September 26, 2006
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Today is

Chain Reaction by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  9p ET/8p CT on GSN
Host: Dylan Lane
Ben, John & Corey (friends)
Jordana, Ariel & Dara (sisters)

Round 1 ($100 per word): connect FRESH with BREEZE. John gets a BAY breeze, while Corey gets fresh MEAT. Ariel is a meat HEAD. John is a head HUNTER. Jordana completes the chain with GREEN for $200 to the guys' $300. Speed Chain: FULL - M - R - DECK. "Moon Roof" is right for the tie.

Round 2 ($200 per word): connect HOT with WITNESS. Corey goes with hot STOVE. Ben gets stove TOP. Dara is a MATERIAL witness. Jordana follows with top SPEED. Dara breaks out into the lead with READING to complete the chain and get this Speed Chain: PUMP - I - F - FIGHT. "Iron Fish" is right for $1100 to the guys' $700.

Round 3 ($300 per word): connect PINK with EXAM. Ariel passes the BAR exam. Jordana goes with PIANO bar. John drinks pink LEMONADE. The girls STAND UPRIGHT to complete the chain for $2300. Final Speed Chain: THREAD - B - B - LINE. The good news: they figure out "Bare bottom." The bad news: their first answer was "bottom".

Round 4: connect SILKY with LACE. Chain: SILKY - SMOOTH - FINISH - LAST - CHANCE - MEETING - PLACE. The girls win with a record, $3500 to $800.

Bonus Round: The girls get peanut butter, denim, reindeer, Mexico, Johnny Depp, chili... and ran out of time! They do get $7000, though.

Family Feud by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: John O'Hurley
Thompson (Shelia, Margie, Olivia, Subrena, Lawrence) from Milwaukee; $20,895
DeGree (Bill, Jenny, Justin, Dina, Kristen)

Round 1: if someone you knew saw you try to rent an X-rated video, what would you say to them (7)? Bill: "My wife made me do it." It's number one (under "not for me/other"). Rest of the team.. blanked. The Thompsons go with experience for the steal... Not there, DeGrees get 39. Other answers: wanna watch?, nothing, mind your own business, hi, what you getting?, recommendation?

Round 2: something you wouldn't want to see an ambulance driver do while he's rushing you to the hospital (5). Jenny's eating beats Margie's sleeping, 4 to 5. Rest of the family... blanked again. Thompsons try with reading... Not there, the DeGrees get 52. Number one: get in accident. Other answers: talk on phone, stop/make stops.

Double: real or fictional, a famous Ann/Annie (full board). Justin gets #4, Raggedy Ann. Dina gets the big one, Annie Oakley. Anne Frank, and Little Orphan Annie are also on the board, but can the Thompsons steal with Auntie Annie? No! DeGrees get 194. Other answer: Anne Bancroft, Anne Boleyn.

Triple: something you sometimes don't bother to take off when you go to bed (4). Dina fires with underwear for #1. Jewelry, makeup, and... how about dentures? The Thompsons hope so.... and we're going to Sudden Death!

Sudden Death: a reason someone might be on one knee. That's Kristen. "Propose." That's the win, 410-288.

Together, Dina and Justin get 136 for $680.

In the nightcap, the Himenes (Justin, Kasey, Jeff, Jason, Roy), who are second-generation Feuders (Justin's mother was on 22 years ago in '84, pregnant with him), challenge the Dominguezes (Rio, Toni, Manny, Brian, Louanna, $20,585). After three, the champs lead, 198-44. Triple: something people get paid to predict (4). Jason fires with weather, #1. Also on the board, the stock market and the future. The Dominguezes try with horoscopes.. Not there! Himenes "take it home", 320-198. Other answer: earthquakes.

Kasey's first at Fast Money, getting the family 76. Jason gets ... up to 154 for $770.

Jeopardy! by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: Alex Trebek
Eric Barela (educational researcher from Los Angeles); $20,801
Brett Hart (attorney from Lincoln, NE)
Brenda Buchanan (traffic director from Columbia Station, OH)

Eric could not be caught yesterday. Let's see if he can keep that momentum up today.

He starts with $200 NHL Teams in Other Words. At the TV time out, it's a two man race between Eric ($5200) and Brett ($3200). Brenda is still trying to get on the board.

