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Let's get ready to rumble

Today is

August 22, 2006

Joe V.G.: Welcome back to Game Show Man's Sparring Partners.  I'm Ambassador Kosh.  [Vorlon] If you go to Z'ha'dum you will die.[/V] *rimshot* Sorry.  Watching my new Babylon 5 DVDs. Right now after six, the score is...

Rob 98 - Travis 97

Travis: It's a barnburner.
Joe V.G.: Jason got carried out because he had to go to his mom's birthday (happy birthday Mrs. H!) and so Joe Mello is our sole judge for this last two round segment. On to Round 7…The Ultimate Fighter 4!  Once again Spike TV's popular Ultimate Fighting Championship contest show has started another go round, this time with the Heavyweights and Welterweight competing for two contracts with the UFC. The question...

What keeps fans coming back to this show?


Rob: UFC is THE highest rated show on Spike TV.  People tune in to The Ultimate Fighter to see the people who want to be in that octagon and make something of themselves.  Plus, you will see great fights in order to stay alive. Also, this season brought back people that used to do UFC to give them that one last taste of glory.
Joe V.G.: Travis?
One word. Bloodlust.
Joe V.G.: Heh-heh.  CLANG!  Joe?
Joe M.: That was a one-punch KO
Joe V.G.: Oh?
Joe M.: It doesn't matter who goes into the octagon.  Men will watch people beat the crap out of each other.  

Travis 10 - Rob 9

Joe V.G.: lol! And the other question in this round...
Joe M.: It's tied, peeps
Joe V.G.: The two light heavyweight finalist for the original TUF, Stephan Bonnar and Forrest "Damn I'm Ugly" Griffin have been announced as co-main events for the next UFC PPV event. Their first meeting was one of the most exciting fights ever seen in a UFC ring. The question...

Who will win the rematch?

Joe V.G.: Travis?
Since I don't watch nor care about Ultimate Fighting, I can't answer.  I recuse myself.
Joe V.G.
: Rob?
Rob: Forrest Griffin, he's one of those fighters that you can get behind. Plus, I was rooting for him in the Original Ultimate Fighter.  You see him on UFC Unleashed and he's putting on good fights.
Joe V.G.: CLANG! Joe, your score?
Joe M.: I should judge this 10-7, Rob, BUT…
Joe V.G.: BUT?
Joe M.: The correct answer is everybody wins, because of my response to the above question.  UFC will get the big bucks, the crowd gets a fight, and the fighters will get paid significant sums and get even more famous. Therefore, it's 10-8 Rob.

Travis 8 - Rob 10

Joe M.: Travis was closer to the point than he thought
Sweet...and I didn't even answer.
Joe V.G.: The score after seven..

Rob 117 - Travis 115

Joe M.: You're still in a hole
Joe V.G.: And the final round...this should be entertaining...Celebrity Duets!  A new show on FOX will pair celebrity singers (some who CAN sing and some...well...) with well-known artists.  The question is...

Does this show gobble?

Joe V.G.: Rob?
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.  This show is basically, But Can They Sing?, but they are giving actual Musical Talent to the celebs.
Joe V.G.: I see.  Travis?
Travis: Well, it's on Fox, so the rules say yes.  However, this show is along the same lines as DWTS, so I'd say wait and see.
Rob: This show also drudges up such musical talent as Aaron Neville and Michael Bolton.
Joe V.G.: CLANG! Joe?
Joe M. They both gave interesting analogies.  However, Rob made the better and more appropriate analogy.

Travis 9 - Rob 10

Joe V.G.: Last question...

Why does Simon Cowell keep getting involved in all these talent show?

Joe V.G.: Travis?
Travis: In the US, as in the UK, Simon Cowell is the current "Talent Show King." Granted, "Cupid" was the exception. But, look at what he did with AGT.
Joe V.G.: I see.  Rob?
Rob: Talent shows are the only type of shows he's actually good at producing.  Cupid was an complete disaster.  American Inventor got buried by poor ABC scheduling. It seems that his formula is: take one British ass, one washed up actor or singer, one cool person and voila, you have his panel.
Joe V.G.: CLANG! Joe?
Joe M. I think Travis called Fed Ex in that last question. He mailed it in by not really answering the question.  10-8 Rob for game


Joe V.G.: The winner by unanimous decision....


Rob: I encourage all of you to play my Net' Remote Control on Yahoo Instant Messenger.  For more info, IM me on YIM.  I go by the handle of Sigmafan. For more information visit and go to the Remote Control Section. There is where you'll find more info on the Netgame. There, I did my whoring of my netgame.
Joe V.G.: :D Congrats to you Rob.  Our time for today has run out.  My thanks to Jason Hernandez, Joe Mello, Travis Schario, Rob Seidelman...AND YOU!  We do it all for your benefit. If you have any comments about today's show, or would like to be part of our panel, send an e-mail to Now for Game Show Man's Sparring Partners, I'm the Game Show Man, Joe Van Ginkel saying you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.  Bye for now!
Rob: Goodnight, Canada.
Joe M. Spread the love and peace!

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