September 29, 2006
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Today is

Chain Reaction by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  9p ET/8p CT on GSN
Host: Dylan Lane
Daria, Porsha & Jackie (Bronx schoolteachers) Ben, Rick & Andrew (rockers from Philadelphia)

Round 1 ($100 per word): connect HUNG with HORSE. Andrew gets hung JURY. Porsha gets jury DUTY. Ben gets duty CALLS. Rick calls HOME. Andrew finishes it with WORK. Speed Chain: BASEBALL - B - C - PAINTING. Is it "bat chest"? No, it's "bat cave."

Round 2 ($200 per word): connect TUMBLE with UP. Porsha spells out tumble DRY. Andrew orders a dry MARTINI. Ben wants a martini GLASS. Rick has a glass JAW. Ben finishes it with BONE. Guys lead $1200 to $300 going into the next Speed Chain: ROACH -  M - S - FIGURE. "Motel Six" does it for $1400.

Round 3 ($300 per word): connect RUBY with PUZZLE. Daria spells out ruby RED. Ben counters with Red CROSS. Andrew solves a WORD puzzle. Porsha gets cross DRESS. Rick gets CODE for the chain. They lead it, $2300 to $900. Final Speed Chain: MADAME - B - N - PROFIT. "Butterfly Net" does it for $2600.

Round 4: connect SAUSAGE with LICSENSE. Chain: FACTORY - DIRECT - ACCESS - HOLLYWOOD - MARRIAGE - LICENSE. The ladies run out of money as the guys win $2900.

Bonus Round: The guys get milk, nine, trigger, kryptonite, oink, high heels, and Astroturf for the tripler and $8700.

Family Feud by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: John O'Hurley
DeBoer (Don, Lindsay, Susan, Dane, Dick) Davis (Michael, Annie, Stacy, Keith, Sheila); $700

Round 1: a kind of lunchmeat that describes your mate's personality (5). Don's bologna is #3. Michael's turkey is #2. Annie gets the top answer with "ham". Salami is also there. The DeBoers try chicken for the steal... Got it for 86.

Round 2: something people do with their index finger (6). Annie fires with point... and that's top points. Rest of the family gets picking your nose and scratching. Dialing a phone is the steal for the DeBoers for 174. Other answers: apply makeup, wear a ring.

Double: somebody famous you think probably has no sense of humor at all (5). Susan gets the big one with President Bush. Dick Cheney is also up there. The Davises try to steal with the Governator... Not there! The DeBoers have 252. Other answers: Tom Cruise, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson.

Triple: a sport where people and animals team up (4). Dane gets polo.. #2. Don gets #1, horse racing. Dogsledding is also up there. Rodeo... is good for the sweep and the shutout, 543-0.

Don and Susan team up for 195, giving them $975.

In the nightcap, the Gomezes (Jasmin, Peter, Jessica, Billy, Roxy; $980) take on the Knowles (Darren, Vanessa, Ron, Susan, Lauren). Champs lead after 3, 196-83. Triple: something French that Americans enjoy (4). Food is #1 for Billy. We also get French kissing, while the Knowles go with wine... Up there for 284. Other answer: perfume.

Sudden Death: what do you think Christie Brinkley should do with her husband? That's Roxy... "Divorce him." Got it for the win, 427-284.

Billy and Jasmin take on Fast Money again, earning $20,000 for a two-day total of $20,980.

Jeopardy! by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: Alex Trebek
Ray Sun
Lebanon, NH
college student

Lynn Schuetter
Lakewood, CO
retired geologist

Jason Scull
orig. from Destal, NY

Ray had to take down a heck of a champ yesterday. Will today’s performance prove that the youngblood is the real deal?

Ray starts with $200 National Parks. At the TV time out, he leads it, $4400 to Lynn’s $3800 and Jason’s $600.