Brett finds the Daily Double under $800, Get Your Facts Straight. He bets two large on this: Carlsberg is a Danish brewery; this Swiss-style cheese from Norway has a similar name. "What's Swedenburg?" Nope. It was Jarlsberg, leaving him with a grand. At the end of the round, it doesn't get any better for him, as he's $400 under. Eric, on the other hand, is still playing pace-setter with $6400 to Brenda's $1800. Brett has his work cut out for him as he has first pickings in Double Jeopardy!...

... with $400 of the Western World, where he finds the first Daily Double under $1200. He bets the max of $2000 on this: this city of 20 million is the westernmost capital city in the Americas. "What is Mexico City?" Right for $2800. Brenda finds the second under $2000 Names You Should Know. She halves the level on the publisher of the NY Weekly Journal, acquitted of libel in 1735. "Who is... Zubin?" Nope. It was John Peter Zenger, leaving her with $2400. Eric's not yet in the clear, though, with $12,800 to Brett's $7600. Brenda's also still in it with $5600.

Final Jeopardy! in "Literary Cinema": a silent film of this Russian tale was released in 2 versions: in one, Garbo commits suicide; in the other, Garbo lives. Correct question: what is "Anna Karenina"?

All three are right, as Eric bets his difference to win $15,201, giving him a two-day take of $36,002.

The Price is Right by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  11a ET/10a CT on CBS
Host: Bob Barker
Dustin Overton, Michael Romero, Brenda Donaldson, and Mildred Ziemke are the first to bid on an HDTV. It's worth $2799, and Dustin gets to put it...and a few more prizes on his Credit Card. The prizes today: roller blades, luggage, serveware, a kitchen block, and a gas grill. The credit limit today: $1600. First up, the roller blades... $200. Second prize... the kitchen block... $1044. Finally, the serveware... $1023. He's maxed out. Of course, that wouldn't have happened if he picked the other two prizes instead.

Melinda Cassiani is down... and up... thanks to a $598 pair of iPods. But that's chump change compared to $50,000 on the Plinko Board! With chips from mop and a shaver, as well as the WGMC, she only manages a) $500 and b) to have Bob mangle her name on air. Woops.

Brenda wins a $1299 area rug and a chance at a Ford Focus on the Money Game board. Here it is.

16 35 72
57 17 18
85 66 90

Middle number is 3. She begins at the beginning... 16 is the first two! Unfortunately, it snowballs from there. 85, 90, 35, and 66 are all wrong and worth $276. The back was behind 57. She ties Melinda on the Big Wheel, but Dustin puts them both out with a 90-cent spin.

Sandra Douglas starts the second half of play with a $1295 keyboard. But can she win a trip to Brazil? It's either $6309 and $5121. Which of the Double Prices is it? She goes with $6309... and she's off to Brazil!

Michael takes a $1300 fireplace en route to the Card Game table for a Chevrolet Malibu. He's got a $2000 window. He draws up to $16,300. Actual price... $16,990! That's a win!

Last chance for Mildred comes with a set of golf equipment. Actual price: $1440. Winner... Henry Baer. He gets to play Hi-Lo with Jelly Belly jellybeans, Airborne, Pillsbury crescent rolls, Pringle's chips, Carapelli olive oil, and Aspercreme patches. And if he does it right, he could take home a $4407 bedroom group with sleep set. Henry puts the Airborne, the oil, and the patches on the Hi row. Their prices: $6.49, $5.49, and $8.99. The jellybeans are... $1.49. The crescent rolls... $2.39. And the chips... 79¢!

But Sandra wins the Showdown and a spot against runner-up Dustin in the Showcase. First up, a trip to Port o'Price, where a Coke machine replica, a dinette, and a wave runner are among today's deliveries. Sandra passes to Dustin, who bids $14,500. Sandra gets a plethora of questionable items tied into a TheraSauna, a home gym, and a travel trailer. She bids $17,375. Actual price: $19,409. Difference: $2034. Actual price of Dustin's Showcase... $16,718. Difference... $2218. By $200 or so, Sandra wins the day with $27,013.

