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Twenty-four of the worst home cooks in America train under the watchful eyes of the Food Network chefs to become one of the best.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Anne Burrell & Robert Irvine
Creator/EP Bob Kirsh
Packager Optomen Productions for Food Network
Origins Food Network Studios New York
Web foodnetwork.com/worstcooks
Airs 9p ET Sun, Food

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Worst Food Forward
January 2

Last year, 24 home cooks were nominated by their loved ones to take part in an experiment: can two classically trained and experienced chefs turn a kitchen zero into a kitchen hero? That was answered to the tune of $25,000 by one Rachel Coleman, as Anne took season 1 by a razor-thin margin. But she's not content with that victory. To that end, she accepts the challenge of another classically trained and experienced chef, Chef Robert Irvine. To that end, Food Network's paying out another $25,000 for the cook - and bragging rights for the chef - as we embark with Chefs Anne & Robert upon the biggest culinary abortions that are.... THE WORST COOKS IN AMERICA!

We've scoured the country for the WORST dinners that can come out of the heads of people who watch Food Network and say to themselves... "Heh.. I can totally do that." Sixteen of them will be chosen for boot camp. I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult.


- Pound cake that reads like "ten pound cake".
- Baby food that looks like dog food.
- Cholent that, for lack of a better phrase, isn't exactly on the kosher side.
- Glowing cheesy chicken.
- Korean refried beans.
- A dish that apparently committed suicide before the chef's eyes.

And those are the dishes that Food Network actually deemed fit to air.  From that, we get the 16 players....

- Anna Altomari; 44; Aliso Viejo, CA - wants to cook to impress a man, and by "a man", we mean "Robert".
- Joshie Berger; 36; Brooklyn, NY
- Georgann "Georg" Coleman; 38; Chicago
- Matt Crespi
- Kelly Gray; 32; NYC
- Priscilla Harden; 60; Sugar Land, TX
- Jeff Longcor; 25; Somerville, MA
- Jen MacLean; OR nurse
- Carlos Manuel; 26; Atlanta
- Ty Miller; 33; Trenton, NJ
- Kelsey Milos; 22; Kings, IL - Has given her husband food poisoning TWICE.
- Eric Ricupero; 34; Quincy, MA
- Kat Rose; 37; Newnan, GA
- Erika Rumsey; 27; Elgin, IL
- Anthony Scinto; Crestwood, IL
- Lina Yu; 28; Arcadia, CA


Prepare a dish from the ingredients on the pantry FROM SCRATCH. And you have 60 minutes to do so. The chefs will be watching to see who will get to be on THE OTHER CHEF'S TEAM.

The moment of the series is Kelsey's cayenne chicken, prepped without an oil and with the chicken thoroughly peppered. The resulting smokeout rivals the effect of mustard gas. And we're only nine minutes in.

One by one, the chefs taste... what they're given. After Robert & Anne have a moment to clear the junk out of their systems, we go into playground pick'ems.

TEAM ROBERT: Kelly, Kat, Georg, Jeff, Ty, Matt, Eric, Anna
TEAM ANNE: Joshie, Priscilla, Kelsey, Anthony, Lina, Jen, Erika, Carlos

Boot camp begins bright and early tomorrow. Right now, it's time to move in.

TEAM ROBERT: Seared Airline Breast with Vegetable Breast
Chicken Cacciatore with Sauteed Green Beans

Day 1 begins with this challenge: get organized and make a chicken-on-the-bone dish. That requires... butchering the chicken. If you can't do that, then you really have no biusiness being in a kitchen even to toast bread. Knife goes through the joint, along the bone. As for the actual cooking, you have to cut all your veggies evenly so they cook evenly. Then reduce your wine stock (to cook the water out of it).

On Robert's side, we learn to french a bone, that means to take the fat and tendons off of it. Then we make our hash by shredding the vegetables. Sauce is white wine, thyme, and rosemary, reduced. This is simple. You want the recipe, go to the website and get in the kitchen.

You have 60 minutes to recreate this dish.

On the Red Side, Jen's the first to finish butchering her chicken. She's at home in the kitchen because she's an OR nurse. On the other end, Priscilla... done gone crazy. And Erika creates the first fire of the season! And Carlos is #2! 

On the Blue Side... did we mention that Kelly was a vegetarian? She does learn the Travis Eberle Law, though... That being, "Get over yourself if you want to win." Ty, on the other hand, is keeping spirits high on his side... yet he's burning his own dish. And so is Matt.

Two minutes left. If you are not plating, then you will have a serious problem proving to the chefs and to America that you belong here.

And TIME! Let's see what crap you came up with.

None of Robert's dishes are without fault, but there are some with redeeming qualifies. Then Kat shows up with her chicken... and she's the top mark on that side. Eric, on the other hand... not so much. Georg needs to learn how to manage the clock.

Over to Anne's team. Again, there are little faults to GLARING ERRORS on the part of the cooks. Lina had the most glaring of all.

A lot of potential, but... and you know this is coming... ONE person from each team is going home TODAY.

The BLUE winner today... KAT! Her cohort on the RED side... KELSEY! Joining Kelsey, Carlos, Jen, Joshie, Priscilla, and Anthony. Erika & Lina are in the bottom two for the Red Team. Joining Kat on the safety bench, Kelly, Ty, Anna, Jeff, and Georg. Matt & Eric, step forward.

Going home today... ERIC from the Blue Side, and LINA from the Red Side.

So what did we learn this week?

- An even cut in your vegetables means an even cook.
- Breasts are soft when you poke them. That's how you tell a chicken's front from its back, you pervs.
- And crud on the side of your plate is a sure ticket home.

What more can we learn from the Worst Cooks in America? Find out next week.

To see bonus footage and recipes from this episode, go to www.foodnetwork.com/worstcooks.