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Twelve teams will make custom rides from ordinary vehicles for a shot at $100,000

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts/Judges Lou Santiago & Andrew "ACP" Comrie-Picard
Judge Chip Foose
Announcer Rick Pasqualone
Creator Tod Mesirow
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Frank Sinton
Tod Mesirow
Chris Rantamaki
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions for Discovery Communications
Web discovery.com
Airs 9p Mon, NBC

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Push You, Pull Me
ly 12

The Battle for Los Angeles has been decided, and ES Motorsports is moving on to the nationals, where they will have a shot at $100,000. Now the search for the best car customizers moves up north to Detroit Rock City.

Alternative Automotive Technologies
Todd Helms, owner
high end autos
Team Z Motorsports
Dave Zimmerman Sr., owner
dragsters/heavy racers

This week, Lou, ACP, and Chip will judge as both teams try to turn two front-wheel-drive cars. Team Z takes a pair of Detroit classics: a Chevy Lumina and a Cadillac. AAT will work on two matching Ford Tauruses. You have four days, $2000 cash, and a credit at Summit Racing to turn these two cars... into ONE push-me-pull-me cars. Scoring will be based 25% on visual design (it has to look the part) and 75% on performance and handling (it has to act the part), parallel parking together and separation racing.

Winner moves on to the next round. You have 40 hours to build... FROM NOW!

Team Z's big cars mean big challenges. They have two different frame sizes that they have to match into one. The design plan is coming together within five minutes.

- Interlocking tubes underneath
- Lever release system
- Retracting wheel system

AAT will strip their cars before deciding what to do with the cars. Owner Todd will sit out while the team goes to work. After all, someone has to keep the shop going.

- Fabricate contact plates
- Create bolt restraining system
- Mount permanent interlocking wheels

One thing both teams will have to do some serious thinking about: their fuel system. Their all located in the rear, so they're going to have to relocate them to the front. Both cars on both teams are in such bad shape that each time they touch the fuel line, fuel spills on the floor. It's a necessary step to refine the fuel system before rerouting it.

Willie starts to cut the car in half... and cuts into the fuel line... Sparks plus fuel equals.... FIRE! Over at AAT, the rust is an afterthought. Now to split the cars and put them back together. The fast that they're twins make this an easy task, but the rust puts them behind. Z's rollcage is going to address the problem of the two halves of two different cars coming together. With the cage installed, the first build day ends with both cars coming together.


AAT spends most of their time on performance, thinking that it's there that they'll achieve their margin of victory, forgetting about the 25 points for design. Team Z has their "Luminac" in place, engineering their wheel system. AAT finds a problem... fuel pressure... and it springs a leak. Will another spring set the fuel spring back into place? And after they fit another part... IT'S ALIVE!

Team Z has a problem with the rear wheels. If it works, their handling will be greatly improved. Testing puts a temporary smile on their face. They need a wider wheel in the back to keep the half-car from taking an unnecessary nosedive.


Fuel cells arrive at Team Z, but they're not the right size to fit on the existing lines. AAT meanwhile decide to mount two heavy sheets of metal to the halves of their car. The plates that will hold them together need to be fabricated. Team Z's fuel cell is coming along. They can't move forward until they test what we have so far. And the fuel pump... doesn't work. Put the car in park first... There we go.


AAT pushes forward with engineering, ignoring the look and design of the car. Lou becomes worried about the 10 points. AAT says that they have it covered. Team Z spend time with engineering... and the engine springs a leak in the fuel line. Simple error: swap the two lines. Correct it... and the engine turns over. Luminac is alove.

AAT's alternative wheels arrive and get going with the wheel design.

Time's at a premium, and Team Z is going to forego the separation tests that ACP suggested. And we've got a problem with 45 minutes to go. They need to cut the castors off and finish.

AAT is going to use their remaining time to test drive their beast. Down to the wire with Team Z, as they try to install their exhaust system without a hoist. Each half of the car is going to have a different set of rims, which may cost them style points. With five minutes remaining, they're changing out wheels...

... and TIME! Let's paint it. Handling the honors are Motor City Rod Shop for Team Z, while AAT will handle the job themselves.

Now let's make two cars out of one.. Remember, it's 10 points for design, and 30 for the performance. Most points wins. Simple.

The scores are...

as judged by Chip Foose
38 s
Using only drive, you will have to parallel park. Each time you touch a car, a penalty second is added.
40.5 s
24.7 s
Get the combined car past the first set of cones, then separate before hitting the second set, then come back to the first set.
Separation system gets stuck and unhinged by, of all things, a brick.

27-16 in favor of ALTERNATIVE AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGIES. They're going to move on to the battle for Detroit against... Voodoo Choppers or Monkeywrench Racing... pop a wheelie and come back to see who lays down the rubber.

For more information on the teams and the tournament, go to discovery.com.