Lynn has $4400 when she finds the Daily Double under $800 Adjectives. She bets $1000 on this: its synonyms include level, candid & consecutive. “What is even?” Nope, it’s straight, sending her back down to $3400. She rebounds to $4600 in time for Double Jeopardy!, but Ray is way out in front with $9400. Jason, with -$1600, has the dubious honor of starting the next round…

… with $400 Ancient History. Lynn finds the first Daily Double under $800 Tales of ETA Hoffmann. She now trails by $2800, bidding $2000 on this: a Hoffmann tale title lost the words “and the Mouse King” when it became this Tchaikovsky ballet. “What is ‘The Nutcracker’?” Right for $13,000! Last category is in Yoga. Jason finds the second Daily Double under $1600. He risks just $500 on the control of pranayama. “What is breathing?” Right for $1700. That’s where he ends the round, while Lynn is within striking distance with $15,000 against Ray’s $16,600

Final Jeopardy! in “National Capitals”: the city’s website calls it “the last divided capital in Europe.” Correct question: what is Nicosia?

All are wrong, and in Eric’s case, it costs him dearly, as he winds up in second. Lynn takes the crown and $10,000. Eric leaves with $30,801.

Next week, we're going back to school.

The Price is Right by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  11a ET/10a CT on CBS
Host: Bob Barker
Kaitlyn Evans, Ryan Evans (no relation), Tammy Rozelle, and Michelle Thomas start the party in a greenhouse. A $388 greenhouse, that goes to Tammy as she gets a shot at a trip to Canada playing Pushover. The lineup...

6 1 3 5 7 9 0 2 5

She pushes to $5790. Actual price.. $3579. She was one off.

Ryan wins an $1801 sofa. The prize rolls onto the stage, it's a Pontiac Vibe. The first number is a 1. The game is Lucky Seven. First pick... 8... Right on the money. Next, 6... She's four off at 2. Next, 5... It's a 3. One dollar left. Final pick... 5.... Right! She wins the $18,235 whip set.

Wilbert French is down and up thanks to a $1599 treadmill. Instead of feet, he gets wheels... two offroad motorcycles with helmets in Safe Crackers. The numbers in the price of the helmets are 0, 3, and 4. He sets the combination lock at 430. Should've gone with $340. Big winner of this half is Ryan, who goes onto the Showcase.

Sherri McElroy starts the second half with a $560 digital camera. Can she win a Jeep Wrangler? The game is Temptation. Bob's gifts: a $799 clock, an $1199 fireplace, a $1881 serveware set, and a pair of massagers worth $500. Using those numbers, she sets the price at $19,185. Then at $17,185. Now for the Temptation... does she take $4379 in swag or go for the car? She... goes for the car. Actual price... she was closer earlier. It's $19,180.

Michelle Thomas scores an $887 set of six flowboard and backpacks. Next, perhaps a home entertainment center with HDTV. The game is Now or Then. Now: ... well, now. Then: August 1998. On the wheel: Johnson's baby shampoo ($4.09), Altoids ($1.99), Airborne ($6.99), Colgate toothpaste ($2.39), Oxford index cards (69¢), and Hot Pockets ($2.49). First, the toothpaste. She goes with then... RIGHT! Next, the index cards. She goes with then... It's NOW. How about the Airborne? She says now. RIGHT again. She can win with the Altoids. She says now... it's then. No win there.

Michelle Samuel wins a $3295 day sailer. Can she win a piano in Side By Side? Is it $9768 or $6897? She goes with $6897.... Right!

Which Michelle goes to the Showcase? It's Michelle T., as she takes on top winner Ryan. First Showcase: the importance of 35. We have I-35 through Dallas, an HP35 featured in a laptop computer, and 35 years of giving away cars like a Pontiac Grand Prix. Ryan bids $22,500. Michelle gets a new bedroom with sleep set, beach towels, and a hot tub. She tags it at $16,300. Actual price: $17.499. Difference: $1199. Not bad. Ryan's Showcase... $30,000 and change. Michelle wins the Showcase with $18,386, but Ryan's the top winner today with over $20,000.

Stats: 2-4, $52,161.

¿Qué Dice La Gente? by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7p ET/6p CT on Telefutura
Host: Marco Antonio Regil
Villacis (Reinaldo, Sandra, Cecilia, Phillips, Luis)
Abad (Juan, Hector, Maria, Jaime, Liliana)

The Abads lead after four, 288-36.

Triple: other than Fred, a character on "The Flintstones" (3). Liliana fires with Barney for #1. Wilma is #2. Betty finishes it for the win, 510-36.

Dinero Rápido: Jaime gets 50. Juan gets.. 197. Ouch. So close, yet so not. They take $500 into the next round with...

