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January 2

Sixteen of the worst home cooks in America train under the watchful eyes of the Food Network chefs to become one of the best.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Anne Burrell & Robert Irvine
Creator/EP Bob Kirsh
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January 9

Last week, the Worst Cooks in America had one hour to follow a simple battery of instructions that would result in a restaurant quality dish. The end result.... someone smoked out the place. Now 14 remain in the hunt for $25,000 and the title of kitchen zero-to-kitchen hero.

We begin day 2 of boot camp with... a chicken. And a letter.

"Rise and shine, recruits!

Like our feathered friend here, today you get to 'fly the coop,' and join us on a culinary field trip.

This weeks' challenges are all about following directions. And your first direction... is WEST.

We're waiting for you, so hurry up and get crackin'!"
-Chef Anne & Chef Robert


We're at Abma's Farm & Market, which is definitely... a farm. Here, Anne & Robert will give the teams the rules for a perfect rolled omelette. Focus and follow directions, and you will make it out alive.

TEAM ROBERT: Spinach & Gouda Omelet & Fruit Salad with Vinaigrette
TEAM ANNE: Zucchini Fontina Omelet with Mesclun Salad

The secret to a rolled omelet is the roll... and everything must be golden, not burned.

You have 25 minutes to recreate the dish, and "your time starts NOW!"

Problem on the Blue side, as Kat, as it happens, is not an egg lover. She thinks they're gross. On the Red Side... Priscilla is out to kill someone running around with a knife like that. Now it was about simple following of direction... Jeff drowns his omelet in oil... and add cheese to that, and it turns into an indigestible mass.

Now let's see what the proof of the omelet gives us. Clearly Red Team got it, Blue Team... didn't. But the winners of this challenge are Georg on the Blue, Erika on the Red. The worst dishes belonged to Jen on the Red and Jeff on the Blue.

Meanwhile, back in the city...

TEAM ROBERT: Pork Paillard with Asparagus & Compound Butter
TEAM ANNE: Asian Marinated Pork Loin with Sugar Snap Peas & Spinach

The recipes will not be posted on the boards. You will have to pay attention to the directions and focus on success. The good news is that each cook will assist the chefs in one part of the demo.

As always, you want the recipe, go to the website and get in the kitchen. As for the cooks on TV... You have 60 minutes to recreate this dish. And the time.... starts... NOW!

The cooks are looking at their notebooks, but the chefs need to see how well people have paid attention. So, as Chef Robert says, "Hand them notebooks over."

Anthony has a problem with multitasking, and that's almost a certain ticket back home.

And TIME! Let's see what crap you came up with.

Kelly made only ONE piece of pork, but she made it count. Matt was given a hard time, but it seemed to be working, because it's a good dish. Robert wasn't paying attention... no thyme in it as well. George killed the pork. Not in a good way. Jeff's pork is so overcooked, Robert could sole his shoes with it. Kat can't hide anything from her chef.

Carlos' pork wasn't seared enough. Kelsey's pork was seared too much. Jen's pork was too spicy. Erika's pork was too salty. Joshie's pork is dry. Priscilla's beans are burned, and her pork are overcooked. Anthony's dish just rolled over and died.

The BLUE winner... MATT! The RED winner... by default, because Anne was not presented with a palatable dish.... CARLOS. Joining Carlos on the safety bench: Kelsey, Joshie, Jen, and Erika. Bottom two: Anthony & Priscilla. Joining Matt on the blue side... Kelly, Anna, Ty, and Georg. That leaves Kat and Jeff in the bottom two.

Going home today... JEFF from the Blue Side, and ANTHONY from the Red Side.

So what did we learn this week?

- Taste everything before you serve anything
- An even cut means an even cook.... and it looks pretty.
- Never run with anything sharp in your hand.

What more can we learn from the Worst Cooks in America? Find out next week.

To see bonus footage and recipes from this episode, go to www.foodnetwork.com/worstcooks.