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Let's get ready to rumble

Today is

August 22, 2006

Joe V.G.: Welcome back to Game Show Man's Sparring Partners.  I'm Gabe Kaplan. *rimshot*
Joe M.: I'm so wasted. ;)
Joe V.G.
: After four rounds, here's where we stand...
...on our feet.

Rob 60 - Travis 59 - Joe 57

Joe V.G.: And Jason got KO'd so he's over here now.  On to Round Five...
Joe V.G.
: New DVD Games!
Yay for DVD games.
Joe M.
: yay?
Joe V.G.
: Recently Endless Games has begun to add DVD adaptations of various game shows to their already diverse lineup of game show board games.  The Price is Right was the first, released last year to brisk sales, leading to the release of three more this summer, namely The Newlywed Game, Password, and Match Game. For Travis and Joe...
Travis: Yes? 

Which of these are you most looking forward to?

Joe V.G.: Travis?
I would say Password if they were doing Password Plus or Super Password. Instead, I'm looking forward to Match Game, seeing as how they seem to be using old show questions and clips for answers.
Joe V.G.
: Joe?
Joe M.: May I go off the board?
Joe V.G.: Go ahead.
Joe M.: I'd like to go off the board and say Deal or No Deal. From what I've heard, it seemingly defies the logic-tree aspects of DVD technology and plays almost like a computer game. And if I was looking forward to the other three games, I'll buy their board game versions from the same company
Travis: *Endless doesn't do Match Game board game editions*
Joe V.G.: Deal or No Deal was released by a different company, Imagination, we'll talk about that in a moment.
Joe M.: O RLY?  My bad, then
Joe V.G.: CLANG!
Jason: Sorry, but you both get docked a point.
Joe V.G.: A 9-9 round???
Travis: *cough*IdidtheEndlessPricehomegamewatchwhereyoustep*cough*
Jason: Travis gets docked for saying that PP+ and SP are better than classic Password.
Travis: PP+ and SP work better as a DVD edition because of the puzzle board. I didn't say they were better.
and other Joe gets docked for going off the board with something that will be talked about later.
Joe M.: So what's the right answer?
Jason: and Joey gets docked for clanging too early.
Joe V.G.: ROFL
Jason: You guys both gave good answers, but get docked.

Travis 9 - Joe 9

Travis: I'm appealing to the Commissioner.
Joe M.: Is that even legal?
Travis: Bad officiating...much like Super Bowl XL.  Jason, did you work that game?
Joe V.G.: ROFL I guess it is.
Travis: SHENANIGANS!!  Everyone grab a broom.
Jason: I'll dock you another point. >:I
Joe V.G.: Let's not and say we did.
Rob: It's like both fighters giving low blows in the same round.
Joe V.G.: Onward. For Rob and Joe...Imagination Entertainment has also put out two DVD games, one for DoND as Joe mentioned, and also one for Let's Make a Deal, featuring Monty Hall himself.

Which is more worth our money?

Joe M.
: You'd think I say DoND
Joe V.G.: But...
Joe M.
: But considering both are essentially similar in play and footage, I'd say get em both.
Joe V.G.
: Rob?
DoND as Joe stated earlier plays more like a Computer game and not your basic DVD game.  Plus, the game is more "now" than Let's Make A Deal. DoND has been out for a while and is publically endorsed by Howie Mandel.
Joe M.: That's not a surprise
Rob: Plus, the graphics look great on the game, and you get tons of replay for that.
Joe V.G.: CLANG!  Jason?
Jason: Heh...I must give the other Joe credit for almost having me dock him, and then pull through saying both.
Joe M.: :D
Jason: and Rob gave good info, too. Replay factor is key, yo. =D

Rob 10 - Joe 10

Joe V.G.: And this one's for Rob and Travis...
Joe M.
: Go Rob.  :P
Joe V.G.
: Match Game and Let's Make a Deal are two games ordinarily not associated with good home games.  This due to the fact that the formats are not conducive to home play.

Could the DVD format be the key to helping adapt other shows like this?

Joe V.G.: Travis?
I don't believe so.
Joe V.G.
: Why not?
As much as I like MG and LMAD, you're right, they're not conducive to home play. Getting the DVD seems like another way to watch an episode and play along at home.
Joe V.G.: Okay.  Rob?
Rob: Match Game requires about 8 people to play at home, and LMAD needs around 10.  Other shows like Hollywood Squares have this problem. Any show that requires a ton of people to play the game at home will have problems. If you have a show and it needs more than 4 or 5, it's going to be a big challenge to play at home.
Travis: ...unless you're in a party setting.
Joe V.G.: So you think the DVD might be able to help compensate for this?
Rob: No it won't. You can only cram so much info onto one DVD.
Joe V.G.: CLANG! Jason?
Since when does LMaD need 10 people? GSM did it with only 7 people. =P
Travis: 9
Joe M.: Can I say what I think the right answer is?
Jason: No.
Joe M.: XP
Travis: 5 dealers, Ricki, Brandi, Rusty, Gilbert.
Jason: 9_9 We don't need Rusty. :-p
Joe M.: We also don't need Gilbert
Jason: Travis, shut up, I was about to give you ten points.  You hit it on the head, it works well in a party setting... or a game night setting. =P
Travis: Bingo.
Jason: Aw hell, I'll give you the ten points.

