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May 9

The only thing standing between 24 people and $50,000 is one giant no-mercy obstacle course.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts John Anderson & John Henson
Co-Host Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
Packager Pulse:creative & Endemol USA
Origins Santa Clarita, CA
Web abc.com/wipeout
Airs 8p Thurs, ABC

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Episode 6.2 - Night of the Living Big Balls
May 14

Tonight, there be zombies on the Wipeout courses, all of which have one thing in common... "Baaaaaaaaaaaalls." That's right, they all feed on Big Balls. Good thing we have some!


Tonight, our 24 intrepid souls will have to face... 

- The Pork Choppers: three little pigs and two big ears of corn on a rocking platform.
- Tropic Blunder: planks and trees.
- The Big Balls... Hammer Motivator and Ballsy's Bonus in play. Anyone who knocks Farmer Smallsy off his perch on the fourth ball will win $500.
- Tongue Twister. Run over the tongues. Under is a time penalty.
- Roman Splatacombs... Wipeoutus Maximus

The 24 students will take on the course, and the 12 who pass with the fastest time will go to the head of stage 2.

And... it's raining.

Hugo Bolanos becomes the first person on the course... and the first person to take out Smallsy for $500. On the other side of the equation... a loyal fan and true who comes just shy of being DQed with a time of 9:58. And we'll just leave it at that.

- Hugo "Pink-Quistador" Bolanos - $500 BONUS
- Caitlin "Foxy Toxicologist" Miller
- Ashley Lopez
- Andrew "Self-Promoter" Ramirez
- Samantha "Soccer Star" Guzman
- Lee "Roach Coach" Cripps
- Ashley McClure
- Matt "Bad Englishman" Shiel
- Hannah "Ice Queen" Hunsinger
- Ottis "Zombie Killer" Pittman
- Suzette Medina
- John "Mane Man" Pineda


It's as simple as jump on the spinning platform and ride to the other side while dodging rotating sweeper arms. Only it's all in day-glo pink and blue. Remember, go OVER, not under. Go under, and you start over. First six to the other side will shake their bodies and move into the next stage.

- Hugo "Pink-Quistador" Bolanos - $500 BONUS
- Caitlin "Foxy Toxicologist" Miller
- Samantha "Soccer Star" Guzman
- Matt "Bad Englishman" Shiel
- Ottis "Zombie Killer" Pittman
- John "Mane Man" Pineda


Today, Wipeout City is being infested with the walking dead. It's the Zombie Wipeout-calypse. Navigate through the Bridge Over Troubled Waters, the Helicopter Spin over the City of the... Darned... leading to the Spinning Helipad. Finally, cross the Water Main, grab the Power Line, and drop through the Manhole to complete the Corpse, all while dodging flying body parts. First three make it to the Wipeout Zone, while the others become lunch.

- Hugo "Pink-Quistador" Bolanos - $500 BONUS
- Matt "Bad Englishman" Shiel
- John "Mane Man" Pineda

Ironic that the Zombie Killer gets killed. Oh well.


Three men enter, one leaves with $50,000. Tonight in the new-for-2013 B-model of the Wipeout Zone.

- The Slingshock
- The Throw-Tisserie: a tunnel with no floor.
- Dark Side of the Moon: a spinning "indoor" slide.
- Twisted Falls: Two tramps and two waterfalls...and two sweeper blades.

Fifty-thou will go to the player with the quickest time.

First up, Matt Shiel, who put on a jolly good show finishing second in the Qualifier. His top finish in the rest of the course gives him the mark of the favorite. But can our ex-patriot avoid a Total Wipeout in the Zone? He takes a tumble in the Throw-Tisserie, but he's second time lucky. Dark Side of the Moon is next... he dodges the sweepers... and he was SO CLOSE! Five minutes later, and he's through to Twisted Falls... and gets socked by the blade. Clock is stopped at 15:22.

Next up, the Pink-Quistador, Hugo Bolanos. He has $500 profit and first place in the Qualifier. What he wants is $50,000. He smokes the rotating smoker... but trips up at the landing. He has to start the Throw-Tisserie over! Another sloppy drop, but he hangs on. Next up, Pink Floyd takes on the Dark Side of the Moon... and lands in the drink. He's in the middle next time out, clocking in at a time of... Ouch o'clock. He times out. There goes the horn.

John Pineda was dead last in the Qualifying, but he took second in Wipeout City. The one place that matters here? First. John first tumbles out of the Throw-Tisserie AT THE START. He needs to think about where he's going and quickly. Then he tumbles out ... at the END. He needs to have a perfect run going into Dark Side of the Moon in order to stand a CHANCE. He.... is ON! Now it's up to Twisted Falls. Two jumps separate him from $50,000. He makes the first... AND HE STICKS THE SECOND! JOHN PINEDA WINS $50,000 AND THE TITLE OF WIPEOUT CHAMPION!

Come back Thursday for 24 more players and four more painful courses. Until then... Good night.... and Big Balls.

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to abc.com/wipeout