on Tuesdays... and there's an American Idol involved. I hate to say this... but I think we've got red flag, red flag, red flag. Jiggle.
Jason: Major red flags here. JIGGLE
Gordon: I still think it holds it's own, but the shine is clearly off the rose when they bring in an unlicensed trainer. Jiggle.
Chico: It's a jigglypuff.

Chico: Next...

TBS - October 22

Jason: Concept?
Chico: Michael Ian Black and DL Hughley are dueling game show hosts, and one of them is lying. It's a pick up from a failed pilot over at ABC.
Jason: Trust me, we won't be watching. FLUSH
Chico: Trust me... it stinks. FLUSH.
Gordon: Trust me...TBS now has a comedy record, and although we weren't a fan of Deal With it, I'm intrigued enough with the premise to give it a watch, and may be presently surprised. And this premise is better than Deal With It, which is bringing up good numbers for TBS. Pastry.
Chico: Just remember, this is the same network that took Deal with It over Match Game. Just saying. Next...

Food - October

Jason: Jiggle. I dont like it, but I know the fans do.
Chico: Push. The _____ Wars is the franchise that won't die.
Gordon: I'm a fan and I admit it. PUSH.
Chico: Good. Next..

Network TBA - November 5

Chico: A bit of backstory to this. You're basically playing to see who's the best rock star stylist. BUT This was original greenlit for Style network. A network that, as of NEXT Monday, will no longer exist.
Jason: Ouch. So, it's an incomplete?
Chico: I think we have to. History making moment on WLTI We can't push or flush a show! Because we don't know when or indeed IF it will air! THANKS, COMCAST!
Gordon: We haven't done this in a while, but this means we have...A HUNG JURY!
Jason: LOL
Chico: So we move on.

GSN - November 5

Jason: I can't push this hard enough.
Chico: Never has Gordon Pepper been so happy to be so wrong. PUSH THIS BAD BOY! Season 1 showed that the show lost NOTHING in translation. Season 2 will build upon that.
Gordon: Actually, I'm not as love in this as you guys are. I want the 4 man format back and I want you both to stop being fanboys just because our friends did well. Pastry.
Jason: Buzzkill.
Chico: I'm totally being objective here.
Gordon: So am I.
Jason: Had nothing do with our friends doing well. The three person format, while not perfect, is better than totally chucking the format.
Gordon: It's a good solid show. I want Brooke to be a better orator and I want less chatting and more game. My moniker is Haterade for a reason. What you're saying Jason is that vanilla ice cream is better than spinach ice cream. Yes it is, but I want my ice cream with all the toppings and I'm not getting that.
Jason: No...I am saying Ben and Jerry's is better than Sealtest Ice Milk
Gordon: Fine, but I want Baumgart's Espresso Mint combo.
Chico: True. Finally.

Food - November

Chico: Restauranteurs go on a cross-country bus trip. At the end of the road... your very own restaurant.
Gordon: Stop me when you've heard this concept before.
Chico: It's like Great Food Truck Race meets Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: STOP!
Jason: Jiggle (with Xerox Masks)
Gordon: Blah blah food road trip sure I'll watch zzzzzzzzzzzzpastry.
Chico: There comes a time, Food Network... when you just have to stop recycling formats. We're WAY PAST THAT. Jiggle. And THAt.... is Push or Flush.
Jason: (pushes toilet out)
Chico: Good round... but now we've got to HURRY IT UP. Speed Round is next!

(Brought to you by the Million Dollar Quiz Product Placement Committee. You're living arrangements have ads. Your study material... Commercials. Your questions... based upon things our networks aired! It's the game show that pays for itself!)

Jason: Synergy much? :)
Chico: A little bit. How do you launch a big money game show with little to no capital behind it? THIS IS HOW. Launching a game show on NO BUDGET! Much like we do with a SPEED ROUND! Last Speed Round of the Summer Season starts... NOW! Big Brother. Who cares? I mean, wins?
Jason: Gina Marie
Gordon: We will when we're done with the season.
Chico: America. when it's over.
Gordon: I'm still rooting for Dead Set Zombie invasion.
Jason: LOL
Chico: America's Got Talent: Who wins?
Gordon: Kenichi Ebina will be the first dancer to win this as the singers split their votes.
Chico: Forte unites the older people and gets the win.
Jason: Cami Bradley wins and the crowd yawns.
Chico: American Ninja Warrior: does ANYONE win?
Jason: No ninja winners
Gordon: I still root for the zombies coming out of the water and dragging the contestants to their doom. Jeopardy starts this week coming up - do we get a streaker?
Chico: One streaker.
Jason: Not yet. Need to warm up.
Chico: Wheel goes to Vegas. Big winner or zombies?
Jason: No Million Dollar Winner
Chico: And we end with this bit of mail from an old friend. Hi, Steven Waldie...
Gordon: Hey Steve!
Jason: Yo


Steven Waldie
On the 7/15 episode of WLTI Chico said Family Feud was taping its 14th's the 15th season and it starts tomorrow (9/16).

Chico: Okay, let me do the quick math in my head. First season was 1999. 11th season was 2009. 12, 13, 14, 15.. You are right, Steven. I apologize. I missed a season somewhere.
Jason: There you go :)
Chico: Season 15 is go by the time you read this. Live (to tape) from the Atlanta Civic Center.
Gordon: Thanks for the email Steve! If you have email that you want to send to the show, where does it go?
Chico: And we can't wait for it. Of course if you do the social media thang you can hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.
Jason: :)
Chico: NExt week, we go ALL OUT on Big Premiere Monday. Wheel, Jeopardy!, ANW, Feud, we're ALL OVER IT. I think we're going to need the Replay clock, G.
Gordon: I think we will. We will get to that next week. As for this week, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over and Spread the Love.