Travis 10 - Rob 9

Joe M.: I say If you need a lot of people, why not try the Internet?
Because real-life game play is better, IMHO. Why do you think I love hanging out with my SoCal peeps?
Joe M.: And there are ways to get around the 8-person needs of Match Game.
Jason: Bingo, Joe. Too bad you didn't play this round.
Joe V.G.: At the end of five...

Rob 79 - Travis 78 - Joe 76

Joe M.: I'm so hosed

Joe V.G.: Remember Joe, if you're KO'd you become a judge for the last two rounds...Onto Round Six…the Millionaire buyout legal scandal. A former Celador employee who claims he was supposed to have first rights to the Celador library has sued his former employers. After 10 years of service with the company, Adrian Woolfe's plans to buy out Celador were vaporized after a Dutch company 2waytraffic was given first dibs. For Joe

Can Woolfe win his case?


Joe M.: If he can show, in writing, that he would be awarded the chance to buy Celador out, then maybe. Otherwise, why didn't he put in his bid like the rest of them?
Joe V.G.: Travis?
Travis: I agree with Joe.  Woolfe has to have something in writing.  Otherwise, it's his word against Dutch Bucks. That battle usually goes with money, since money talks and $#!t walks
Joe M.: You don't mess with the Dutch when it comes to Game Shows these days
Joe V.G.: CLANG! Jason?
Jason: Other Joe is right in this case and Travis...naughty, naughty.

Joe 10 - Travis 9

Joe M.: That was a must-win for me. :D
Joe V.G.
: Indeed.
I'm from Ohio.  What did you expect?
Joe V.G.
: This one's for Rob and Travis...

Could Woolfe do a better job with the WWTBAM format than the Dutch?

Joe V.G.: Rob?
Rob: The Dutch invented 1 Vs. 100 and have brought DoND from a little Aussie Game to a worldwide Phenomenon.  Woolfe is just a corporate drone who probably just wants the publicity.
Joe V.G.: Travis?
Travis: Once again, I agree.  The Dutch know their game shows and what to do with them.  Letting Woolfe have it could be disastrous, as we may never see Millionaire again like we know it.
Joe V.G.: CLANG!  And again it's up to Jason.
Jason: I like what both gents said there. Milly may never be the same again, and Woolfe is a drone robot, like I thought. 10-10 draw here

Rob 10 - Travis 10

Joe V.G.: And finally for Rob and Joe...
Joe M.
: I can't win, I don't think

Could this legal battle be the downfall for WWTBAM as a global franchise?

Joe V.G.: Rob?
Rob: I'll BRB, I got to get groceries out of the car.
Joe V.G.: ROFL Joe?
Jason: Okay....?
Rob: Back.
Joe M.: I'd say no.  We all agree that the downfall to Millionaire is having contestants who are picked for TVQ and not for IQ.
Joe V.G.: Waiting for Rob.
Rob: The legal battle won't affect the status of Millionaire.  It's doing well here in Syndication and still going strong in the UK and Australia. 
Joe V.G.: CLANG! Jason?
Jason: Rob..... you left!

Joe 10 - Rob 9

Rob: Hey, Groceries > This.
Joe M.: For all the good that does me. ^^;
Jason: I know, but if you're going to come back, you need to bring it. It wasn't brought.
Joe V.G.: And the score at the end of six...

Rob 98 - Travis 97 - Joe 96

And as Joe suspected, he's the KO victim.  Over here, Joe.
Joe M.: *trudges over*
Joe V.G.: When we return, Travis tries for two in a row.  Will he succeed, or will Rob take his title?  More Sparring Partners in just a moment.

(Brought to you by Finders Keepers: The DVD Edition.  Use your remote to trash the house on your Room-To-Room Romp for fantastic prizes!  Finders Keepers DVD starring Wesley Eure from Spishak. And by Lack-of-Imagination Entertainment.  New from LOIE:  Let's Make A Deal Or No Deal DVD Home Game.  Dress up as your favorite fruit or playing card and pick one of 26 doors. Will you get the Big Deal, or will the Banker give you the Zonk?  Let's Make A Deal Or No Deal from Lack-of-Imagination.)



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