March 7, 2005
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Family Feud by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host:  Richard Karn
Champions: Hoke (Tamsyn, Aaron, Ryan, Shanna & Kristen); $575
Challengers: Dang (Neeti, Deepi, Dolly, Sunny & Sameer)

The Dangs lead it, 269-88, and we're up to the Triple Round. The question: something that dries up when it gets old. Shanna fires with bananas, which counts as fruit for number one. Also on the survey: skin and bread. The Dangs can steal with paint... and it's not there. Hokes take the points to lead, 295-269. Other answers: flower/plant...

Sudden death: someone with the last name of "Boone". James doesn't do it for Kristen, but Sameer gets the W with Daniel, 467-269

Neeti and Sunny only manage $550 in Fast Money.

The Price is Right by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time: 11am ET/10am CT on CBS (times vary by market)
Host:  Bob Barker
Thomas Sherbege is cooking with gas on his new range, but he could be cooking with more as he gets a chance at $10,000 in the Grand Game! The products: Clorox Clean-up, Little Debbie Honey Buns, Caltrate, Super Poli-Grip, Hot Pockets, and Capzasin HP. Target price: $4. The sandwiches are less... The honey buns are less... The denture adhesive is less... Thomas is going for it with the Clorox... and he pockets 10 large.

His opponent in the Showcase is one Gisella Nazarian, from just down the road from TV City. That's right, all the way from Hollywood. She wins an area rug, and moves to the area of door #2 to play for a cabinet, a pair of electric guitars with amps, and a dinette. They'll all be hers if she can figure out which one is the Most Expensive. She goes for the guitars. Cabinet is $2097. Dinette is $2717. Guitars are... $1999. Least expensive. Don't cry for her, though, as she pockets $1000 on the Big Wheel.

So today's winner will get cash. First up in the Showcase, a semi-true story on how the pyramids were built. Apparently a cell phone, a Comfort Spa, and a Ford Explorer were involved. Thomas, today's top winner, keeps it, and tags it at $23,552. Gisella takes sun, sand, and surf with sunscreens, a trip to Jamaica, and a new sailboat. Gisella bids $30,300. She's $5030 off, while Thomas is $5492 off, meaning that Gisella's the big winner with $37,229 in cash and prizes.

Other winners:
Christa Rainvale: recliner; Jeep Wrangler winning One Away
Nicholas Fortner: combo game table; hair straightener, ice shaver, juicer, & bedroom with sleep set winning Shell Game
Katherine McClain: curio cabinet clock
Ross Ryman: sofa; $8.74 playing Any Number

Street Smarts by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Check local listings or
Host: Frank Nicotero
Players: Harlan (scientist from Randolph, NJ) vs. Kristy (nanny from Atascadero, CA)
Panel: Seena (like Frank, a comedian from Pittsburgh), Michelle (San Diego), and Lia (Boston)

Today, Frank made an outward reference to his $14,000 win on "Debt". Nowadays, both the $14,000 and debt are a thing of the past. We hope. After a sweep going into the WOD, it's Harlan's game, $1100 to $900. The question: The famous deaf and blind girl that learned to talk was Helen who? Correct: Keller.

Both players take Lia, who takes... "Hunt." Wrong answer is a good bet. Kristy loses all but $2. Harlan loses all... Kristy loses the $2 for a chance at $100,000. Could pay off.

Wheel of Fortune by Jason Block, GSNN

Check local listings or
Hosts:  Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Winter's last blast is upon why not take a Caribbean vacation with Caribbean Week on WOF! The $1,000 Tossup is QUOTATION. Jonathan Goldman is from San Francisco. He solved NO MAN IS AN ISLAND for $1,000. He is a doting uncle. Celia Thompson from Coral Gables, FL is a mother of 3. Amber Farley from San Antonio is a 2nd grade teacher.

The $2,000 Tossup is THING. Celia misses...Jonathan solved ROPE BRACELET. (Celia guessed Ruby) for $2,000. He has $3,000. He starts this round which is PEOPLE...and a PRIZE PUZZLE to boot. Jonathan just misses $10,000...but hits Bankrupt...over to Celia...who does the same...over to Amber. She solves OUR NEIGHBORS TO THE NORTH for $5,650. And it's a trip to Montreal in Canada. It's an NWA World Vacations trip to Montreal and $1,000 in cash. That package is worth $5,700. And if you have the SPIN ID of JC04373 you off to Canada, eh! That round was worth $11,350 in cash and prizes.

