World Series of Blackjack
Season 4
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Catch it: 11p ET GSN Mondays

Today is

WSOBJ Finals: Round 1, Match 2

Thank heaven for little favors.  Because of programming on other networks, I’m not able to watch the show “live”, but that’s what HVRs are for.

Last episode was a wild one as George Mandilaras advanced to the semis.  Now it’s time for five more players to test their Blackjack might in Mortal Kardbat.  And they are:

Joe Malc
(Super Satellite Winner)

Juan Cloud

(LV Hilton Qualifier)

Kami Lis
(2nd place, WSoBJ II)

Jeff Swenson

(Super Satellite Winner)

Lon Johnson
(Soaring Eagle Qualifier)

Las Vegas, NV

High Roller
Monterey, Mexico

Pro BJ Player
Warsaw, Poland

Engineering Consultant
Simi Valley, CA


Lansing, MI

It certainly looks like the world has come out to play this World Series match, so let’s get started.

Joe apparently won his seat through being absurdly aggressive, and he starts the match off with an appropriate Historic Moment, being the 2nd person to bet max on the 1st hand.  With a 9 vs Jessica’s 2, he doubles down to do all-in!  While he’s at it, he Power Chips his doubler to see if it’s any good.  A 7 won’t cut it, so it gets mucked.  Meanwhile, Jeff has Pocket Rockets and splits to two good hands.  Dealer turns 4…14…19!  Uh oh, Joe may be out faster than he got in………A Queen for the doubler!  Joe makes 19 himself and survives a kamikaze run at the cost of his Power Chip.

2nd verse is the same as the first for Joe.  Blackjacks come out for Juan and Jeff, but Jessica turns one up herself which negates any gain, but no money is lost.

3rd verse is the same as the 2nd for Joe, but now it’s all or nothing.  Good thing he got Kings.  Kami gets her own Blackjack for 4500.  Dealer shows 17, so Joe’s back at even, and now everybody’s close.

4th verse…well you get the idea.  Joe hits to 20, but that only ties the dealer.  Speaking of ties, Jeff has beaten 15,000+:1 odds by pushing on all four hands.

5th verse, yeah.  Joe’s stuck with 17 vs. an 8.  Dealer shows 10...21!  Jessica sweeps the table and Joe’s back down to half his stack, but he stays the course for hand 6 and draws 20.  Meanwhile, Lon has 13,000 on a soft 13 and gets an 8!  Dealer shows 20 and Lon makes some space in the lead.

Joe’s a broken record, all-in for the 4th of 7 hands.  Juan finds 11 so doubles for another 5,000.  Joe has 9, then 12, then 16, then a commercial!  Okay, the 16 gets hit……KING!  Joe Malc is out, but does get the requisite $1,000 cash.  In the meantime, Jessica busts (finally) and Juan takes the lead.

In the interim, the 1st Knockout card is drawn which initiates Phase II of the game.  At hand 12, Juan gets another Blackjack for 4500.  Hand 18 sees a Blackjack for Lon for 13,500.  As a side note, Juan Six-Card Charlie’s a 20 (even though there is no Six-Card Charlie).  That’s too bad for Kami as the next card that comes is a face, which busts her $21,000 hand.

Hand 19.  Kami goes halfsies on her $87,000 bank.  Her reward: the 2nd Knockout Card en route to a 15.  She Power Chips the 6 away for……an ACE!  Jeff will double for $2,000 (out of 6) on his 10.  Dealer draws to 17, which beats Jeff, but not Kami who slingshots into contention as we head into the Knockout Round.

Kami leads off the betting for this hand with $50,000.  Jeff goes 35 to cover Lon going max, and Juan goes for 46.  However, Jeff doesn’t cover Lon getting Blackjack for $75,000!  Kami has 14 vs. a 10, so she hits to…20!  However, should she have doubled?  Jeff doubles in full on his 14 and uses his Power Chip.  He keeps it, but isn’t too thrilled.  Perhaps a 4 is under there?  Lon will get paid on his Maxjack and will move onto the final phase with 197.  Juan doubles his 15 in full and Power Chips the face-down.  He mucks an Ace of Spades (prettiest card in the deck) and he makes his situation that much more risky.  Dealer shows 12…20!  Kami pushes back up to 130-5, which will allow her to keep her seat if at least one of the double-downers lose.  We start with Jeff’s……it is a 4, which gives him only 18 and knocks him down to 68, but he can still advance if Juan loses.  His face-down is……a Jack!  Juan Cloud is out with $2,000 and we have our Final 3 for the Final Five.

Kami (No Chip)

Jeff (No Chip)





Jeff starts the Blue Card Special with a max bet, but it’s Kami and Lon that get Blackjacks for 22-5 and 7500 respectively.  Luckily for Jeff, Jessica busts, so Jeff stays in contention.  He goes to the well again for the next hand, but Kami gets a two-bagger for $40,500 and the lead!  Jeff is stuck with 13 against an 8.  Since in all likelihood, he’s only hitting once, he doubles down to put 100K on the table.  Dealer busts, so Jeff can see the light.  What is his double down……seven!  That’s good for 20 and Jeff yanks the lead from Kami.

All of a sudden, we have a race with 3 to go.  Kami leads the betting of 25-15-30.  Jeff finally hits a Blackjack, but Lon gets one, too!  Jeff will get 22-5 and Lon gets paid 45.  Kami stuck on 13, but Jessica busts again, so Kami keeps herself in the game.

19-34-50 are the bets.  Kami gets 20 with her max on the table against a 10.  Jeff splits 3’s for a 6, 11, 18 and 11, 20.  Lon doesn’t want to double the 11, and gets 17.  Dealer shows 16……26!  Everyone gets paid, which will make for another interesting finale

Kami (No Chip)

Jeff (No Chip)





FINAL HAND.  To no one’s surprise, everyone goes max.  Kami has 9, Jeff has 20, and Lon will lead off with 5 against a Jack.  Lon hits to 11, and then to 16.  Yuck, but wait!  He uses his Power Chip to take a mulligan, but instead gets a 3 for 14.  He hits again, but gets 24, which will end his day at 220-5.  Kami has lots of options, and surrenders!  This mean Jeff will fork over his 20 and will win the game with 253,500 in chips.  He’ll get $25,000 and move on to the semis.  Kami gets the wild card spot and $5,000 and Lon is stuck with $3,000 and hoping for a miracle.

I must say that’s in interesting way to end things.  I’d say “Tune in next time to see if there’s another interesting ending,” but Hollywood Dave is on next week, so perhaps you should skip it.  Good thing I’m around.  TTFN.


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