STATS:  breakeven; $56,659

¿Qué Dice La Gente? by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7p ET/6p CT on Telefutura
Host: Marco Antonio Regil
Guzman (Jose, Schannell, Alexandra, Fernando, Grisel)
Villaverde (Doris, Doria, Diana, Ligia, Johanna)

The Villaverdes lead after three, 131-48. Double: a tool used to cut grass (3). A lawn mower is #2 for Fernando. Lawn shears tie for #1 with 44 more. A shovel sweeps the board with 244 for the Guzmans.

Triple: a reason why you are told to call your child's school (3). Grisel gets behavior for #1. Bad grades is #3. Sickness does it for the sweep and the win, 517-131.

Dinero Rápido: Fernando and Jose get only 175 for $500.

Guzman (Jose, Schannell, Alexandra, Fernando, Grisel); $500
Terron (Sergio, Norma, Alma, Jorge, Enrique); $6000, three games

The Terrons are walking all over the challengers after three, 138-80. Double: a reason kids give in the mornings when they have to go to school (3). Jorge dreams of #2. They can't capitalize, as the Guzmans don't like their teacher for the steal.. Not there, Terrons have 210. Number one: they have to get up early. Other answer: they're weak.

Triple: a part of the body that you tap on someone (3). Enrique gets #2 with "las pompis" (the butt). Back is #1 for Grisel. Shoulder rounds it out for the new champs, the Guzman family, by a score of 377-210.

We've got Fernando and Jose stepping up again to the board at Dinero Rápido, where Fernando draws... $500! Together, they get ... so close. 194 means only $500 more, giving them $1500 for two games.

Stump the Schwab by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7p ET/6p CT on ESPN Classic
Host: Stuart Scott & Howie Schwab
Carl Burlbaw (distribution manager from Dallas); $2000
Chris Calogero (student from Albany, NY; returnee from season 3); $2000
Lee Abbamonte (financial advisor from New York City); $1000
Schwab's Jackpot: $20,000

It's semi-final time! Remember what's at stake here, $1000 and a spot on Finalists' Row for the win today, and five G's if you accomplish the titular task.

Leading Off: First off, 2006 Miami Heat NBA Finals roster. Schwab, Lee, and Carl all have 3, while Chris runs out with 4. Next, 23 Super Bowl winning coaches. The four ballers run out again, giving Chris the lead with 10, Schwab & Carl the tie with 9, while Lee has 8. Finally, 17 perfect game pitchers. Chris and Carl are tied at 12; they're moving on. Lee, on the other hand, has $1000 to cozy up to.

Schwab, by the way, has 14.

Who's Got More?: after round 1, 11 for Carl and 13 for Chris. After round 2... Chris wins, 37-33.

But can he stump the Schwab for $5000? The Schwab Showdown: The categories are... Lakers Lose? (Laker playoff ousters), Linebacker U. (Penn State LBs), Temper Temper (coaches who have lost it on the field), and An Arnie of One (Arnold Palmer).

Schwab gets his first strike on Temper Temper for 2. Chris gets his first in the same category for 3. Final score: Schwab 10, Chris 9. But Chris has $3000 total and a spot in the Finals on Friday.

Wheel of Fortune by Jason Block, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
We are heading to the end of September and we are into the "Great Outdoors":

The $1,000 Tossup is PHRASE. Scott Bischoff is from LA. He is in advertising and solved OFF TO A FAST START for $1,000. He is into poker and has a 1 yr old. Teng is an interior director. Stacy Burkee is from South Milwaukee, WI. She works in a bank in Human Resources.

The $2,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Scott is up to $3,000 with HELSINKI FINLAND. He starts the first spin round and we add a Last Minute trip to St. Moritz, Switzerland worth $4,500. The category is BEFORE AND AFTER. He misses...over to Teng. She misses...and so does Stacy...back to Scott. He solves CLOSET SPACE SHUTTLE for $2,050. He has $5,050.

The jackpot round is sponsored by BrandSource. The category is THING...and a PRIZE PUZZLE. Teng starts and hits Bankrupt...over to Stacy. She misses a vowel...over to the Red hot Scott who is cooled off by a Bankrupt...over to Teng. Teng hits the Jackpot wedge. She hit 2 M's and since she can't solve, we have a new rules change. We give her(and any other player) $500 per letter she got on the jackpot space. She misses...over to Stacy. She solves MULTI-COLORED SOMBRERO for $1,800. And she will see them in Mexico. It's a trip to Ixtapa from Last Minute worth $4,500. And if you have the SPIN ID of KT03697, you are off to Mexico. And if you have the Sony have $50,000. She has the lead with $6,300.