The Jackpot round is sponsored by Commit Lozenges. The prize added to the wheel...a trip to the Divi Village in Aruba worth $4,900. The category is RHYME TIME. Celia starts. She misses a vowel...over to Amber who hits Lose A Turn...over to Jonathan. He solves FRITOS CHEETOS DORITOS & TOSTITOS for $5,800. He has $8,800 in cash and prizes.

The mystery round prize is the 2005 Chevy Aveo worth $13,970....the category for this round is BEFORE AND AFTER. Amber starts...she misses. Over to Jonathan...he hits and picks up the Caribban trip and solves THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST WING for $3,650! He is now up to $17,350!

The $3,000 Tossup is solved by Jonathan. He has $20,350! He starts this round which is PHRASE. He misses the vowel over to Celia...she misses over to Amber. She hits Bankrupt. Over to Jonathan who reads WELL ISN'T THAT SWEET for $3,200. He has $23,550! But we have another puzzle which is...

...OCCUPATION...Celia starts. She hits Lose a Turn...over to Amber...she misses...over to Amber. She misses...over to Jonathan...who solves TAVERN OWNER for $900! He has $24,450....and we have time for another one!

It's PLACE. But it's FINAL SPIN TIME...$1,400 a letter tonight. Amber just got PLANETARIUM under the buzzer for $5,600. She has $16,950 in cash and prizes. Celia had bad luck on the wheel...but we give her $500 in cash. Jonathan has $24,450 in cash and prizes...and our big winner tonight!

Jonathan has one more stop--the bonus round. Can he win a new Nissan Murano SUV? How about a new Thunderbird Convertible? Or how about that $100,000 in cash! Let's find out...he lands on the $ of $100,000...the category is AROUND THE HOUSE. With RSTLNE and his choices of FPDI (no  help): we have...

_ R _ _ _
_ _ _ T

I thought he was TOAST. But Jonathan was GRAVY. He got GRAVY BOAT out of nowhere. One of the best solves of the year nets him $25,000 in bonus gravy cash! He leaves with $49,450 in cash and trip! Wow!
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Check local listings or
Host: Meredith Vieira
Barbara Vitale, an English and Latin teacher from Lowell, MA, is having quite the 31st anniversary, as she just won $8000. She only has the PAF remaining, though. And it's quickly gone like that for $16,000. As suggested by its scientific name, the giraffe was originally thought to be a cross between a leopard and a what? Going to PAF Billy for the answer, we hope... "Wow." That's it. No answer. "The heck with it. D, camel, final answer." That it is... and she gets to see the $25,000 question!

And here it is. Discovered in 1922 and originally called "Factor X", alpha-tocopherol is better known by what name? a) Vitamin D b) Vitamin E c) Beta carotene d) Riboflavin. Barbara has no idea... She's walking. Correct: B.

So Barbara's gone with $16,000, why not say hey to JohnWayne Colwell of Scranton, PA. His father was a fan of the Duke, and now the little duke has $1000. He needs to poll the crowd on $8000. What famously reclusive author has lived in Cornish, NH since the 1950s? NYC returns with JD Salinger. AOL is split three ways, with JD Salinger leading the pack.  He goes with it, and he can continue.

... onto the $25,000 milestone: In his native country, famous explorer Christopher Columbus's name was what? a) Christophe Colombe b) Cristobal Colon c) Cristoforo Colombo d) Christovao Colom. He calls up Tony... "The second one sounds really good. Maybe about 40, 50 percent." He burns the final 50/50... and the PAF choice is gone. Only A and C remain. He's not confident enough to pull the trigger... or maybe he is... C is his final answer... You have $25,000!

For $50,000: Who was David Letterman's first guest on NBC in 1982, and again on CBS in 1993? a) Steve Martin b) Bill Murray c) Teri Garr d) Tony Randall. No time at all. It's Bill Murray for $50,000.

For $100,000: Which ancient Greek philosopher first wrote about the lost civilization of Atlantis? a) Diogenes the Cynic b) Aristotle c) Socrates b) Plato. He switches out. Correct: D. As JohnWayne thought. New question: The first industrial robot, put to work in 1961 at a General Motors plant, had what name? a) Omnitron b) Autobot c) Multitech d) Unimate. He doesn't want to risk it THIS time, as he walks with $50,000. Correct: D


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