Herrera (Rafael, Nancy, Daysi, Natalia, Ricardo); $1500, two games
Abad (Juan, Hector, Maria, Jaime, Liliana); $500

The Abads lead, 121-46. Double: other than gold, something that is mined (4). Coal is good for #1 for Natalia. Silver, copper, and... diamonds put the Herreras back in the game with 226.

Triple: something you clean a floor with (3). Luis wins control with a mop. A broom and a disinfectant mean that the champs are still champs, 520-121.

Dinero Rápido: Nancy draws DOUBLE! Nancy gets... three gooseeggs for 37. Rafael gets the family to 151 for $2000.

Stump the Schwab by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7p ET/6p CT on ESPN Classic
Host: Stuart Scott & Howie Schwab
Brian Sandalow (student at U. of Missouri from Skokie, IL); $8000 Marty Asalone (student at Temple from Philadelphia); $3000 Chris Calogero (student from Albany, NY; returnee from season 3); $3000
Schwab's Jackpot: $25,000

After a long month or so of competition, we're down to the final three. One will take on the Schwab for $30,000.

... which could be easier than we thought, as Schwab takes a baseball to the head. We almost have to name the show "Stump the Monkey" when a miracle happens... One word: "Krzyzewski." It's SHOWTIME, BABY!

Leading Off: First up, 16 NFL passing TD leaders since 1980. Brian and Chris are out at 1 a pop. Marty gives up 4. Schwab has 5. Next, the first 16 in the 2006 NBA Draft. Chris runs out for 6 to Marty's 8. Brian has 4. Schwab has 9. Finally, NL stolen base leader since 1959. Marty moves with 11. Chris has 7. Brian... gone with 5.

Schwab, by the way, has 14.

Remember When: give each player 100, please. How many of them can you hold onto? Marty leads going into the Ultimate Year, 104-96. Chris's Ultimate Year question: Hale Irwin wins his third US Open. "I should've said it twice earlier, 1990." Right for 2. Marty's Ultimate Year question. Larry Brown resigns as head coach at UCLA. "1981." Showdown is set as Marty win it, 106-98.

At long last, the quadruple header for all the cheddar. The $30,000 Schwab Showdown: The categories are... Bracket Science (NCAA Men's Basketball tournament), I Feel a Draft (MLB Draft), Top of the Heap (NFL record holders), and Suit Up, Santa (sporting events on Christmas).

Marty passes I Feel a Draft for 2. Big mistake. Schwab gets it. Marty gets his first strike on Top of the Heap for 3. But it's all for naught. Schwab, the ultimate closer, closes the season on a winning note by a score of 14-7. Marty leaves with $4000 and... a bronze Schwabbie and one of his throwbacks to keep.

So the question remains... can ANYONE stump the Schwab? The quest continues...

Wheel of Fortune by Jason Block, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
We end the month indoors at Culver City celebrating the Great Outdoors!
The $1,000 Tossup is PHRASE. Carrie Lebatt quickly solved NO DOUBT OF IT. Her husband and her are Barbra Kefilian is from Reno, NV. She is a semi-retired wine storage businesswoman. David Brewer is from San Luis Obispo and is an accountant.
The $2,000 Tossup is SHOW BIZ. Barbra is on the board with $2,000 and MIDNIGHT MOVIES. We add an Earth River Expeditions river rafting trip to Patagonia with airfare from American Airlines worth $9,300. Barbra starts this round which BEFORE AND AFTER. She misses...over to David. He misses...over to Carrie. She misses...back to Barbra. She misses...over to David. He solves THE COWARDLY LION TAMER. for $1,950. And everyone has some cash!
The jackpot round is sponsored by BrandSource. The category is WHO IS IT? David starts. He hits the $1,000 Gift Tag from Coleman Outdoors. After a lot of spinning, David misses...over to Carrie who picks up the Chilean River Rafting spin Bankrupt! Over to Barbra who solves TOUGH TV SHRINK GIVES ADVICE WITH A TEXAS TWANG for $4,650. And of course that is DR. PHIL (McGraw), and Barbra yells it out for another $3,000! She has $7,650 this round...and $9,650 in cash total.
The mystery round prize is $10,000. The category is PLACE...and a PRIZE PUZZLE. Carrie starts. After a lot of work, Carrie loses $2,100 on Bankrupt. Barbra misses and its over to David. He solves THE DEEP END OF THE POOL for $2,000. And he can cannonball his way to a big splash in Hawaii! It's a trip to the Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation worth $5,640. And if you the SPIN ID of EL02501, you have a Kauai Getaway...and the Sony Card give you $50K....That round was worth $7,640 and he has $9,690 in cash and trip. 
The $3,000 Tossup is LIVING THING. Carrie misses, and David solves SHETLAND SHEEPDOG. He has $3,000 more and leads with $12,690. He starts this round which is FOOD AND DRINK. He misses...over to Carrie. But we go into a $1,400 a letter FINAL SPIN. And Barbra solves COLD MACARONI SALAD for $4,200. She wins with $13,850. Carrie leaves with $1,000. And David is going to Hawaii with a nice second place total of $12,690 in cash and trip.
Can Barbra stay as excited as she is to win the bonus round? She lands on the 2nd 0 in $100,000. Her category is THING. With the six and her choices of D G M O we have:
_ _ R D
_ O R _