The mystery round prize is $10,000. The category is FOOD AND DRINK. Stacy starts. She hits the Mystery wedge....and wont risk over $5,000 to get $10,000! She hits Lose A Turn....over to Scott who solves CRISPY ROASTED DUCK WITH ORANGE SAUCE for $2,500. He is back in the lead with $7,550.

The $3,000 Tossup is SHOW BIZ. Stacy jumps back in the lead with NEW AGE MUSIC. She has $9,300. Stacy starts with PERSON. She misses...over to Scott. He hits Lose A Turn...over to Teng. And she prevents the gooseegg with MEMORABILIA COLLECTOR for $4,600. We have time for another round...

...which is PLACE. And we jump right into the FINAL SPIN. $1,400 a letter tonight. And Teng comes back from worst to first with PLANNED COMMUNITY for $7,000. She wins with $11,600! Stacy is going to Mexico with $9,300 in cash and trip. Scott leaves with $7,550 in cash.

Can Teng's comeback continue into the bonus round? She lands on the *** wedge. Her category is THINGS. With the normal 6 and her choices of C M H A we have:

C _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ T S

This is tough. If she would have picked the O, she might have had a shot at COWBOY BOOTS. She lost $35,000. But she leaves with $11,700 in cash.

Total for today: $28,550
Total for Week 3: $28,550
Total for the Season: $511,684
Bonus Win Percentage: 5/11
Gooseeggs: 3
Mystery Round Prizes won: 2
Car Wins: 0
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: Meredith Vieira
It's the start of a new week, so it's only appropriate that we start with a new player.

And that player is Rick Browne (Vermillion, OH). He's currently a high school art teacher, but before, he was a retail mall manager. At one point during that time, he was on top of a ladder, trying to hang a sign, but he fell, wedging himself between the window and the ladder. And he had to wait until the mall opened to get help! Yipes. Well, anyway, Rick starts by knowing that a school district is typically run by a superintendent (which probably ain't "Joe Mama"). He gets to $1,000, then eventually gets to this point...

On the TV series "The Simpsons," Marge has the same maiden name as what First Lady?
A: Hillary Clinton
B: Jacqueline Kennedy
C: Nancy Reagan
D: Mary Lincoln

He hasn't seen "The Simpsons," so Rick asks the audience. 53% thinks it's B. He trusts them... and they're right! (The maiden name is Bouvier.) Next question...

In 1928, anthropologist Margaret Mead published her landmark study titled "Coming of Age in" what country?
A: Micronesia
B: Fiji
C: Samoa
D: New Zealand

Rick thinks it might be C, but he's not completely confident, so he uses the 50:50. C and D remain. He goes with C... and he has $25,000! On to the upper tier...

Catalogued by musicologist Wolfgang Schmieder, what composer's 1000-plus works are identified by BWV numbers?
A: Wagner
B: Vivaldi
C: Beethoven
D: Bach

Rick calls his niece, Leah, but she doesn't give an answer in time. So, Rick switches the question, and after seeing that it was D, this is substituted in...

[$50,000] (Q)
In 2003, what did VH1 select as the greatest song of the past 25 years?
A: One
B: Sweet Child O' Mine
C: Smells Like Teen Spirit
D: Billie Jean

Rick thinks it's not B, and if a Michael Jackson song was to be picked, it wouldn't be D. He then remembers how big of a song C was, so he goes with C... and he's right! Still going...

Trimethylxanthine is a chemical name for what?
A: Kerosene
B: Penicillin
C: Caffeine
D: Nicotine

Rick tries to reason his way through this, but though said reasoning leads him to believe that it's A, he feels like he just can't take the risk. So, he decides to walk. Good thing, too; it was actually C! So he did the right thing in taking the $50,000!

Next up is Jim Lokay (East McKeesport, PA). He's a traffic reporter, and yes, he did face some traffic while on the way to the studio. But he's here now, and he starts by knowing that in a common kids' chant, preceding the phrase "pants on fire" is "liar, liar". He then gets to $300...

..before the horn goes off. Jim will continue his run tomorrow.

(C-Note: if Jim looks familiar, he's been a staple in the online fan community for years).

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