And she quietly says YARD WORK for the win. And work is its own reward...a new $24,515 Jeep Liberty and she leaves with $38,365 in cash and car!
 And if you have the SPIN ID of GC06597....grab those keys to the Jeep! And if you have the SONY have $50,000!

As we end the week, Pat lets us know that tonight's show is show #4,500 in the nighttime version! Congrats WOF, Harry Friedman and the cast and crew of the show!

Next week, it's "Just For Fun"!
Total for today: $52,055
Total for Week 3: $188,750
Total for the Season: $680,974
Bonus Win Percentage: 7/15
Gooseeggs: 5
Toss Up Sweeps: 1
Mystery Round Prizes won: 2
Car Wins: 2
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: Meredith Vieira
Last time, Cynthia Robbins (San Diego, CA) needed 3 lifelines, but she did get to $25,000.

As she played, Cynthia has been keeping her focus on the questions, and worrying about the money later. And she has been able to keep her language in check, though she admits to having a small problem with profanity. Let's see if he can continue to keep control of herself, as the game resumes...

With over 5 million subscribers, XM Satellite Radio operates two orbiting satellites nicknamed what?
A: Music and Talk
B: AM and FM
C: R and B
D: Rock and Roll

Cynthia figures that it's A, and it is a free guess, so she goes with A... but it's D! And she goes home with $25,000!

Next up is John Vile (Lacey's Spring, AL), a retired helicopter salesman. He considers himself to be the ambassador of Alabama, and he says that Alabama says "hello" to Meredith. Isn't that nice? Well, what's also nice is that John starts by knowing that most medical schools require incoming students to have taken biology (I don't see how advanced scribbling would help). He gets the $1,000, then after a couple more questions, he faces this...

In 1988, midwesterners Mark Badgley and James Mischka joined forces to become famous names in what industry?
A: Interior design
B: Fashion
C: Cosmetics
D: Advertising

John feels that it's time to ask the audience, and 48% are saying B. He trusts them... and they're right! He then goes on to complete the middle tier, and with $25,000 secure, he has this to ponder...

John Lennon's first wife, who penned the 2005 memoir "John" about her life with the former Beatle, has what first name?
A: Kristin
B: Cynthia
C: Diane
D: Patricia

He thinks he knows, but John decides to use the 50:50 to be sure. A and B remain. His answer is still there, so he says B... and he's right! Moving on...

Which of these McDonald's menu items was not introduced in the 1990s?
B: Arch Deluxe
C: Fajita Chicken Salad
D: McLean Deluxe

John isn't sure, so he switches it out. He'd have guessed C, but it's A, so it was a good move. Then, this pops up...

[$100,000] (Q)
What animal's eyes are the largest in the animal kingdom, measuring up to 20 inches wide?
A: Giant squid
B: Komodo dragon
C: Blue whale
D: African elephant

John figures that it's not B or D, then calls his family physician, Scott. He thinks it's A, with his certainty being 70/30. John goes with A... and it's A! Next question...

The first Miss Universe, crowned in 1952, was a woman from what country?
A: France
B: Thailand
C: Brazil
D: Finland

John says, "It's been fun." And with that, he walks with $100,000! The answer, by the way, is D.

That's a nice way to finish a week, don't you think? See ya on Monday!
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